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Optimal location can be very fast

Works with Netflix

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Opera VPN is not fast. However, it is not exactly the slowest one around.


It’s free, has no data limits, and generally works well. So why quibble?

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All the features that made the VPN a semi-viable option are no longer available, and you should really consider an alternative.

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The only reason you should even consider using this product is if you want to use a VPN to watch Netflix.


What is Opera VPN

Asking what is Opera VPN is a good question, and it’s best answered by telling what it isn’t – and that’s a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This is one of the cases when the name of the service is misleading because Opera is just a proxy working as a browser extension. For the sake of simplicity, we will also call it a VPN in combo with “Opera” as this is the keyword you will get even when looking for a proxy.

Speaking of browsers, that’s where Opera started back in 1995 when Chrome and even Firefox were not yet conceived. It’s been more than two years already since Opera has begun offering a free proxy for its browser users. But the company’s relationship with online security tools dates back to the purchase of the Canadian SurfEasy VPN in 2015, which was later sold to Symantec. Apparently, it has helped Opera to start their free proxy service, although one might question such an investment in the first place. Well, chances are Opera VPN pays for itself in other ways.

While Opera VPN has not been caught in any scandalous stories yet, the fact that it belongs to a Chinese consortium Golden Brick Capital while being located in Norway (9 Eyes group country), causes some concern.

The countries belonging to this group have an agreement to share intelligence data, and collecting it is pretty easy with free software attached to a browser. If that alone wasn’t enough, the launch of this proxy coincides with the Golden Brick Capital buying Opera.

Opera VPN protects you on a browser level only, meaning there is no kill switch. But at least it manages to avoid DNS and WebRTC leaks. Opera VPN uses Google’s DNS servers, and there’s an option to turn off WebRTC in your browser.

In this light, finding that Opera VPN works with its own browser only sounds like a pro rather than a con, because it limits the number of users which might run into trouble using this troubled proxy, hoping to fool everyone into thinking it’s a full-fledged VPN service.

Opera VPN Facts

Company name Opera Software AS
Company name Opera Software AS
Global presence 3 server options
Global presence 3 server options
Money back policy -
Money back policy -
Business Location Norway
Business Location Norway
Privacy 9 Eyes member, collects and shares personal data, Chinese owner
Privacy 9 Eyes member, collects and shares personal data, Chinese owner
Domain https://www.opera.com
Domain https://www.opera.com
Number of servers Not specified
Number of servers Not specified
Free / Trial version Free
Free / Trial version Free
Other Names Opera proxy
Other Names Opera proxy

Where Opera VPN is based and why it is important

Just like in any type of business transaction, trust is the key element that has to be shared between the provider and the buyer. That’s why many VPNs try to register their services far away from the 14 Eyes members and countries with data retention laws to show that they are serious about their clients’ privacy and anonymity. Such redirection to the off-shore companies adds additional layers for the authorities to peel off before getting to your data. Also, the fact that countries such as Panama offer lower tax rates also plays a role in making such a decision.

Opera VPN location: Oslo, Norway

Opera is not of those companies looking for tax alleviation. Their business has stayed in Oslo for 25 years. While Norway is perfectly fine for creating a browser, it poses some issues when it comes to a VPN or proxy. First of all, Norway is a member of the 9 Eyes alliance. To make matters worse, Opera used SurfEasy VPN servers to direct traffic via Canada, which is a 5 Eyes member. Even though SurfEasy VPN was sold, Opera itself was bought in 2017 by Golden Brick Capital, a Chinese consortium.

Speaking of data retention laws, Norway expects all communication data to be stored for six months, but the implementation of this directive is still adjourned. This means that the authorities can check your personal data only after getting a court order, which is the way it works in any country with no data retention laws.

In any case, there’s a chance that these data retention directives will be abolished because there is an incentive to bring them to Norway’s Supreme Court and later to the European Court of Human Rights, if necessary. On the other hand, a Chinese-owned proxy is not something we’d recommend, no matter where Opera VPN is registered.

What does a Opera VPN location say?


Part of 9 Eyes intelligence alliance


Communication data retained for six months


The impementation of the data retention directives is pending


Chinese ownership might be more important than de facto location

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Platforms Opera VPN supports

Opera VPN proxy comes in the form of a browser extension, but it works with the Opera browser only. This automatically narrows down the list of devices that are compatible with this service.

Opera VPN Windows
Opera VPN Linux
Opera VPN Opera

Opera VPN works on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. Unfortunately, the iOS browser version doesn’t include the free proxy, leaving one to wonder if using different proxies on your laptop and smartphone is something that you would look forward to.

But it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel for the iOS users. On March 2019 Opera launched their new browser version for Android with a “no-logs,” which is virtually the same old desktop proxy recalibrated for the mobile platform.

Opera VPN for streaming and China

While protecting your privacy is probably the most important feature of a VPN or a proxy, it should also be able to unblock access to gaming, streaming, and other entertainment-focused platforms. Below we assess the power of Opera VPN when it comes to unblocking Netflix and other media platforms, and also evaluate its capabilities to break down the Great Chinese Firewall. Because browsers do not support the protocols used in P2P, torrenting with any browser-based proxy is out of the question.


One of the best things about Opera VPN, besides it being free, is the ability to unblock Netflix libraries. We’ve tested that successfully with all three continents. The speeds varied from excellent to poor, which means that in some cases you might be able to stream UHD (4K) one day and struggle with an SD stream another day.

Also, Opera VPN proxy is not your choice if you need country-specific content. You will never know where you will end up when pressing Europe or the Americas, which is why finding some rare local show can be a bit of a problem. But the best part is that you can test everything yourself for free and keep using it or find something better suited for Netflix, Hulu, or another streaming platform.



opera vpn proxy china

Having in mind the Chinese ownership mentioned above, we strongly advise against using Opera VPN proxy in China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea, or any other country with restricted internet freedom.

If you do something that doesn’t please the regime, you can be sure that there are logs that Opera openly admits to keeping. And with your true IP address, finding the person behind it becomes much less of a problem.

Nonetheless, Opera VPN is simply unable to unblock the content behind the Great Chinese Firewall.

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