Password management software is one of those areas where you don’t want to make any rash decisions. There are a lot of software solutions out there for managing, storing, and sharing passwords, and they all have varying levels of functionality and security. Choosing the wrong one can end up with your data being stolen, which nobody wants.

One of the big-name solutions in this industry is Norton Password Manager. This piece of software comes from the well-known Norton brand, and comes with a good level of functionality and customer support that one would expect from one of the biggest names in the world of online security and privacy.

Pros and cons

There are a number of advantages, as well as some disadvantages, that come along with Norton’s Password Manager, and it’s a good idea to keep these in mind if you’re considering using the service to manage your passwords securely:


  • Sync passwords between devices. This allows you to easily synchronize your password between mobile devices, Windows, and browser extensions.
  • Norton Safeweb reports. This feature provides real-time reporting on the security features of the websites you visit, giving you warnings of potential threats to your security and privacy.
  • Actionable password strength report. These reports give you an insight into how secure your passwords are, and give you options for making them stronger.
  • Automatic password change feature. This allows you to change your passwords on supported websites from inside the actual app itself, avoiding any security threats on the websites you use it for.
  • Free version available. This means that you will be able to test out the service before you buy, and even continue using it if the free version meets your standards.


  • Form fill limitations. Although Norton does have an auto-fill feature, there are some limitations that may be of significance to certain users.
  • Some of the features are different between platforms; with some being offered only for Windows versions, or others only available on mobile platforms.
  • There is no support for two-factor authentication. This can be of some concern for users who are more security-conscious.
  • No secure password sharing or digital inheritance. This means that the service does not have a built in function for sharing passwords through a secure line, or handing old passwords over to new workers once the old ones leave.
  • There is no MacOS support for this service. Although the service supports a range of platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android, there is no native support for macOS.

As you can see, there are a decent amount of good features, which are offset slightly by a few security concerns and functionality quirks. Overall, Norton Password Manager remains a robust choice for managing passwords and login data.

Technical specifications

Despite the drawbacks and quirks of Norton Password Manager, there are a number of important features that are included, which make it an effective option for managing login information and passwords. Obviously, the lack of macOS support is the biggest drawback, which makes it essentially a non-option for Apple users, although it does have a range of browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

The software allows you to safely store login info in an encrypted format, along with notes, tags, and favorites for organizing and keeping track of your different credentials. There is also an auto-login feature that allows users to skip the tedious form-filling of different log in pages as they browse.

There is also the access to the cloud vault, which stores your passwords and profile on the cloud so that you won’t lose your info if all your devices stop working or become compromised. This allows users to also add, delete, or manage login credentials, even after their account has expired.

Is Norton Password Manager safe?

In short, yes.

Norton password manager has a few different features that lend themselves to added security. First off, there’s the encrypted password storage, which keeps your data safe from prying eyes and malicious actors. The one drawback to this, however, is the fact that Norton does not provide information on the actual security standard used for this encryption.

The auto login and auto change features also allow users to interact with websites and input credentials without having to navigate around potentially threatening websites or services. The auto-change in particular is very convenient, since it allows you to change passwords without navigating away from your Norton dashboard.

How to use Norton Password Manager

Norton Password Manager is available for Windows, iOS, and Android, as well as a few browser extensions we mentioned earlier. The platform can easily be downloaded and installed from Norton’s website, as long as you have a registered Norton account.

Payment info is not necessary to download the free version. There is also an option on the Norton Password Manager FAQ to download for mobile platforms through scanning a QR code.

Norton Password Manager for Android

The password manager for Android devices can be downloaded from the Google Play store, and includes all of the basic storage and auto-fill functionality of the desktop app. It is important to note that certain features, such as the tags feature for organizing passwords, are only usable with Internet Explorer, and cannot be accessed from the Android app.

The Android app is very sleek and easy-to-use, with a similar layout to the desktop version that most users will have no trouble with. Although the tags feature is not available in Android, all of the features such as the digital wallet for financial information, as well as the favorites system, are all fully functional on Android.

Norton Password Manager for iOS

Although the software does not have regular support for macOS platforms, there is a fully functional iOS app available from the Apple store. This is especially a relief for people who use the software across a variety of platforms, since it would be a huge drag if the software simply didn’t support any Apple devices.

Much like the Android app, the layout and functionality are easy-to-use and shouldn’t give you any trouble. Also like the Android app, there is no support for the tags feature, since this only works with Internet Explorer.

Norton Password Manager pricing

This is one of the areas where Norton does things a bit differently from other companies. The Norton Password Manager is included as part of the paid Norton Security Suite, which costs an arm and a leg, but comes with a wide range of security software designed to keep customers as safe as possible.

That being said, the password manager itself is actually offered as a free standalone service, allowing users to store and manage passwords at no extra cost. This is nice, as it means you won’t have to pay for the functionality that Norton Password Manager offers, as long as you aren’t interested in some of the other, more exclusive Norton Services.

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