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Last updated: February 25, 2021

Password Safe is a free open-source solution for experienced users. However, those looking for a basic password manager can also find it simple enough.

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Password safe is an open-source password management solution designed to simplify the digital lives of its users. It uses a powerful GUI interface to provide a surprisingly broad range of password management solutions, and allows users to manage their passwords in a safe and ever-expanding platform. Designed by renowned security technologist Bruce Schneier, Password Safe allows users to safely and easily create secure and encrypted user passwords, and manage them in an accessible and easy-to-use fashion.

Overall, Password Safe provides a good way for medium-to-advanced users to manage their passwords with an open-source and free solution. Users with less experience will get less use out of this solution, but are still encouraged to check it out I they are willing to learn.

Pros and cons

Like any good password management software, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages that go along with it. There is an extensive list of security and other features available for users who are tech-savvy enough to use some of the experimental features and other open-source capabilities available through plugins or command-line interfaces.

The pros:

  • Good for tech-savvy users
  • Open-source
  • Easy-to-use

The cons:

  • Limited integration with other devices
  • Some features require command line knowledge

As we can see, there are not so many disadvantages for users who have more knowledge of using open-source software. Even though a lot of the advantages are specific to those more tech-savvy users, less capable users should not feel limited, as the basic software is still deceptively easy-to-use.

Technological specifications

Password Safe employs a simple GUI system for secure password management. They have two-factor authentication features and encryption options for users who require more security, and there are a wide range of options available through the fact that the software is open-source. The Open-source nature of the software means that the user has access to a wide range of features if they are used to using plugins and command-line interfaces typical of open-source software.

It is important to note that the open-source and almost piecemeal nature of this password management solution is not the best option for business contexts or large-scale operations. It is simply too broad and unwieldy for applications such as these. Although there are other options available for such applications, this remains a competent solution for smaller-scale password management needs.

Is Password Safe safe?

As an open-source solution, the safety of this password manager really depends on the user. The basic software is very secure, and allows the user to employ a wide range of security measures such as permissions and password groups. There are encryption options as well, for users who demand more security.

Overall, the software is very safe, and will only become vulnerable if inexperienced users install untrusted plugins that compromise the software. As always, the best option is to make sure you understand the software that you are using. The wide range of features available through the various plugins and experimental projects associated with this software provide a unique opportunity for people to experience high-quality password management in a free and open-source setting.

How to use Password Safe

Password Safe is a surprisingly powerful open-source option for password management, and allows for broad applications of password management options. Using Password Safe can be very simple for users who only want to use the basic features, or it can be significantly complex for those users who wish to utilize some of the experimental third-party open-source features. There is also the possibility for hopeful software developers to contribute to the project itself, since it is open-source.

In general, Password Safe can be easily downloaded and run on a number of devices, including mobile platforms, but we’ll go over a couple major platforms specifically in the next section. The general usage principles are the same no matter what the platform, but it is good to take a specific look at how each OS interacts with the software nonetheless.

Password Safe for Windows

If you are a Windows user, the Installation and general usage of Password Safe is very straightforward and simple. You can navigate to Password Safe’s download page in order to acquire the package you need to run the software. Once you hit the download button, you will be taken to a download page on a third party website known as This website is perfectly trustworthy and you can hit the download link relating to whichever installer you require.

Once installed, you can run the program in order to access the GUI, where you can play around with the various password management and security features. More advanced users can check out guides on the Password Safe website for more information.

Password Safe for Mac

The download and usage for Mac users will be generally the same as it is for Windows users, although mac users will need to access the software through an appropriate app such as GNOME.

There is a significant amount of literature available online for users who wish to use Password Safe on macOS, and it is always a good idea to get a lot of information of how to use open-source software properly before continuing.

Password Safe not working

The Password Safe GUI shouldn’t give users many problems if they are simply using the basic features. However, some users will come across errors and such when attempting to use the more advanced features, which is typical of more advanced open-source password management solutions.

Password Safe pricing

Password Safe is an entirely free, open-source password management solution which offers all of its software and associated services free of charge. They also offer the source codes to their software for developers, so that people with skills in programming can contribute to the project if they so choose.

Password Safe vs KeePass

FeaturesPassword SafeKeePass
Two-factor AuthenticationYesNo
Auto-fill of web formsYesYes
Password strength reportNoNo
Secure SharingNoNo



  • Good for tech-savvy users
  • Open-source
  • Easy-to-use


  • Limited integration with other devices
  • Some features require command line knowledge
 8.0 / 10
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