Reddit is a popular news aggregation, rating, and discussion platform, boasting over 230 million unique users per month. As the 6th most visited website in the US, it often serves as the last frontier for those looking for honest customer reviews. Our Perfect Privacy Reddit review will help you see what redditors think about Perfect Privacy, one of the safest and most private VPNs available.

Perfect Privacy as seen on Reddit

While Perfect Privacy is not among the best VPNs by Reddit, it sure is somewhere close. This becomes obvious when looking at its presence and the number of positive comments, outnumbering the negative ones.


We know that Perfect Privacy should be among the least-logging VPNs (they even don’t offer their apps on Google Play and App Store to protect users), but does the Reddit community agree with us? It turns out it does.

The hottest post on this subreddit proclaims that Perfect Privacy is the only 10/10 rated VPN among Private Internet Access, NordVPN, and TorGuard. While the post itself is still considered as Hot, it’s been published a year ago, just like the rest in this presumably dead r/NoLogsVPN subreddit. Nevertheless, we are sure that Perfect Privacy should be if not at the top, then certainly among the top no-logs VPNs.

However, the same Vetted No Log VPN list table is being kept alive in r/InternetCondom with 74 upvotes, posted a few months ago. While there were a few comments, none got any upvotes, which means that the impact of this post should be measured later or never.


A far more popular subreddit with 32,000 members is aimed at “open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first.” However, we were unable to find anything with a “perfect privacy” keyword, which means that the post or comment that included this VPN name has been deleted or that Reddit’s search engine has got some homework to do.

There are some generic mentions of VPN in the other posts and comments of r/homeassistant but nothing that would speak extensively about a particular brand.


Probably the most popular post was about Perfect Privacy’s servers being seized in Rotterdam in 2016. This huge subreddit with over 7 million subscribers posted that nothing was found on the servers, proving that Perfect Privacy is really a no-logs provider. But the commenters weren’t discussing this provider in-depth, which possibly means that few actually tried Perfect Privacy VPN before.


Another post in the US Election 2016 dedicated subreddit with 741,000 members, naming themselves as “patriots,” has Perfect Privacy LLC mentioned as a company whose VPN was used by Clinton’s team to buy domain using Perfect Privacy LLC as a registrant. Network Solutions LLC seen in the image below is the owner of Perfect Privacy.

Perfect Privacy is a registrar of

We failed to see any scandal here, as probably most other readers did, writing zero comments for this story.


A recent user post mentions Perfect Privacy together with NordVPN as “high profile” services which may seem to be safe and secure but aren’t at all. The comments section has ProtonVPN, and Private Internet Access offered as an alternative, but no one goes to defend neither Perfect Privacy nor NordVPN.

Given that’s a hackers’ subreddit with over 700,000 users, we expected to see a bigger discussion. But more often than not, those who seem to have some knowledge point to as the ultimate source of VPN knowledge, not bothering to write up something on their own. However, this source is aimed at the safest and private VPNs, giving less info for users who are interested in torrenting or streaming capabilities of a certain tool.


A subreddit dedicated to Men Going Their Own Way has a post that gives a list of things every real man needs to do to upgrade his online safety and privacy.

reddit r/mgtow discusses online safety and privacy

Using a VPN is the second thing after secure email (ProtonMail), and the top candidate is ProtonVPN. Perfect Privacy is mentioned second together with TunnelBear and NordVPN. While we wouldn’t agree with TunnelBear which is founded in Canada (Five Eyes alliance) and owned by a US company, seeing Tor in the list makes us believe that either the original poster is not informed enough to give VPN recommendations or is simply promoting Proton-branded products.

Bottom line

Rounding up our Perfect Privacy Reddit review, we conclude that the presence of this brand on the “front page of the internet” is low.

Perfect Privacy has no dedicated subreddit (not to speak of an official one, held by some competitors), nor is it mentioned in many recent posts that’d have upvotes in the double digits.

The good part is that Perfect Privacy is viewed mainly in a positive context. The most popular subject is their server seizure by Dutch authorities which haven’t found anything that would lead others into thinking that this VPN stores user logs.