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No. of servers: 150+

Price from: $1.89

#4 out of 215 VPN providers

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Great for circumventing geo-blocking measures

Torrenting allowed on all servers

Stealth Mode feature

Decent number of locations

Fasr speeds

7-day free trial

What is PrivateVPN

The Swedish PrivateVPN, developed by Privat Kommunikation AB, is a small but powerful VPN network. The service is known for its entertainment credentials – the ability to unlock geo-restricted streaming platforms (such as Netflix) in a high number of locations and allowing users to torrent throughout the entire network.

Despite the diminutive size of the network, it has nevertheless managed to ensure the speeds necessary for streaming high-quality video. The success of PrivateVPN in these spheres shouldn’t be taken as a sign that it’s deficient in other areas, such as offering a good level of security and breaking through firewalls.

When it comes to security, this service offers the bare minimum of solid encryption, good tunneling protocols, and a kill switch. Power users whose lives depend on anonymity will miss features such as multi-hop, Tor over VPN, split tunneling, and others.

Perhaps most critically if you’re a journalist, political activist, or hacker, PrivateVPN lacks transparency. Both the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy could benefit from a lot more detail. At the very least it should contain information on what user data the VPN service collects, particularly because Sweden has data retention laws and is part of the Fourteen Eyes agreement.

PrivateVPN Facts

Company name Privat Kommunikation AB
Company name Privat Kommunikation AB
Global presence 60+ countries
Global presence 60+ countries
Money back policy 30-day money-back guarantee
Money back policy 30-day money-back guarantee
Business Location Sweden
Business Location Sweden
Privacy Incomplete privacy policy, some concerns
Privacy Incomplete privacy policy, some concerns
Number of servers 150+
Number of servers 150+
Free / Trial version 7-day free trial
Free / Trial version 7-day free trial
Other Names -
Other Names -

Where is PrivateVPN based and why this is important

Where a VPN service is based is important primarily because of legal reasons. In short, some countries are more privacy-friendly than others, whether due to data retention laws, hard enforcement of copyrights, surveillance, or other reasons. The base of Privat Kommunikation AB is Sweden, which is a double-edged sword.

PrivateVPN location: Sweden

On the plus side, Sweden is a Western democracy where the rule of law prevails. However, Sweden has data retention laws, which the country has refused to do away with even after the European Court of Justice ruled such measures incompatible with human rights. In 2017, government leaks showed proposals to forcibly log all VPN service activations – an extreme and undemocratic move, should it ever be implemented. These factors and more speak of a climate that is not at all privacy or VPN-friendly. Additionally, the meager level of information given in the PrivateVPN Privacy Policy spells trouble.

What does a PrivateVPN location say?


Has data retention laws


Member of Fourteen Eyes


Not privacy-friendly location

Compare PrivateVPN to other providers

Here at VPNpro we consider PrivateVPN very strong in certain aspects – particularly when it comes to unblocking streaming platforms – and lackluster in others. As a result, it can never be a Top 3 VPN service and is bound to keep its position somewhere in the lower half of the Top 10.

Available plans and pricing

PrivateVPN has three pricing plans and these are all very reasonable considering what the service offers. The subscriptions are on average very short in duration and haven’t changed much over the past year. While users won’t find any crazy deals for this VPN, the regular price is just fine.

Free trial

$ for 7 days

Terms apply

Refund applies after free trial

1 month

$ 7.67

per month

No savings

Billed monthly

3 months

$ 4.88

per month

Save 36%

$14.63 billed every 3 months

12 months

$ 3.82

per month

Save 50%

$49.68 billed every 13 months

There are 3 pricing plans: 1 month ($7.67), 3 months ($4.88 a month billed every 3 months), and 12 months + 1 month free ($3.82 a month billed every 13 months). All these plans offer the same features and each subscription allows 6 simultaneous connections.

Additionally, users can take advantage of the risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Finally, there’s a generous 7-day free trial – you don’t get to see plenty of these nowadays.

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Read our PrivateVPN review

Platforms PrivateVPN supports

The service has apps for all the major operating systems, namely, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. The clients are minimal, easy to use, and almost identical across the 4 platforms. This is the bare minimum necessary for a top VPN service like PrivateVPN. In addition to the custom apps, you can also configure it to work with routers, Linux,  this way the VPN offers support for Routers, Linux, and other devices and platforms.

PrivateVPN Windows
PrivateVPN macOS
PrivateVPN iOS
PrivateVPN Android
PrivateVPN Linux
PrivateVPN Routers
PrivateVPN Kodi

If you’re engaging in sensitive activities and your platform is not Windows or Android, you may want to consider some other VPN or choose a third-party app to use with PrivateVPN. Even the Windows app is a bit low on security features, but Mac and iOS versions don’t even have a kill switch.

PrivateVPN and its uses

The strong side of PrivateVPN is entertainment – the service is focused on providing good connection speeds and the ability to bypass geo-blocking measures.


Recent tests show that PrivateVPN unblocks Netflix in more locations than any other VPN. In other words, practically every server on this network will let you stream, including the US servers. The same is true for most other streaming platforms, such as Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, etc. Once you’re through the gates, the quality should be just great because of the good connection speeds.


Torrenting and P2P


PrivateVPN allows P2P traffic on all servers of the network. The encryption level and the security features should be just enough for safe torrenting, at least on Windows. Torrenters will also greatly benefit from the solid connection speeds across the board. PrivateVPN is also one of the rare services that offer a free SOCKS5 proxy, which should be a great comfort, especially to those who are using iOS or macOS where there’s no kill switch.

PrivateVPN works in China!

Yes, indeed it does, and we might even recommend it if your goal is to stream some harmless content. PrivateVPN has a Stealth VPN mode, which should get you past the Great Firewall. The network includes quite a few spots in Asia as well, so the speeds shouldn‘t suffer much. With that said, if you‘re a political activist or someone else the Chinese government really doesn‘t like – choose some other service.


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