Data Security News

We love news because we feel up-to-date. But data security news is somehow special because these pieces don’t just keep us updated, they also serve a good cause by giving us a chance to protect our online security and privacy. These are probably the most precious things in the virtual world.

Of course, not all computer users and digital highway travelers realize the importance of privacy, the reason being the lack of understanding of potential cybersecurity risks. As the page title suggests, this is a place where we do our best to keep you up-to-date with data security news, including privacy news and internet security news.

Why care about your data security

It’s possible that there are still travelers on the digital highway who have never given a thought to their personal data security. It is like traveling by car without insurance or without knowing why insurance is needed in the first place. People may think that cybersecurity simply doesn’t relate to them because they are just general users of the internet.

Do you have a webmail account? Do you use Facebook? Do you have a VPN to keep you anonymous online? Do you ever do banking while using a public WiFi? Do you do torrenting?

If you answered any of these questions with a yes, we advise you to get updated on data security by diving into our privacy and internet security news section.

Since there’s no use crying over spilled milk, and it couldn’t be more relating to data security, we believe that a basic understanding of “what might happen” is downright vital in the new age of the internet.

With cybercrimes and government-sponsored surveillance on the rise, we need to take our privacy and cybersecurity in our hands if we vote for freedom as a fundamental human right. This is when VPN services, safe software, and secure online practices come into the picture to protect you and keep you as anonymous as possible.

Nobody wants their full name, physical address, IP address, login credentials, banking details, online activities, and other sensitive data to end up stolen, being monitored, or abused. The consequences of such data leaks can be disastrous even if you don’t consider yourself a “big fish.”

You do have a bank account, a home, a family that can be exposed to prying eyes. We have more to lose than we think when we hear about data security and internet security. Privacy is your fundamental right. Why give it away to governments, ISPs, and cybercriminals?

No, this is not at all about fear-mongering in any way. We are not here to scare you, but maybe to burst the pink bubble that everything is hunky-dory on the net and it’s all safe as it is. Well, it’s not; as simple as that. But you can make it a lot safer if you know how to protect yourself wisely in the virtual world to have peace of mind in your physical reality, too.