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TorGuard is a leading VPN, which generally ranks among the best around. With 3,000+ servers in more than 50 countries around the world, excellent encryption, good support for torrenting, and a reputation for treating customers well, TorGuard offers a lot of attractive features.

However, do these benefits apply to the TorGuard free trial version? That’s what we want to assess here. Many VPNs offer free trials, and many of these trial versions aren’t anywhere near as feature-rich and reliable as the paid-for services. They want us to upgrade, after all. Let’s see how the TorGuard free version compares.

How does the TorGuard free trial work?

TorGuard offers a 7-day free trial only if you are already using another VPN service and consider switching the provider. Also, its actually a money-back guarantee. To get it, you have to send your latest VPN bill to TorGuard. After approval, you will be able to test the unlimited version for one week, which should be enough to make up your mind.

If you decide to stick with TorGuard after the trial period ends, send them an email with the proof of canceling your current VPN subscription. This will grant you one month of free service. After that, you’ll start paying regularly depending on the pricing plan. Please be aware that there’s no money-back guarantee at this stage, meaning that free month is your last chance to make up your mind.

What is more, by following this road called “Fresh Start” by TorGuard, you’ll get a pro-rated credit to buy a pre-flashed VPN router. This offer is especially great for those that currently have a long-term contract with their provider and want to recoup their loss.

Features that come with the TorGuard VPN

Firstly, TorGuard offers a number of separate buying options, and they are all quite different. So you’ll need to pick the right free trial option for your needs. Here’s a quick summary of the choices:

    • Anonymous proxy – the cheapest option, priced at $5.95 per month. The proxy isn’t actually a full VPN. While it will hide your IP address, it protects your HTTP traffic only, excluding such activities as torrenting.
    • Anonymous VPN – this is more like it. TorGuard’s basic VPN package costs $9.99 per month. Check out the features in more detail below.

If you’re only interested in trying TorGuard VPN free of charge, the second option is the one to go for. Avoid the proxy – it simply doesn’t provide the same level of protection, especially if you already a using a full VPN service from another provider.

What do you get with the TorGuard VPN?

TorGuard offers quite a lot for VPN users:

    • Unlimited bandwidth. A great feature for P2P downloaders and streaming fans, this is combined with “unlimited speeds.” That won’t necessarily deliver supersonic speeds all the time, but it means there won’t be any throttling.
    • Multiple devices. The ability to connect up to 8 separate devices at a time, including smartphones, tablets, consoles, and computers.
    • Industry-leading protocols. TorGuard gives users a choice of OpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2, L2TP, and SSTP – more than most other VPNs.
    • Solid encryption. Everything you send via the TorGuard free trial VPN is guarded by 256-bit AES encryption, which is almost as good as it gets in the online security world. At least for ordinary consumers.
    • Huge server selection. TorGuard offers 3,000+ servers across 50+ countries, so there should be a fast, convenient server wherever you may be located.
    • No logs. TorGuard promotes itself as “100% private” and doesn’t log anything you do on the VPN.
    • 24/7 support. Regardless of whether you intend to use the free trial option, all TorGuard users benefit from 24/7 support, and the support team at TorGuard has a pretty good reputation.
    • A huge amount of payment options. TorGuard caters to credit cards, PayPal, Litecoin, Bitcoin, CoinPayments, Paymentwall, and gift cards.

Why would you not choose the TorGuard free trial?

So far, we’ve been quite positive about TorGuard, and there’s no doubt that this VPN packs a wide range of appealing features. But there may be some reasons to think twice before downloading even if you’re eligible for the 7-day free trial.

For one thing, TorGuard is based in Orlando, Florida. We don’t have anything against Floridians, but that places the VPN inside the Five Eyes surveillance network, potentially making it susceptible to US government snooping, etc.

The client itself has attracted criticism for being slightly clunky, which might be an issue for entry-level VPN users. If you only have seven days to use a VPN, it needs to be easy to get to grips with straight away, and for some, this might not be the case with TorGuard.

Give TorGuard a try, if you can

TorGuard is an excellent VPN, but as we’ve seen, their offer of a “7-day free trial” turns out a little misleading when you click the link on the Home page. It’s doubtful that many users that are quite content with their current provider will put effort into sending their bill and waiting for a positive answer. But those who are really not happy with theirs, which happens quite often when using any VPN that’s not on our Best VPNs list, should not miss this opportunity.

Therefore if you’re happy to do this procedure, there’s no reason to avoid TorGuard. It’s a great privacy tool, and may well become your favorite VPN.

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