Did you know that 30% of VPN users stream Netflix? That’s an impressive global percentage. However, Netflix is infamous for its rigorous geo-restrictions due to copyright agreements. In other words, TV show and movie fans around the globe are not allowed to watch just anything Netflix has to offer.

Every region and country has its own catalog of TV shows and films to stream. Naturally, there are overlays, so several countries may have the very same shows and have their own geo-specific content too.

Lots of VPN services have bled out in this endless battle for Netflix access. Every day, IP addresses and servers get blocked. It’s tough to keep up with the more and more effective detection.

That’s why we put TorGuard to the test. Let’s see how this top player performed under our microscope.

Why use a VPN

Thanks to the geo-restricted catalogs, users have started to use VPN software to bypass Netflix detection. For example, if you’re in Europe and want to watch your favorite US-specific shows, there’s just no other way (other than SmartDNS and proxies, which are a variation of the same thing).

There are three main reasons for using a VPN with Netflix to enjoy the TV shows and movies available at other locations:

  • You’re an expat living abroad
  • You’re a traveler who’s temporarily abroad
  • You’re not satisfied with your local catalog

However, the more people used VPN software to trick Netflix, the tougher this media center got. This is the reason why you’ll find fewer and fewer VPN providers being able to access Netflix. And, even if you’re lucky to stream your favorite shows today, there’s no guarantee for tomorrow. Unless, of course, you’re using a VPN solution that’s ready to go out of its way to make sure you can stream Netflix.

Netflix US – the global dream of abundance

Out of all the regions, it’s Netflix US that offers the most popular content. Second only to Japan in terms of library size, it’s the most wanted among global internet users. But, due to the rigorous geo-restrictions, it’d be impossible to access and stream Netflix US shows from outside the country without a capable VPN service.

You’ll certainly find more VPNs that can only access Netflix US but not the other main regions. Sometimes it takes trial and error to find a US server that gets past the detection. Sometimes you get lucky – your VPN offers dedicated streaming servers. Often, however, that’s not the case.

Let’s see now what TorGuard has to offer for Netflix.

Netflix tests with TorGuard

Good or bad news first? Okay, let’s start with some positive vibes. Yes, you can use TorGuard for Netflix. However, not for all regions and not for all the servers.

TorGuard VPN doesn’t have dedicated or optimized servers to stream Netflix. The first region we tried to access was, for obvious reasons, Netflix US. Then we went through all major regions and tried all possible servers. Find our results below.

Netflix US

While a week ago we could still stream Netflix US through the Atlanta server location, we were surprised to find that it can’t access Netflix anymore. However, we found other working servers that had failed us before. This is why if you can’t gain access, it’s always best to check all available servers and server locations.

We took our time and combed through all ten US server locations to find out which ones you could use at the time of writing this post.

TorGuard for Netflix US

We found two servers, the New York and the Las Vegas ones, to work seamlessly with Netflix US. We also tested these two with the dedicated Netflix speed test, fast.com.

TorGuard for Netflix speed test

This above image shows the New York server speed. The Las Vegas server managed 16 Mbps in this test when our base speed without TorGuard was 200 bps. Nonetheless, you may have different results with speed and quality depending on your internet speed and distance from the servers. Always keep that in mind and take speed tests with a grain of salt.


TorGuard for Netflix error

This is the screen that we got when testing all other major Netflix regions. Well, still good news about Netflix US, right? Basically, you can gain access to all your favorite shows through the largest Netflix library. However, you may be better off with other VPNs if you want to reach other regions too. So, why not check out our best VPN for Netflix list?

TorGuard and streaming

Well, it seems that with TorGuard you’re covered for Netflix US. But it’s not the only media streaming service.

There are several other online media centers that you can use TorGuard VPN to stream in HD or even 4K. This service should work well with Hulu, NBC, and Comedy Central, to name just a few.

On the negative side, we were unable to use TorGuard to fool BBC iPlayer.

If for some reason, you fail to stream any of your favorite US shows, there’s a possible way out. You can always purchase a regular dedicated, streaming, or residential IP address for $7.99 per month as well as their Streaming Bundle with two IPs in the US, UK, or Japan for $21.98 per month, proxy and VPN included. These should grant you access to Netflix US and all other streaming services.

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