Alternatives to uTorrent for Mac in 2023

Jan Youngren
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Last updated: April 4, 2023
Alternatives to uTorrent for Mac
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Do you want to download torrents on your Mac? Or are you looking for a good torrent app for your Mac besides uTorrent? Is uTorrent not supported on this type of Mac? Searching for an alternative to uTorrent Mac is something we are commonly asked, which is why we’re going to go into detail in this guide on the options we have out there.

It seems not wanting to use uTorrent for Mac is a frequent desire of many Mac torrent users, with the software’s privacy features coming into question several times. There’s also the sheer amount of cracked downloads that bundle trojan viruses into the installation (that can take remote control of your machine at any time), giving plenty of reasons to want a uTorrent alternative Mac OSX app.

Although trojan viruses are more commonly a problem on machines running Windows, the potential privacy leaks that are inherent with running uTorrent for Mac are critical enough to be of serious concern to any torrent user. Issues can still occur on Macs when using uTorrent Mac.

Obviously some precautions can be taken by implementing the usage of a VPN, to obfuscate the IP address and also encrypt your web traffic – preventing bad actors on the network (or other infected machines) from sniffing and potentially attempting an attack on you.

In the list below you’ll find the 5 best VPNs for torrenting:

  1. The best VPN for downloading torrents
  2. P2P-sharing VPN with infinite connections
  3. Affordable VPN for torrents
  4. Torrent-friendly VPN with free version
  5. Private & secure P2P VPN

Protecting your anonymity online is vital if you are torrenting, as you may be unaware of the thousands of lawsuits filed last year alone in the US regarding torrent users who downloaded popular copyrighted content.

To make sure you are torrenting safely, check out our Best VPNs for torrenting list and select the VPN provider.


The most powerful uTorrent alternative Mac application on earth!

Vuze review

Vuze is the most feature packed uTorrent for Mac alternative that we have come across. The integration with the OSX operating system is second to none and provides users with an immersive experience that supports all of the features uTorrent for Mac does, plus some more.

Premium searches for highly seeded torrents are offered and of course streaming magnet links is supported by the Vuze client, plugging directly into the VLC or Quicktime media players. This makes the experience very nice indeed.

You get the option of remote controlling the UI similar to uTorrent for Mac, and it also has swarm discoveries, plus a huge library of plug-ins to extend the feature set of this top quality uTorrent alternative Mac app.

If you are still using uTorrent for Mac, take a look at Vuze since it’s well worth the switch. Using little resources and quickly loading up magnet files in a robust and efficient manner, there is little looking back to uTorrent once you start using Vuze.

Vuze premium offers built in anti-virus protection as well as a DVD burner software for integrated DVD authoring, meaning it’s a one-stop shop for all your Mac torrent needs. But the most wanted feature of Vuze premium is the stream whilst download option, meaning you can view a movie whilst it is still being downloaded and is incomplete. This feature is hugely popular and one of the most useful we have found for a uTorrent Mac alternative.

Due to all of these great features, Vuze is our favorite alternative uTorrent client for Mac.


A Feature rich, open source uTorrent for Mac alternative that supports plugins!

Deluge torrent client for safety

Deluge is a great uTorrent for Mac alternative that has a simple, feature rich interface that is completely free for life. There is no adware, premium subscription or such paywall inside of the app.

Unlike uTorrent, the features are limited to just the essential with quiet a barebones feeling to the software, but this is complemented with the support for plug-ins. This means you can extend Deluge however you like without having to run features you do not need, so rolling your own variant of the build is an easy feat to accomplish, even for novice users.

There are loads of plugins available, so make sure you take a look through the list on There is also a very active community forum for Deluge in case you need help getting any plugin to work.

Overall, we feel by having a really light client that allows users choose to plugins to extend functionality, it means resources are used at a minimum and it’s even lighter weight than uTorrent for Mac. This makes Deluge a really great choice when looking for lightweight alternatives for running in the background without taking a lot of ram or CPU on unwanted features.


Ad free, open source uTorrent alternative for Macs and Windows machines!

qbittorrent review

This client has all the features you would expect of any good uTorrent alternative for Mac, so you don’t need to make any compromises. The experience is made even better by the total lack of ads! This means you will not be having to click off annoying pop-ups or banner ads that distract you from what you were doing, which is a nice bonus.

There is a built-in video player, support for RSS and a built-in search to all the top torrent search engines, so the experience is intuitive. You will barely remember uTorrent as it becomes a mere blip in the distance once you are rolling along with qBittorrent as your default client.

A web interface is also included in the deal, so you can log in remotely and manage your torrent files. The only feature this client is missing from uTorrent for Mac is the scheduler. So, if that is a show stopper for you, maybe you will not be able to make the switch over and would prefer Vuze or Deluge as they both support schedules.

Looking to uninstall uTorrent Mac?

OK so once you have find a good alternative to uTorrent for Mac from our list, you will probably want to uninstall uTorrent from your Mac! Don’t worry it’s not a difficult task at all.

You can do so by following these simple steps

1. Open a finder window
2. Navigate to your applications directory.
3. Find uTorrent from the list of files
4. Right click to open the file options menu
5. Left click delete
6. Empty your trash to make sure the application is permanently deleted.

Congratulations, uTorrent for Mac is now completely erased from your machine! We hope you enjoy the alternative you have found!

So, which of the these alternatives to uTorrent for Mac listed here today are you using in 2019? Are there any major ones that we’ve missed?

Any ones that we’ve listed that are having problems? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Garret j

    Deluge works really well. I tried qbitorrent for a time but fell in love with Deluge. It works perfectly and the interface is simple and clear so it’s just perfect. Would 100% recommend it.

  2. radiogaga

    Vuze fan for life! I’ve had it for years, and it just works great for me. I don’t have a mac but I’m looking at getting one, glad to know that Vuze will work on it.

  3. pruethecupcake405

    I like Vuze a lot, although uTorrent for mac hasn’t given me any problems. I used it for a while, I just got Vuze when I realized it had a mac version cause i used it on my gaming laptop. I got this mac for school coz I’m doing game design and it’s the most confusing thing lol.

  4. 6754Vamp

    You definitely got it right, Vuze is a cool alternative for my mac and it gets the job done perfectly. When I travel without my windows computer, I always ensure that I have no subscription challenge with Vuze. Well said and the compilation is rich, thanks for exposing me to other software.

  5. Norma Grant A.

    Vuze is simplistic and minimal. Which is probably why it runs efficiently and fast. Truly useful for any torrenter, thank you

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