Anime is a vibrant and rapidly expanding medium, with new shows and seasons being released all the time, from big names and independent studios alike.

There are also DVDs, OVAs, Movies, and special animations and featurettes that can be almost impossible to keep track of, and that’s without even touching on manga or adult content!

All the different sites that offer anime torrents have widely varying levels of quality and functionality. To compare a few of them, we’ve selected 10 amazing sites that seem to stand apart from the rest—either due to exceptional design or great selection and ease-of-use.

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Without any further ado, here’s our list of the top ten sites for anime torrents in 2020!

Quick List of all anime torrent sites:


#9 Animetorrents


Animetorrents-me review

Coming in at number ten, AnimeTorrents is a robust torrent database with a straightforward layout and a good selection of content. The first thing you will notice is that the site requires users to register and log in to download torrents.

This is a bit of a pain, but the registration only took me about twelve seconds, with a simple email confirmation.

Their interface is competent, with options to search by category, and sort results by seeds, leeches, title, date, or size. Unfortunately, you can’t sort by uploader for some reason. There are also some limitations on which torrents new users are allowed to download.

#8 Anirena


Anirena anime torrents

With a colorful layout, and extensive sorting options, Anirena snags the number nine spot. Their torrent database is separated into tabs rather than categories, which gives you a little less customization than AnimeTorrents.

Still, the extensive library of content and lack of required registration puts this entry slightly ahead.

They have convenient links to RSS and social media, as well as IRC and Discord. While the adult content is specified into different categories, there doesn’t seem to be any option to hide adult content entirely, which can be a factor for some users.

#7 Shana Project


Shana Project

Shana project is number 8, with a straightforward layout, using the character Shana from Shakugan no Shana in their promotional art. Their selection is good and their search functionality is competent, but somewhat lacking in advanced search options.

There’s no option to filter adult torrents, but they do allow searching by subber, meaning you can do advanced searches using the name of the group that translated the content.

There is also a handy auto-torrent feature for people who want to automatically set up torrents to download when they are released.

#6 Project GXS


Project GXS

Project GXS is another pretty little torrent site which actually hosts releases by Team-GXS. Since this is a release group rather than a torrent search engine, their library is much more limited, although they do cover a wide range of popular anime torrents as they are able.

The downloads from this site are of very high quality, and there are usually a couple versions for each download, giving options of quality for users who may want to download less data.

If you like the releases from Team-GXS, then this site is a good choice for you. They also have other stuff in their blog posts and FAQ, such as reccomended “kawaii” codecs for viewing anime torrents.

#5 The Pirate Bay


The classic standby is back. Although this might seem like a less natural selection for anime torrents, the sheer volume of users makes this a realistic option for basically any type of torrent.

Of course, as most people know, The Pirate Bay has been plagued by legal issues and downtime, which can be a huge turnoff. There are other options to access the pirate bay’s trackers for those willing to look, but overall, this unpredictability is what keeps this site at number six.

Despite its problems, TPB has a very good selection and a huge user base, which still makes it a viable option for anime torrents.

#4 Horriblesubs



HorribleSubs is another one of those sites you hate to look at, but love to use. The site actually hosts releases by the HorribleSubs release group, so their library is a little more limited. That being said, they still have a surprisingly wide range of content, and their subtitles are widely regarded as some of the best by many aficionados of anime torrents.

The site itself is fairly straightforward, if a bit garish. They have a list of their latest releases, searchable by keyword or category. They also have a link to their IRC and a schedule of their upcoming releases.

#3 Animetosho



Coming in at number Three is AnimeTosho. “Tosho” means “books” in Japanese, but the site mainly offers anime torrents. The layout is a bit confusing, and definitely way too yellow-post-it for my taste.

That being said, the library of content is still very healthy, and the results can be filtered to exclude remakes, movies, and OVAs.

While the overall torrent quality and selection are what put this site at number three, the lmited search and sort features are a huge turnoff, and people who want an easier time finding their torrents might have better luck somewhere else.

#2 BakaBT



Bakabt is an extremely good torrent site with a cute, minimalistic interface, and an unrivaled library of healthy torrents. Anything you aren’t able to find on other websites can be found here. The only problem is that the website runs mainly through invite-only registered users.

While you can still download torrents from the site as a regular user, you won’t be able to search for them.

In order to use the service, you either need to log in, or receive a link directly to the torrent download from somewhere else. Their library and the health of their torrents is well worth the trouble, however. Google can be used effectively to search for specific torrents on Bakabt.

#1 Nyaa



In our opinion, this is the undisputed king of anime torrents. Nyaa features a practically infinite library of every new anime, manga, serial, magazine, OVA, movie, and other otaku content you can think of. They conveniently separate the entire website into ecchi (erotic) and non-ecchi content, which is very convenient for the more modest users.

Their search feature is extremely powerful, with multiple sub categories for every genre and medium, including options for non-English translated anime and, in particular, raw, or untranslated anime.

This is hands-down the best choice for people who don’t want to deal with a complex registration process or receive an invite to start downloading their anime torrents. It’s also great if you want raw anime or manga, which can be hard to find elsewhere.

Nyaa is our #1 recommended site for anime torrents.

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