The 6 best alternatives to

Jan Youngren
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Last updated: August 26, 2020
The 6 best alternatives to

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When browsing for torrents sometimes we may go straight to as a de facto torrent search, but what if we want to widen our catch into other communities? Well before embarking into the wild world of alternatives, makes sure you don’t do anything foolhardy and cause yourself issues.

Some unreputable sites can be full of dangerous content, such as remote control viruses (otherwise known as trojans) and even as far as honey pots set up by the authorities as a trap to catch downloaders red handed. Obviously as goes for any activity you need to protect your anonymity online and secure your connection with a good quality VPN.

Make sure that your torrenting is private by choosing one of the 5 VPNs listed below:

All-around leading VPN
Forward-thinking and affordable
Cheapest torrenting VPN
Security-first VPN
Known for excellent security

VPNs provide you with the peace of mind to safely browse the internet without exposing your computer’s personal IP address, and also encrypting your traffic so anyone trying anything fishy listening to your connection or for example if you share a network with unknown participants that could not be so savvy and have been infected themselves – a VPN will stop these rogue programs from sniffing your traffic across a shared network LAN, for example in a large campus/public wifi and so on, where you do not know the legitimacy of other devices on the same public network.

Prior to downloading your first torrent file from torrent websites listed below, we encourage you to check out our Best VPNs for torrenting list and choose the VPN that will protect you while torrenting.

The Pirate Bay

‘The world’s most resilient torrent site’ has certainly lived up to its name!

The Pirate Bay torrent site review

Select a trusted Pirate Bay proxy from here.

This legendary torrent site is one of the first and most talked about torrent websites on the internet. Featuring literally any form of torrent you can imagine, available complete with magnet links and verified uploaders, it should act as your first port of call when looking for alternatives.

You can find everything on and more over on The Pirate Bay! If it’s apps, movies or series you are looking for, you will be overwhelmed with the amount of magnet links at your disposal. Literally anything you can think off is torrented here, from brand new releases to going way back into the annals of time.

One way the pirate bay makes money is by mining cryptocurrency in your browser while you leave your tab open, so if you wish to support the site. You can either send a cryptocurrency donation, or just leave your browser open and it will use the idle CPU power to mine cryptos in the background to help keep the site online. A nice but often underused feature that means the Pirate Bay is more resilient and profitable away from simply advertising revenue.


A fast, feature packed site with a huge catalog and powerful search function

A review of 1337x torrent site

If you are looking for a good alternative, look no further than 1337! It’s got all the categories of torrents you would expect from a top class torrent website. You will find the latest movies, apps, games and even adult content on this excellent site.

Files are verified and the website responds quickly, with little to no pop-ups or advertisements getting in the way of finding your magnet links. The television library is stacked with content, meaning you can get hold of all the seasons you have been searching for in one convenient easy to access place.

Updates are frequent, while not quite as much as the pirate bay – it’s still updating with new releases on every day we checked by during our review. There was also no downtime whenever we checked 1337 meaning you can rely on the service and it’s not going to disappear overnight.


A simple, light-weight alternative that has a huge selection of torrents for you

RARBG review

The interface is basic and no-frills, but that doesn’t mean RARBG is any less a viable alternative as the others on our list! There are frequent updates to the list with plenty of seeds and leeches, making this community a bustling place filled with all kinds of top quality content.

All the big torrent files you will find on are listed here, and with a huge selection of older releases that are still active and have a good leecher to seeder ratio. RARBG definitely deserves being in your alternatives bookmark list, the site is fast to respond and search engine is powerful returning lots of results for all the searches we threw at it.

Content is categorized by kind and quality meaning you can look for high quality HD files or just lower file size variants with ease. There is also a substantial amount of links to metadata provided on movie releases, such as IMDB and – making it easy to find out more about the title before downloading.

Huge selection of low file size, high quality HD movies for your viewing pleasure!

A review of the YTS (YIFY) torrent site

Simply put – HD downloads with pocket-sized files! has all the great YIFY Movies downloads optimized for your mobile device or PC, making downloads with a slower connection a breeze.

All the popular downloads are here and the presentation is good looking enough to make this feel like a premium service, such as many popular subscription sites that are out there. The sleek layout and feature-rich interface make downloading with YTS a great alternative and one we highly recommend!

A massive selection of TV and movie links, a worthy alternative for

Zooqle torrent site review

Featuring a massive 3.8 million verified torrents, Zooqle is one site that will serve up great results time and time again for your most elusive of torrent searches. There really is so much well seeded content packed into Zooqle that you will not be disappointed taking a look for your searches here.

There are hardly any advertisements on Zooqle and the browsing experience is feature packed, with season episodes laid out by file quality (1080p or 720p) meaning you can easily choose selection and not get lost in your favorite seasons episodes.


Plenty to choose from, with a lightweight and fast interface.

LimeTorrents review

Visiting this site may give you flashbacks to the days of Limewire peer-to-peer file sharing! There is so many files on offer here at LimeTorrents we highly recommend it, and not just for the nostalgia of Limewire memories – but because there really is so much great content that you may miss if you don’t check by.

LimeTorrents is updated frequently, and the site is well designed with very little bloating it up, meaning the pages load fast and there are few distractions or annoying ads getting in the way. Whatever you we were looking for, we found many results with lots of seeds online. There are many new releases and the site is brimming with seeds so getting hold of good quality torrents really isn’t an issue.

So, which of the these alternatives listed here today are you using in 2020? Are there any major ones that we’ve missed?

Any ones that we’ve listed that are having problems? Let us know in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.

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  1. Chantal K

    Lime is great, I’ve bee using it for quite a while now and it works perfectly. I never had any issues with this one, whether it be with the links or their content. It’s one of the best in my opinion.

  2. 56mcpizza

    I’m gonna stick with PirateBay. It’s always worked, it’s always reliable, and it has a HUGE library. With that one, I know that I’m downloading safe torrents, too…I don’t trust some of these newer sites. I know that whenever I don’t use Pirate Bay, I end up downloading something with a virus on it. Not good!

  3. unclejohn

    I don’t know exactly why but 1337x is just not my cup of tea. I’ve tried it for a few days but I don’t like it. Anyone remember the nice KAT site? It was the best of its kind in my opinion. You could find comments, details about each torrent, it had a good search and its interface was among the best I’ve seen. The Pirate Bay is also very good and there are a few others that are interesting but none have the level of care and quality KAT had.

  4. Datruck Joe

    Am just discovering 1337x. Superb. Fast, easy and above all, free! Just the best.
    Thanks for this

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