The absolute best alternatives to Vuze in 2022

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Last updated: December 27, 2020
The absolute best alternatives to Vuze in 2019
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Whilst Vuze is the self-proclaimed easiest to use and best torrent download software available on the internet, it is not difficult to find plenty of alternatives to Vuze that each have their own merits. For instance, many users feel that the Vuze app is great for PC, but not so good for Android. So we decided to take a look and see if we could find a torrent downloader that keeps every camp happy.

You can use Vuze anonymously with a VPN or proxy. Your IP address gives away your location in the world, and so when you use a site such as Vuze, you will need to conceal it, so that others cannot track you down. Encryption will also help your torrents, as some internet service providers throttle these sites so that they are painfully slow to use.

Below, you’ll find our top 5 VPNs to stay safe while sharing files anonymously:

  1. the best VPN for torrenting
  2. torrenting VPN with 100% RAM-only servers
  3. VPN with port forwarding
  4. P2P VPN with malware protection
  5. affordable torrenting VPN

The best VPN, or virtual private network, for Vuze, is NordVPN. This is for two reasons. Firstly, it works great for Windows and Apple. And secondly, the online live support they offer is second to none. If using a VPN is a new experience for you, then this support will prove invaluable.

However, you can also check our full list of Best VPNs for torrenting where you will find quite a few other providers.

You’ll hear phrases like “military strength encryption” come up a lot in discussions about VPNs. But don’t let this sort of language put you off, installing a VPN should be a straightforward experience. We recommend using Reddit and Youtube tutorials if you get really stuck.


The first Vuze alternative we want to discuss is BitLord, a free torrent software also promoted as being particularly easy to use.

BitLord vs uTorrent - BitLord's home page

BitLord is reliable and easy to use. It has a clean and easy to navigate design, and so would be a good one for beginners to cut their teeth with. Another great benefit is that whilst you are torrenting your files you are able to stream and enjoy them.

The difference between streaming and torrenting goes as follows. A torrent shares the burden of a download amongt a number of clients, and so each person contributes a part of the file. When you have finished, the whole file is on your computer. In the case of a movie, you are able to watch it again and again. With streaming you never actually get the file, and so once you log out it is gone forever.

Before we move onto our next pick, the simplicity of BitLord might also be seen as a downside to some more experienced torrenters. If you are used to having lots of options for your torrents, then this Vuze alternative might feel it a little bit limited.

WebTorrent Desktop

WebTorrent Desktop is another well-known Vuze alternative and is free and open source. If you check out the software development platform GitHub you’ll find the code for this torrent available to all.

WebTorrent is very fast and allows the user to torrent multiple files at once. Again, it allows the user to stream movies or listen to audiobooks whilst torrenting. There is the added bonus that of all the torrents covered here this one has the most stunning interface. The seeder-leacher ratio is good.


qBittorrent is another free and open source Vuze alternative and is very well-know, having been around for 12 years. Don’t let this long life span put you off though, as far from being cracked down on and throttled, many people still use this torrent software in a safe, quick, and secure way.

qbittorrent review

If you are particularly security conscious and able to read code, it is possible to check the files listed on GitHub and look for any dodgy looking code. For those less inclined to do so, the fast speed of the torrents, the simple interface, free from too many ads, and the relatively little storage space it takes up, will be enough to convince that this is a superior torrent. There is plenty to play around with here and so it is best suited to the consumer who has a little experience using torrents.


Deluge has got to be the best-named Vuze alternative, bringing to mind the cornucopia of content we all consume via torrenting software.

Deluge torrent client for safety

The interface is simple and the little drop logo is neat. But don’t let this simplicity fool you, there is plenty of scope to use Deluge’s advanced features. The site is free from advertisements and allows you to customize your torrents, whilst taking up a small amount of storage space on your computer. There are some great plugins too, such as an RSS feed downloader, which comes as standard with some other torrents.


Transmission is a lightweight Vuze alternative that is available across all platforms.

Transmission torrent client review

Though there have been some scandals with Transmission, namely that some files were found to be distributing ransomware, the people behind Transmission nipped the issues in the bud and have helped to make it a viable Vuze alternative. Some users will find the very spare interface a little wanting, as simple things such as file lists are not readily available.


μtorrent is a Vuze alternative that attracts its fair share of devotees.

uTorrent downloading

Admittedly, it is a little slow, but still weighs less than most of the torrents previously mentioned. You can put μtorrent on an external hard drive and so free up more space on your desktop. One pitfall of μtorrent is that unlike many of the aforementioned torrents the code is not available on sites such as GitHub and so there is no way of checking the code out. Some users complain that the adverts are not only irritating, but tend to push users towards sites they would rather avoid.

How to stay safe while torrenting

It is important to stay safe while you are torrenting.

Simple steps include installing an antivirus software, using a VPN, and reading the reviews on files before you torrent them. You should also look for files with lots of seeders, which means that within the torrent community, they should be trustworthy.

A slightly more advanced option is to check out the code on open sourced torrents or read forums where people who have done this can share their insights, specifically, if they’ve found any malicious code.

Our overall verdict for the best Vuze alternative is qBittorrent.

With no adverts, a simplistic and clean interface, and plenty of updates, this software should suit most users and satisfy your torrenting needs, whether on Android or Apple.

So, which of the these Vuze alternatives listed here today are you using in 2022? Are there any major ones that we’ve missed?

Any ones that we’ve listed that are having problems? Let us know in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.
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  1. Yumi P

    Deluge is great. I was using utorrent before witching to Deluge, after utorrent was accused of using your ressource to mine bitcoin. And it’s working great, it’s simple and does the job. Would totally recommend.

  2. itsybitsyspider

    I stick with good old uTorrent. It’s reliable, it’s tested, it works. I don’t really torrent much anymore, seeing as it’s really easy to get what I want legally, but if you absolutely have to, then go with that one. That combined with Pirate Bay is the sort of old faithful combination.

  3. suelovesmel1990

    I rarely torrent anymore (I prefer buying stuff because it’s just more secure, I’m old haha) but if I did, I’d stick with Vuze or maybe uTorrent, with Popcorn Time for movies and things. Torrenting is really good for books, because they come in huge packs with hundreds of books in them, so I still do that – and Vuze has served me fairly well for that thus far.

  4. GIlliani Deb

    Well said. Using Github to check all the required details is a good way to get adequate information about the security of the system. The customer that has little experience with the use of torrents can also view details from Github.

  5. Oliver

    uTorrent and qBittorrent works well with the latest Transmission RPC interface. Gives status notifications for torrent state changes too. I haven’t tried the other alternatives

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