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No. of servers: 1000+

Price from: $3.33

#31 out of 215 VPN providers

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Free version (500 MB/month)


Kill switch


Accepts Bitcoin

What others say about TunnelBear:

You might suffer a bit on the speed side, but there’s no disputing that it’s very easy to use and does offer solid security.

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If you're looking for an affordable and user-friendly VPN service to secure and anonymize your Web traffic, TunnelBear is worth checking out.

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It's not the largest, fastest or most powerful of VPNs, but TunnelBear's ease of use and strong focus on opening up its systems to scrutiny deserve a lot of credit.

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It is a feature-packed VPN with software for all platforms that keeps extremely minimal and non-invasive connection logs about its users.

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What is TunnelBear VPN

Based in Toronto, Canada, TunnelBear is a VPN service used by more than 20 million worldwide. Attracting such a large audience in just 7 years is no easy task for any VPN service. TunnelBear managed that largely because of its free version. They also have a great brand with a funny attitude, cartoons instead of photographs, etc… But mostly it’s the free version.

TunnelBear’s slogan is “Simple, private, free access to the open Internet you <3”. They hold to the promise of being simple by keeping both their website and their client design minimalistic, free from advanced features and options. “Free access” stands for the free version that they still offer in an industry where paid-only software is becoming a norm.

As for the privacy – TunnelBear has a “no logs” policy and does independent audits of their service on a yearly basis. Yet there’s no way to forget that Canada is a member of the Five Eyes alliance.

In 2018, TunnelBear was bought by cybersecurity grizzly McAfee, meaning the VPN provider now has to comply with the US jurisdiction, which is even more problematic when it comes to privacy and anonymity issues. So, while TunnelBear VPN might not end up on the “Top VPN” lists across the web, it sure is one of the best free VPN options.

TunnelBear Facts

Company name TunnelBear Inc.
Company name TunnelBear Inc.
Global presence 20+ countries
Global presence 20+ countries
Money back policy Free version, no refund for paid version
Money back policy Free version, no refund for paid version
Business Location Toronto, Canada (owned by McAfee, Santa Clara, US)
Business Location Toronto, Canada (owned by McAfee, Santa Clara, US)
Privacy VPN connection and OS/client version logs, Five Eyes country
Privacy VPN connection and OS/client version logs, Five Eyes country
Domain https://www.tunnelbear.com
Domain https://www.tunnelbear.com
Number of servers 1000+
Number of servers 1000+
Free / Trial version limited free version
Free / Trial version limited free version
Other Names TunnelBear
Other Names TunnelBear

Where TunnelBear VPN is based and why it's important

TunnelBear VPN is based in Canada which is one of the Five Eyes countries. What is more, the company was bought by security giant McAfee, linking it to the US and its legal context, which is even worse when it comes to privacy and anonymity. So TunnelBear is subject to the Canadian data retention laws and the power of US intelligence agencies, as well as the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing agreement.

Canada and the US have an intelligence-sharing agreement with the UK, Australia, and New Zealand (and, to a lesser extent, 9 other countries). This means your personal data may theoretically end up in the hands of any of these countries’ intelligence agencies. While VPNs are not as susceptible as regular Internet service providers, one must be aware of possible spying either by the NSA or other government institutions.

What does a TunnelBear location say?


Member of the Five Eyes international surveillance alliance


Potentially liable under Canadian and US laws


Tough anti-piracy laws


Used to be the biggest file-sharing nation

Compare TunnelBear VPN to other providers

While TunnerBear VPN has won one comparison so far, it has to be mentioned that its competition has been pretty fierce. Most of the VPNs are on our “Best Overall” and other “Best of” lists. This means you should expect the results to change in TunnelBear’s favor as we add more players from the same league.


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Available plans and pricing

The most attractive TunnelBear pricing plan is the free version, which allowed the service to gain popularity across the globe. But there are a few caveats here. One is the bandwidth limit. You can only use 500 MB/month, which you will deplete after watching a few YouTube videos. There’s an option to extend the bandwidth limit to 1.5 GB, but for this, you must have a public Twitter account with a decent amount of followers where you will have to tweet about TunnelBear.

Free version

$ 0.00

500 MB

Data limit

Unlimited Monthly

$ 9.99

per month

No savings

Billed monthly

Unlimited Annual

$ 4.16

per month

Save 58%

$59.88 billed once

Unlimited 3 years

$ 3.33

per month

Save 67%

$120 billed once

TunnelBear’s plans might seem fishy because there’s no money-back guarantee. We assure this is a legit VPN company with years of experience and one should understand that their free version acts as an unlimited returns policy.

Speaking of the actual pricing plans, there’s three of them. The first one is a standard monthly deal which is cheaper than those offered by top VPNs. The second one is for one year where you pay $4.16/month. This one is even cheaper considering the competition. There is also a long-term plan for three years that costs $3.33/month.

Every plan allows 5 simultaneous connections, meaning you don’t have to buy a new subscription for every device that you have.

Payment options available to TunnelBear customers include Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Luckily, there’s also an anonymous option to pay with Bitcoin. We hope that TunnelBear VPN will add PayPal, AliPay, and other options in the future.

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Platforms TunnelBear VPN supports

TunnelBear VPN has apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. There is no Linux app at the moment and we doubt we’ll see one soon – TunnelBear’s target audience is unlikely to use this OS.

There are also browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Chrome users also benefit from an ad and tracking blocker. One of their best features is that the extensions will work on any operating system as long as it supports one of the three browsers, making it really easy to use the TunnelBear browser extension on different platforms.

TunnelBear Windows
TunnelBear macOS
TunnelBear Android
TunnelBear iOS
TunnelBear Chrome
TunnelBear Firefox
TunnelBear Opera

Often a VPN doesn’t have a dedicated app for a certain OS or device but it can still be configured to work. Unfortunately, in the case of TunnelBear, there’s virtually no support for routers, gaming consoles or devices like the Amazon Fire TV stick. It is not clear whether any of this is in their pipeline but we sure hope to see TunnelBear extending the range of supported devices in 2020.

TunnelBear VPN for streaming, torrenting, and China

TunnelBear for Streaming

Understandably, using the free version of TunnelBear for Netflix is not an option due to the limited bandwidth. However, using the paid one we were also unable to access Netflix US. In short, TunnelBear is not good for accessing Netflix (although we would still advise trying for yourself with the free version).

We were also unable to access BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Amazon Prime after trying multiple servers in the US and the UK.

Streaming content

TunnelBear for Torrents

the pirate bay torrenting

Gone are the days when TunnelBear supported P2P file sharing and torrenting. That doesn’t mean downloading and sharing copyrighted content became impossible, but it certainly isn’t recommended. Also, TunnelBear VPN is yet to be optimized for this activity by offering dedicated servers and static IPs.

TunnelBear for China

We can recommend using even the free version of TunnelBear in China. This VPN should work fine. Just make sure you install it before arriving. If it doesn’t work, you can try using GhostBear for Windows, Mac or Android. It should make your encrypted data impossible to detect for governments and internet service providers.


TunnelBear VPN history

As of now, TunnelBear VPN hasn’t been involved in any scandals, maintaining their reputation. On the contrary, they have been submitting to independent audits for the second year in a row. It’s been over seven years since this VPN has started running and we don’t see it leaving the market anytime soon. Nevertheless, the potential for damaging their reputation remains high as both the developer’s company and its owner McAfee are based in Five Eyes countries.

vpn history
brand history

TunnelBear leaves the cave

The company was founded by Daniel Kaldor and Ryan Dochuk in Toronto, Canada.


First self-initiated audit

TunnelBear makes a statement to the VPN industry, announcing an independent audit of their services.


McAfee acquires TunnelBear

On March, McAfee buys TunnelBear, keeping its headquarters in Canada.


Self-initiated audits become annual

On October, a second audit was made, making this an annual effort.