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No. of servers: Unknown server count

#153 out of 215 VPN providers

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Easy to use

Multiplatform support (except for iOS)

No installation required

What others say about Ultrasurf:

Their program was originally created to help Chinese internet users access the internet more freely. Today they offer a free and fast VPN for internet users that has some great features but a few downsides – depending on your internet needs.

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Ultrasurf not only tested impressively for a free service but rivaled some of the best paid services out there. In fact, there was barely any speed reduction at all. This product generally has a good reputation for performance and, in our testing, it lived up to that reputation.

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Ultrasurf does its best in unblocking geo-restricted websites without IP leaks. Though it has some disadvantages, it doesn’t cost money, so you will not regret about wasting money in case of any bugs.

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What is Ultrasurf VPN?

Ultrasurf is sort of a VPN, since it offers many of the same functions as a traditional VPN. However, the big difference is that Ultrasurf functions more like a network of proxy servers, since the encrypted tunnel is only available when you use the browser connected to the program.

Ultrasurf can back up their security and privacy claims – as long as you use the program appropriately. However, since the company is based in the US, they will share whatever information they have on you with the authorities.

Overall, though, we found that Ultrasurf is pretty easy to ease, since it requires no installation. Also, since it’s absolutely free, makes it easy enough to try out and see if you like it. On the other hand, there is no iOS offering, while the macOS and Linux versions are still in beta. It also doesn’t allow torrenting and the speeds and connections aren’t exactly reliable.

Ultrasurf Facts

Company name Ultrareach Internet Corp.
Company name Ultrareach Internet Corp.
Global presence Unknown server locations
Global presence Unknown server locations
Money back policy Free app
Money back policy Free app
Business Location USA
Business Location USA
Privacy Minimal logs, no personal information required
Privacy Minimal logs, no personal information required
Domain https://ultrasurf.us
Domain https://ultrasurf.us
Number of servers Unknown server count
Number of servers Unknown server count
Free / Trial version Free
Free / Trial version Free
Other Names Ultra Surf
Other Names Ultra Surf

Where Ultrasurf is based and why it’s important

The US is well-known as being a surveillance-friendly country, with the Snowden revelations showing just how far the government’s various spying programs have reached. It’s at the very center of the 5 Eyes surveillance-sharing alliance, and therefore generally not a great location to host your sensitive data.

Fortunately, however, Ultrasurf’s Privacy Policy states that they don’t require any personal information from users. They also log the minimum information for anti blocking purposes, and that information is kept for a maximum of 30 days.

What does a Ultrasurf location say?


Founding member of Five Eyes international surveillance alliance


Tough copyright laws (DMCA)


Reports of intelligence agencies monitoring ISPs


Labeled an “Internet Enemy” by Reporters without Borders in 2014

Available plans and pricing

Subscription plans and pricing for Ultrasurf is pretty simple: there aren’t any, since it’s a completely free service.


Lifetime plan


No charge at all

Unlike other free offerings that come with serious limitations, such as bandwidth, server choice, available features, etc., Ultrasurf comes with no limitations. You can use it at its full force without having to pay a single penny.

Even better, it doesn’t come with annoying ads or endless popups like many free (mobile) VPNs. This is a great option if you want to test it out, since there’s literally no downside for you.

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Read our Ultrasurf review

Multiplatform versatility

Ultrasurf works with most of the major platforms; however, it still doesn’t support iOS devices

Ultrasurf Windows
Ultrasurf macOS
Ultrasurf Android
Ultrasurf Linux

At the moment, Ultrasurf works best on PCs, while the Linux, macOS and Android clients are still in beta.

Using Ultrasurf for fun and privacy

Let’s look at all the ways you can use Ultrasurf in your daily life.


As with many VPNs (and even more-like-a-proxy services such as Ultrasurf), Netflix can be a high mountain to climb. For the most part, VPNs fail on this front. Fortunately for Ultrasurf users, it’s possible to access the US Netflix library – from time to time.

The bad part is that it is quite inconsistent, so it would be difficult to schedule a Netflix-watching party since it may not work that day.


P2P and torrenting


Unfortunately, Ultrasurf just doesn’t have the capabilities to allow safe torrenting on its service. That is because of the essential way that Ultrasurf is set up: the encrypted tunnel runs only through a session-based browser. Therefore, there is no real way to allow any torrenting clients to use the connection.

This can work on Android, since the app secures the entire connection, but there could be some tradeoffs in lower speeds.

Ultrasurf in China

Luckily, Ultrasurf shines in this regard: it works in China. That’s mostly because its very creation was to help users get around the Great Firewall.

Ultrasurf is pretty secretive about its server counts and locations, and this is logical: it wants to make sure that the Chinese government has no way of shutting its proxies down. That’s also why, where most VPN protocols are targeted by online censors, Ultrasurf’s network has been consistently immune to these attempts.


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