Reading about VPN services can be difficult. There are all these weird, outlandish phrases being thrown around: DNS leak, AES-256-CBC encryption, kill switch, split tunneling… Can’t we nerds just speak like normal people?! Unfortunately, no, we can’t. You see, computing is a world where metaphors and analogies from the common realm don’t translate very well. Packet loss isn’t like a bus full of books driving off a cliff. You get the point.

If only all this information weren’t necessary! Sadly, that time is gone now and almost everyone has to know at least a thing or two about VPN, data protection, online security, and other such topics. The fact that we’ve moved much of our day-to-day onto the web has revolutionized everything – including government surveillance, marketing, and fraud. Those who know how this stuff works have the upper hand, and even knowing a little can make the difference.

For example, you can avoid a lot of the dangers of the internet entirely, simply by choosing the right software. Finding it is the difficult part – most VPN software or other computer safety software isn’t great and sorting the good from the bad requires that little bit of knowledge we’re offering. Reading a top 10 list is usually not enough!

We want everyone and their mother to understand VPN, which is why we’re building this knowledge base for VPN and data protection-related information. We call it our Useful VPN Information page and we’ve divided it into 4 different parts, each covering different aspects. In VPN Basics you’ll find all there is to know about Virtual Private Networks, VPN features, and other such things. Guides & Tutorials will take you through various procedures for protecting your computer and yourself. VPN Solutions talks about all the uses of VPN and how you may benefit from them. Data Protection deals with more general security and privacy topics.

Over time we hope to cover every major question on VPN!

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