Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can detect your IP address hence identify you and your location too. Consequently, this compromises your privacy by exposing your personal data, security and financial transactions.

This vulnerability has become a nagging issue because internet service providers are keeping track of user activities online. Your browsing history indicating the websites you visited and the content you interacted with can be very useful to a snooper in advancing malicious attempts on you.

ISP can account for your social media life and this may work against you when your information is handed to the government authorities. Breach of privacy becomes an issue to users because every person values a sense of freedom and expression.

However, VPN technology came as a solution to this global menace of tracking by ISP.

How can a VPN help me hide from ISP tracking?

Have you ever asked yourself what does your ISP see when you use a VPN? This question will help you understand a VPN and explore how it works for you enhancing anonymity. And does a VPN protect you from your ISP?

The answer is YES.

VPN comes with its own server IP address depending on the country of location that you select in your endeavour to conceal location.

Can ISP see VPN?

Certainly. The ISP spots VPN though its IP but the data is encrypted to guarantee you privacy.

Then can ISP see VPN traffic?

Yes, the ISP can see your traffic flowing into one address – the VPN IP. However, the traffic is encrypted and decrypting is almost impossible. Moreover, it is a crime – infringement on personal business.

What does my ISP see when I use a VPN?

Your ISP sees the VPN server IP which is not actually your current location. The ISP can also note the timing of your surfing session. The ISP records the amount of data sent and received so as to calculate the charges.

Well, if I use a VPN can my ISP track what I download?

Browsing under the shield of VPN makes sure that the ISP cannot track the details of your downloads due to encryption and restriction to identify the website you have visited.

Variation of VPNs

You will find numerous VPNs online and perhaps you are in a dilemma on which option to pick. It is noteworthy that not all VPNs will serve the intended purpose effectively.

Firstly, distinguish between a free VPN and a premium VPN.

Both will claim to meet your needs but the latter will indeed offer you value for your money. The free versions are prone to insecurity. Some might be obsolete. The fact that most users scramble for unpaid services stretches the software beyond limits. Check out our list of the best free VPN services, which you can trust.

Premium VPNs are serviced on time with software updates to counter the efforts of scammers to be at par with identity concealing technology. Therefore, cheap incurs more expense.

Secondly, your choice from different VPNs online determines what you get. So it is important to research on the various VPNs and settle on the best option.

Thirdly, your scale of use should guide you to identify the appropriate choice to acquire. There are simple VPNs meant for personal use in one PC. Others are designed for small businesses which comprise of a few tens of users. At a higher level still there are VPNs made for corporate businesses and firms.

With these considerations it is possible that some VPNs may not protect your information from allegedly nosey ISP.

Trustworthy VPN providers

So far you may worry where to get flawless VPN services. Consider some of these trustworthy VPN providers.

  • NordVPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • ExpressVPN
  • IPVanish VPN

Why do you need a VPN?

The essence of a VPN is to protect you online. A VPN will take care of several issues.

  • Anonymous surfing
    Visit any website without being noticed by spies. Enjoy online services across the world without limitations.
  • Dodge censorship
    With VPN connections you can avoid government restrictions on online activities and access websites that you would otherwise not access. This is the adventure that every person and especially business people need online.
  • Conceal your IP Address
    The principle behind VPN is to hide your IP address which is used to locate you. So if want to view a website beyond the continent you can’t be noticed. Likewise, when you travel abroad you will stay connected locally.
  • Online security
    VPN protects you from malware and phishers. Financial transactions will be secure from fraudsters.
  • No logging
    Your ISP will no more keep a record of the sites you access and the stuff you download online. You will enjoy absolute privacy and feel secure to visit any website.

VPN is a must have for any user that wants to feel safe online and still get the best services online. Get a VPN that will change your browsing experience.

To find out more on how you can hide your internet activity from ISP, read our guide here.