TunnelBear vs SurfEasy

Mikaela Bray
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Last updated: February 24, 2021
TunnelBear vs SurfEasy
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In this article, we’ll take you through Tunnelbear vs Surfeasy comparison. We will address the common perception of each of the two VPNs. Secondly, we will compare their performances based on some important aspects. Let us rock and roll!

TunnelBear vs SurfEasy: security and privacy

Winner: TunnelBear

TunnelBear and the SurfEasy VPN services offer the user 256-bit AES encryption, which is one of the most advanced untraceable encryption standards. The two run on the OpenVPN protocol providing good encryption.

TunnelBear features a kill switch while SurfEasy VPN does not. With the kill switch being a critical element for concealing accidental exposure, it shows that TunnelBear performs better in matters accidental exposure compared to SurfEasy VPN.

The DNS and IPv6 leak protections aim at ensuring your ISP cannot see or monitor your online activity while you’re using a VPN.TunnelBear VPN and SurfEasy automatically provide this protection feature.

TunnelBear and SurfEasy are designed to offer the users an easy-to-use experience. Tunnelbear and Surfeasy use a friendly phone/email/chat support. TunnelBear supports an independent security audit, and it is unclear whether SurfEasy has an independent security audit.

SurfEasy VPN is under the 5 Eyes surveillance agreement which allows intelligence agencies in member countries to share surveillance data. SurfEasy VPN offers a no-logs policy.

Speed and performance

Winner: SurfEasy VPN

Both SurfEasy and TunnelBear promise lightning speeds. SurfEasy provides more than 1,000 servers with 500 of them offering ultra-fast speed. SurfEasy servers are based in 28 countries with the number of locations on an upward trajectory. TunnelBear servers are located in 48 countries and it is not clear how many servers they offer.

SurfEasy VPN and TunnelBear VPN offer users good speeds including the ability to stream on HD. However, they are not very good in terms of performance for users carrying out intense online activities. Despite the shortcomings, they offer pretty good surfing speeds for regular web users.

Ease of use and support

Winner: SurfEasy VPN

TunnelBear VPN client loads quickly with no reports on lags and major errors. The intuitive application offers users the ability to switch locations easily. The TunnelBear VPN application is designed to offer the users a simple and easy-to-use platform. The application just shows the user essential details and comes with additional settings feature. The browser extensions remain the same.

SurfEasy has a user-friendly platform with all the plans available on the client application. Getting started through the client app is simple and users found it easy to interact with the application.

For customer support, TunnelBear vs SurfEasy comparison shows that the two have widely shared knowledge base platforms where users can troubleshoot common errors. In addition, SurfEasy support is available through a friendly phone, email, and chat support. For TunnelBear, the support is available through the email platform as well as phone support.

Note that TunnelBear does not support live chat on their website. However, they have a strong presence on major social media platforms. TunnelBear VPN also supports a knowledge base where users can troubleshoot major issues.

Torrenting and P2P

Winner: neither

TunnelBear and SurfEasy are Canadian-based providers and are therefore part of the 5 Eyes alliance. The two do not support P2P capabilities and therefore, no torrenting is allowed on the VPNs.

Unblocking Netflix and other entertainment platforms

Winner: TunnelBear

TunnelBear’s paid subscription allows for Netflix access. However, TunnelBear’s free edition will not serve you when trying to unblock overseas Netflix. In addition, connecting to a server that is far away will disappoint you in terms of speed even on the paid subscription. For the SurfEasy VPN, they are still blocked by Netflix.

Use of TunnelBear and SurfEasy in China and other restricted countries

Winner: neither

China is a repressive government when it comes to the use of a VPN. These VPNs are unfortunately not great for use in China. Thus, it is recommended that users in China find another high-level security and privacy option other than these two VPNs.


Winner: SurfEasy

TunnelBear is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. SurfEasy is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Opera, Chrome, and Amazon. Therefore, you can enjoy the two VPNs on either of the compatible platforms letting you browse the internet freely while keeping confidential information safe.


Winner: SurfEasy

SurfEasy offers a starter package, which is free to try. Through the SurfEasy starter pack, you can access 500 MB free data. The other package available is Total and Ultra. The Total plan costs $5.99 per month connecting you up to five devices and offering unlimited data together with tracker blocking. The Ultra plan features support for up to five devices and costs $2.49 per month. It comes with unlimited data, tracker blocking, offers torrent protection as well as availability in 12 additional countries.

TunnelBear pricing features a free plan offering 500 MB every month. There is also a one-month subscription for $9.99 that comes with a priority customer service. The TunnelBear one-year plan costs $4.99/month and it is the most popular plan. Payment options include MasterCard, Visa, American Express as well as Bitcoin. Users can also use the Jars of Honey payment method.


The TunnelBear and SurfEasy platforms offer users a good experience of the internet. Our TunnelBear vs SurfEasy evaluation has shown that the two VPNs are good for internet surfing. However, SurfEasy is our most preferred based on user experience and brand reputation.

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  1. Johan

    Well Surfeasy might be better from what you say but I am not sure I can call a VPN good when they can’t unblock Netflix. I think a good VPN should be able to unblock this. And since they’re both from Canada and don’t allow torrenting, that’s a big turnoff as well.

  2. Iliana K

    I would definitely go with Tunnelbear on this one ! Surfeasy does sounds like a great VPN, but I don’t know why it just doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve tried Tunnelbear a few months back and I loved it, maybe that’s why.

  3. Psi45

    SurfEasy is good but the way it automatically renews the subscription and charges you is simply horrible. Apart from that it’s a great VPN service.

  4. doubting.thomas

    USP of SurfEasy is private browser through an USB stick which is not found on any other VPN. This takes SurfEasy’s seriousness towards it’s customer’s privacy. Though SurfEasy is from 5 Eye country, It still refuses to log user information.

    This gives you tremendous confidence while using SurfEasy.

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