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Who is the best VPN service provider, you ask? Let us help you find out. As users, we seek online privacy, security, and transparency. As reviewers, we commit to giving the same in return. All VPN reviews on VPNpro.com are the result of rigorous tests and written by professionals. We have scoured the Web, sorting the good tools from the bad, and now we’re ready to help. Whether you’re a Windows, Mac, iOS or Android user, you’ll find most of the VPN market in our Review section!

We grade VPN services on their security, company policies, speed, ease of use, support, pricing, versatility, and other important aspects.

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Price from: $8.32

  • Excellent security
  • Great server list (3,000+ servers in 90+ countries)
  • Somewhat expensive
  • No free trial

ExpressVPN is probably the best tool on the market. It has it all – great speeds, impenetrable security, professional customer support…if you can afford it.

VPN Service Provider, Rating & Pricing

NordVPN Review

Price from: $2.99

Last update: 08.16.2019 Top-notch security, an absurd number of servers all over the world, great features and speed – all these factors make NordVPN’s industry-leading status well-deserved. In today’s context of growing threats to online ...


Astrill VPN Review

Price from: $8.33

Last update: 03.20.2018 Astrill VPN is a genuine all-rounder, with plenty of boxes ticked as far as VPNs. Overall, it’s a real contender on the online privacy scene, with a few reservations that we’ll get to in a bit. The VPN itself ...


TorGuard Review

Price from: $4.99

Last update: 02.15.2019 Although its name has nothing to do with Tor but everything to do with torrenting, TorGuard is much more than just a secure and private channel for torrent users. If you opt for TorGuard, you’ll find it offers great ...


ZenMate Review

Price from: $2.05

Last update: 03.26.2019 In a nutshell, ZenMate is a generally slow VPN with particularly vague logging practices and a surprisingly high price tag. If you’ve heard about or experienced the German precision and quality, you may have some ...


Windscribe VPN Review

Price from: $1.00

Last update: 02.14.2019 Outstanding privacy features, great browser extensions, and no identifying logs to boot. All this, for a reasonably cheap annual plan? Time to find out if it sounds a bit too good to be true. When we first saw what this ...


PureVPN Review

Price from: $2.95

Last update: 03.27.2019 PureVPN is very fast and very shady. What is it good for? We’ll try to answer that and more. Before we start to take PureVPN apart and judge them for seemingly betraying their heavily promoted no-logs ...


CyberGhost Review

Price from: $2.50

CyberGhost is a case of "almost great", with shortcomings that keep this VPN from reaching the very top. We hope they’ll up their game so we can rate them higher!


Betternet Review

Price from: $2.99

Last update: 04.03.2018 A lot of bold claims but not a lot to back it up with. The low amount of servers means you get below-average security and speed, not to mention no Netflix or live chat support. But at least it has a low price (sort of). ...


Hotspot Shield Review

Price from: $8.99

Last update: 03.21.2019 A strong VPN contender if you’re a casual user looking to access geo-restricted content. But their questionable privacy practices and location make us hesitant to heap praise. Read our in-depth Hotspot Shield review ...


SaferVPN Review

Price from: $2.51

Last update: 04.03.2019 It seems that “safe” isn’t enough for this Tel-Aviv based VPN provider. They want to appear “safer” than anyone else. But can SaferVPN, founded in 2013, live up to its name? This Israeli service claims zero logging ...


IPVanish Review

Price from: $6.49

Latest update: 08.05.2019 IPVanish is a perfect example of how all the great specs in the world won’t always outweigh a tarnished reputation. Owned by the US-based VPN provider Stackpath, IPVanish is a well-known player in the VPN ...


Surfshark VPN Review

Price from: $1.99

Surfshark's entry into the VPN market will turn some heads. Amazing security, anonymity, and speed - just needs some time!


Avast SecureLine VPN Review

Price from: $1.66

Updated on: 01.31.2018 With Avast’s impressive background in cybersecurity, you’d think you’ll be secure and anonymous online. But that would be judging a book by its cover. This is the company that gave us excellent and ...


Spyoff VPN Review

Price from: $5.36

Brand new to the VPN world, Spyoff VPN offers a more technical approach to online security. Is this the type of VPN for you? Keep reading our Spyoff VPN review and find out. Spyoff VPN, as the name implies it keeps spies and hackers away. New to ...


Perfect Privacy VPN Review

Price from: $8.95

Last update: 08.16.2019 A rough look, high prices, and perfect privacy! Perfect Privacy VPN is based out of Zug, Switzerland. Its parent company is called Vectura Datamanagement Limited Company. While not a huge company, it has undoubtedly left ...


SaferWeb Review

Price from: $4.75

Last update: 01.11.2019 SaferWeb VPN has been shut down and is no longer providing any service. Check out the alternatives to SaferWeb. Overview Is SaferWeb VPN keeping your information safe while you’re on the web? Read on to find out. UK-based ...


VPNSecure Review

Price from: $6.66

Last update: 05.13.2019 VPNSecure is a no-logs provider from Australia which first appeared back in 2010. Our VPNSecure review has found this service to be safe and easy-to-use while also allowing torrenting. It offers 24/7 live chat, plenty of ...


Touch VPN Review

Touch VPN has no redeeming qualities other than being free. And even that has its downside. The greatest positive of Touch VPN is that it’s free. Other than that, it’s not very functional, and there are serious security and privacy ...


HideMyAss Review

Price from: $2.99

HideMyAss is quick as lightning but not very good at hiding asses. Decent choice for the casual user!

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How to pick a VPN?

Virtual Private Networks are powerful things that can be used in various ways. They’re great for protection: from law enforcement when you’re using torrents, from hackers and cybercriminals when you’re working in a café or from repressive governments in places like China, Russia, Turkey, and Iran. VPN can take you past geo-blocking, so you can watch Netflix, buy cheaper plane tickets, or listen to the radio of your home country. VPN can even make your connection faster if your ISP is trying to throttle it!

This variety of functions is simply amazing, and companies are finding new ways of using VPN every year. There’s just one side-effect: how could you possibly choose a VPN with all this information flying around? We have some suggestions:

  1. Read some of our top VPN service reviews to get an understanding of the possibilities. It’s hard to choose if you have no reference point and don’t know which of your everyday activities can be improved with a VPN.
  2. Think about what you use the internet for, what the risks are, or what you could be doing if you had a VPN.
  3. Consider how much security you need and who you’re protecting yourself from. This will help you understand what security features are relevant for you, and which aren’t.
  4.  Is speed crucial? If you have a fast internet connection, you can probably still feel pretty good at, for example, 50% of your regular speed. Perhaps even less! If so, the speeds of Top VPNs on average should be enough for you.
  5. If you find a few choices and can’t decide – you might want to check our VPN comparisons.
  6. Pick a service that offers a free trial or a money-back guarantee and give it a test-drive!

These  tips should get you well on your way! If you still can’t decide, write us a comment and we’ll try to help you out.

Types of VPN

We’re inclined to say there are only two types of VPN – good ones and bad ones. Fundamentally, that’s true, but we recognize that some VPN services have to specialize in order to provide a good service. Let’s break it down a bit:

·       Free or Paid. This is one type of categorization we can agree with – some VPNs are indeed free and others cost money. With that said, the set of “free VPN services” roughly coincides with the set of “bad VPN services”. There are very good reasons why this is true. Primarily it’s that “nothing in this world is free”, meaning you’re paying for it one way or another. Free VPNs (and some paid ones) have been caught tracking their users’ activity and selling it off, using malware to steal information, and engaging in other malicious activities. While there are plenty of bad expensive VPNs, at least we know that they don’t need to do shady things to pay for the service. VPN is expensive to run – beware!

·       Some VPN service providers are more focused on business, while others are more concerned with pleasure. The first category is more likely to have particularly strong security features, because their client base deals with sensitive issues. The entertainment-focused VPN services will be more concerned with passing geo-blocking restrictions and good performance, and less concerned with copyright laws. This is by no means a rule – what we said in the beginning is completely true. A good VPN will be just as good for business as it will be for pleasure.

When you choose a VPN, don’t fall for the illusion of VPN types!

Rating the best VPNs

Deciding on what the best VPN is – in general and for specific purposes – takes a lot of work, and we’re constantly making sure our ratings are up-to-date.

While we’re excited to read about exciting new features, we need to focus on the primary reason for a VPN: privacy and security.

That’s why we score so highly for VPNs with great data policies, leak-free connections, and strong encryption – and that also why we take off huge points if they fall short. After that, we can look at the other important aspects of the best VPN providers available.

Here’s what we look for in our VPN reviews and rankings:

  1. World-class privacy and security
  2. Reasonable pricing options
  3. Industry-leading speeds and performance
  4. Torrenting and bypassing geo-blocked content
  5. Reliable customer support

How we decide on VPN ratings: an in-depth look

We don’t take your privacy and security lightly, so we work hard to make sure our VPN ratings are always accurate and up-to-date. But we also understand that every user has different needs, and so we have to think of how a particular VPN provider can be used in any and every situation. That’s why all of our VPN ratings will look at our list of required features and aspects so we can decide how well they will perform in any given situation.

With that said, we also know how important it is to keep our reviews up-to-date, so that we don’t give low VPN scores for a brand that actually has improved their product.

When deciding on our rating requirements, we firmly believe that VPN service providers must first make their product secure. Only then can we think about all sorts of luxuries – torrenting, Netflix, Kodi, etc. But privacy, security, and anonymity are the life-blood of a VPN, and the best VPN services make this the heart of their products.

In fact, all VPN providers emphasize these aspects as much as possible, but sadly, not all of them are able to deliver on their promises. That’s when we’re forced to cut down their ratings a bit.

Being in the VPN space for quite a while, we understand the VPN providers’ situation: there are lots of boxes to tick, and ticking them can be very expensive or otherwise difficult.

Security and privacy require a high level of commitment to a set of principles. Therefore, really strong security credentials mean a lot more than just that – they mean the VPN service provider can be expected to make ethical decisions on a wider scale. And then, to make their offers appealing, they’ll have to be functional.

Here are some questions we ask before giving out ratings for the VPNs we review:

  • How well does it work around the globe? The number of servers means very little without context. Some VPN providers have a lot of them, but they are mostly concentrated in a couple of regions, largely ignoring others. Furthermore, some countries restrict VPN use and not all VPN providers find ways to function regardless of blocking efforts.
  • How good is it against geo-blocking measures? (Netflix, BBC iPlayer, etc.) We recognize that many people use the services of VPN providers purely for accessing geo-blocked content, whatever that may be.
  • Is it good for torrenting? Some VPN providers block P2P traffic, others are simply not safe enough for P2P. Torrents are one of the main reasons for using a VPN around the world.
  • Is it good to use on a variety of devices? Most VPN service providers offer apps for the 4 main platforms – Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. Some of the stronger tools have additional custom clients – for Linux, routers, and various other device types. However, a VPN may not have an app for a particular platform, but the platform may still be supported.
  • Does the service offer good support? We separate this into two sections. There are self-help resources – guides, FAQs, forums, etc. Usually, there is also some sort of customer support system in place – live chat, support tickets, etc.
  • How easy is it to use? We look at how intuitive the GUI is, how well-structured is the website and other such questions.

All these factors helps us to decide whether the product is a good or bad fit for the average user.

What type of VPN gets our top score?

Over the past decade, we have seen hundreds of tools emerge and fade away. A select few of these improved their offerings and became known as the best VPN providers – ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and others. There is a qualitative difference to these companies, which boils down to a lot more than just the number of servers or features.

So what makes a top VPN provider? The very best VPN services on the market have one thing in common – they are committed to the vision of a free internet. They believe in the right to do things freely and anonymously, and they believe in the potential that only true liberty can unlock. Once you let this vision guide you, the path is clear:

  • Make sure your encryption is unbreakable, and there are no other ways to get to the user.
  • Don‘t become the same thing you‘re protecting people from – know as little about them as you can.
  • Open all borders, not just the border between Europe and Netflix. The internet should be as free in China as it is in the US.
  • Make your service available on as many devices as possible!

If you accomplish this, you can be one of the top rated VPN providers.

The digital world is evolving, and soon enough, the right to internet access will become universally accepted. Becoming one of the best VPN providers requires a combination of technical prowess, understanding of the context in which VPN exists, and accessibility.

However, to be the very best you must add something extra as well – a forward-thinking approach. The digital space is evolving just as much as it is expanding, and all of the most powerful players are shaping it in a way that‘s most beneficial to them.

Hopefully, our reviews, comparisons, VPN ratings and other resources can steer you out of harm‘s way and toward a borderless, unlimited digital world!