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FlashVPN Review

Very few free Android VPNs deliver excellent security and performance. Sadly, FlashVPN isn’t among the Android elite. The VPN offers hardly any information about features and suffers from numerous performance issues. It’s definitely one to ...


Gom VPN Review

Price from: $3.99

Gom VPN would be better off if it did not market itself as a VPN, but rather as a proxy/unblocker. Even then it’s not great and borderline-scammy. Gom VPN only comes as a Chrome extension. It does not offer you a lot of security but will unblock ...


SpyProof VPN review

Price from: $2.49

SpyProof markets itself as an anti-DDoS VPN for gamers, with support for the major platforms plus consoles – PS3, PS4, and Xbox. It’s also good at bypassing geo-blocking, allowing users to access entertainment platforms such as Netflix or, as is ...


BTGuard Review

Price from: $7.49

BTGuard came with high hopes but hasn’t moved with the times. The BT in BTGuard revealingly stands for BitTorrent, so from the outset, we know what we’re dealing with here. It’s one of the first VPNs created in 2008 ...


Tuxler VPN Review

Price from: $7.99

Tuxler is a VPN which styles itself as the “first community-powered residential VPN ever created.” This means that it specializes in offering residential IPs (that is IPs linked to home addresses, not businesses). So it could be a ...


Hola VPN Review

Price from: $3.99

This may be one of the most dangerous VPN services out there. Read our Hola VPN review now to redeem your privacy and freedom – by avoiding this VPN at all costs! Let us introduce you to the virtual manifestation of parasitism. It’ll be very ...


Green VPN Review

Green VPN stands out in the Play Store purely because of how small the download is and how much the app offers without asking anything in return. It seems, however, that Green VPN quietly logs nearly everything you do. It’s not one of the ...


VIP72 VPN Review

Price from: $9.00

It would be difficult to find a worse deal on the VPN market than VIP72. One look at the VIP72 website should stop anyone from using this god-awful VPN/proxy service. It looks like a digital fossil, offers very little information, and presents ...


AnonVPN Review

Price from: $5.75

Right off the bat, AnonVPN makes claims that it offers fantastic privacy features, unlimited bandwidth, and access to geo-restricted content. Unfortunately, there’s little information available to back up these claims. Is the server performance ...


SkyVPN Review

This review is gearing up to be quite eventful, as we found over the course of our research that the VPN wasn’t useful for very much. And we certainly can’t recommend it for anyone at all. Is SkyVPN safe to use? SkyVPN is based in ...

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