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Snap VPN Review

Price from: $3.00

Snap VPN is a thoroughly lackluster service. Read our review to learn more Every once in a while a VPN comes along that really makes you wonder why anybody gets involved in the online privacy industry. While there are many responsible and ...


Banana VPN Review

Price from: $10.00

Banana VPN is OK, but considering the price, it’s certainly nothing special. Banana VPN has been offering their service for over a decade, they have established servers in a variety of locations around the world, including European, North ...


VPNShazam Review

Price from: $3.33

VPNShazam talks a good game, but a lot of the claims seem highly dubious. Established in 2009, Palestine-based and Israeli-owned VPNShazam is an online privacy solution that promises to keep your personal information protected from any prying ...


Proxy.sh Review

Price from: $2.00

Every once in a while a VPN solution comes along that hits most of the right notes. This is one of those solutions as our Proxy.sh review will show. We’ll be going over the security features, privacy practices, and any other pertinent ...


MoreVPN Review

Price from: $8.00

MoreVPN offers a dedicated IP service which will allow you to effectively bypass geo-restrictions while enhancing your online privacy somewhat. However, it isn’t the most cost-effective choice available on the market, and its security is ...


VPN Proxy Master Review

Price from: $3.00

One of the most popular free VPN downloads for smartphones, VPN Proxy Master scores well on ease of use but is disturbingly poor when it comes to security. So there’s no reason to give this provider anything but a failing grade. VPN Proxy ...


INinja VPN Review

For a free service, iNinja VPN has some decent features including leak protection and good speeds, while it is also incredibly easy to use. However, its location in a 5 Eyes jurisdiction, lack of solid encryption protocol support, and excessive ...


VPNJack Review

Price from: $0.99

Flexible with its pricing, requiring no registration, and offering decent encryption protocols, VPNJack offers plenty in the online privacy department. However, P2P support, a kill switch, and multiple device connections are missing which means ...


VPNUK Review

Price from: $7.79

VPNUK is one of those lesser-known VPN options that has been around for a while – ten years, to be precise. Unfortunately, it seems the service has largely failed to move with the times. In this VPNUK review, we’ll go over the pros ...


Identity Cloaker Review

Price from: $5.57

With a history dating as far back as 2007, Identity Cloaker still looks and works like a piece of software stuck in the previous decade. Identity Cloaker is a Czech-based “Internet Privacy Protection Service” with a mission to “protect you from ...


Netmap Review

Price from: $10.83

Last update: 05.08.2019 Allowing you to filter your web traffic through two servers of your choice, Netmap is a provider which offers excellent online privacy for its users – all made possible with a clear no-logging policy and a choice of solid ...


Newshosting VPN Review

Price from: $12.95

Newshosting VPN is a product offered with the Usenet provider services of US-based Newshosting. It’s zero-log and comes bundled with different packages for the Newshosting service itself. Newshosting is a big name in its field. However, just how ...


VPN In Touch Review

Price from: $2.49

Promising to put customers first and deliver an unbeatable performance, VPN in Touch suffers when users put those commitments to the test. If anything, this is a missed opportunity to create a user-friendly, accessible privacy tool. VPN in Touch ...


Bullguard VPN Review

Price from: $4.75

BullGuard VPN is presented by the fine folks that brought you the same-named antivirus, now partnering with NordVPN. The result? A simple, solid, speedy, secure solution for suspicious situations on the Internet. In this BullGuard VPN review, ...


Hi VPN Review

Price from: $8.00

Hi VPN is a free product for simple needs. As long as you don’t need a VPN for anything serious, this one will do. With over 10 million downloads on the Play Store, Hi VPN is trusted by users worldwide. But is this trust well-earned or ...


Cargo VPN Review

Price from: $2.78

Cargo VPN might be known by few, owing to its Mac-only functionality, but most of those people would tell you of its great server fleet, advanced streaming capabilities, and other great features. Cargo VPN offers features strong enough to ...


VPNLand Review

Price from: $8.33

VPNLand is a middle of the pack VPN service, offering many features, but lacking excellence in any area. In this VPNLand review we look at the good and bad with this old-school Canadian product. At first it seems that VPNLand is solid in most ...



Price from: $3.99

Unfortunately, this VPN is not active at the moment. Overview Despite bold claims about security and performance, INCOGNiTO hides some major flaws which make it a tough VPN to recommend. As the name suggests, the VPN specializes in providing an ...


VPNSecure Review

Price from: $6.66

Last update: 05.13.2019 VPNSecure is a no-logs provider from Australia which first appeared back in 2010. Our VPNSecure review has found this service to be safe and easy-to-use, while also allowing torrenting. It offers 24/7 live chat, plenty of ...


Opera VPN Review

Price from: $0.00

Last update: 03.27.2019 Opera and its well-known web browser have been around since 1995, but only announced its free VPN integration in 2016. As such, it’s still a toddler on the VPN market, which also means it may trip here and there. Since ...