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BolehVPN Review

Price from: $6.67

Last update: 11.14.2018 Overview BolehVPN has been featured on Lifehacker, but will it turn out to be a life hack for your internet anonymity needs? Read our BolehVPN review to get all the details. BolehVPN is a Malaysian VPN service established ...


VPN.asia Review

Price from: $4.15

Many VPN websites display your IP address and location on their homepage to prove how easy it is to gain access to that information. Ordinarily, it’s right on the money, which encourages the customer to invest in a VPN to ensure no one else can ...


AirVPN Review

Price from: $1.14

Last update: 12.20.2018 Overview Much more than a hacktivist project, AirVPN offers an easy to customize, effective VPN with solid security and great functionality for torrenting fans. Seeking to offer a “breath of fresh air” in the ...


Hide My IP VPN Review

Price from: $2.91

Overview Hide My IP is a service that will conceal your IP address and encrypt your internet traffic. The service is fast, inexpensive, and relatively secure. Hide My IP is a VPN and proxy service with apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, as ...


ButterflyVPN review

Price from: $1.99

Overview ButterflyVPN is a unique kind of service, coming as a piece of software packaged in a USB stick and requiring no logins or apps. Originally designed for the Chinese market (which is evident after checking their social media), ...


ZenMate Review

Price from: $2.05

Last update: 01.30.2019 Overview A generally slow VPN with obscure logging practices. And, all this for a relatively high price. If you’ve heard about or experienced the German precision and quality, you may have some natural expectations ...


CactusVPN Review

Price from: $3.49

Last update: 11.12.2018 Promising top-of-the-line safety and complete anonymity, CactusVPN aims to be a contender in an increasingly crowded VPN market. Overview Is CactusVPN truly sharp enough for all your anonymous browsing needs, or is it ...


Disconnect VPN Review

Price from: $4.17

Last update: 11.15.2018 Stating people’s right to privacy and freedom on the web as their core values, Disconnect offers a comprehensive open-source privacy suite that now includes a VPN service. But can a US-based company provide you with ...


Overplay VPN Review

Price from: $4.16

Technically, Overplay isn’t a straightforward VPN service; it’s a DNS service that offers a VPN as an add-on. When so much importance falls on keeping your data secure with a VPN, it helps to know whether a service is being done well or whether ...


Anonymous VPN Review

Price from: $5.75

Last update: 01.14.2019 Overview Anonymous VPN promises to keep you and your browsing data as anonymous as their mascot – Dude. But do they deliver? Anonymous VPN is an affordable option for casual VPN users. The company behind it is registered ...


ZorroVPN Review

Price from: $11.33

ZorroVPN prides itself on being private and secure, but is it really? Check out our ZorroVPN review and see what we thought of it. ZorroVPN operates under the Belize jurisdiction, making it great for privacy and anonymity. You will see from this ...


ibVPN Review

Price from: $3.08

IbVPN – the all-rounded VPN service, offering unlimited enjoyment and online privacy? With this VPN around, you need not worry about your online privacy. ibVPN stands for Invisible Browsing VPN, and according to its website, it is praised ...


Confirmed VPN Review

Last update: 12.21.2018. Overview Next-generation transparency to earn trust, combined with impressive speeds and a dash of versatility. Check out our Confirmed VPN review to uncover why we had some “Wow!” moments mixed with “What?!” It’s a ...


nVPN Review

Price from: $3.33

Overview There are so many VPN service providers, it can be difficult to find the one that is the best for you. This nVPN review will help you to distinguish the good from the bad. nVPN offers quality security features and performance at a ...


Bitdefender VPN Review

Price from: $3.33

Overview Founded in Romania in 2001, Bitdefender is a highly regarded internet security software company which has plenty of solid products in their range. Previously, their main focus was solely placed on internet security packages. But now, ...


FrootVPN Review

Price from: $2.99

Last update: 11.15.2018 FrootVPN markets itself as the Best VPN Service and offers affordable plans. Read our review to learn about all the different features FrootVPN has to offer – and whether it is actually “the best” . Overview FrootVPN is a ...


HideIPVPN Review

Price from: $2.27

Overview The internet is becoming a more and more volatile place every single day. If you’re the type of user who needs an effective VPN for his browsing practices, you know that trying to find a decent VPN can be difficult. Today, ...


SlickVPN Review

Price from: $4.00

Last update: 11.14.2018 Overview SlickVPN wishes to protect you online. Can they be trusted? Read our SlickVPN review to learn the verdict. SlickVPN’s slogan “privacy is freedom” gives a good first impression, although the chameleon on their ...


FinchVPN Review

Price from: $1.61

Overview Founded in 2012, FinchVPN is a Malaysian-based VPN provider which offers a reliable service and a decent number of servers for an affordable monthly cost. So, if you’re in search of a VPN that will offer you enhanced online privacy and ...


Norton WiFi Privacy Review

Price from: $3.33

Last update: 01.16.2019 Overview Coming from one of the world’s most famous antivirus developers, Norton WiFi Privacy has a pedigree, but it lacks in many key areas, and it’s a far from stellar security option. Norton is one of the ...

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