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SaferWeb Review

Price from: $4.75

SaferWeb VPN has been shut down and is no longer providing any service. Check out the alternatives to SaferWeb. Is SaferWeb VPN keeping your information safe while you’re on the web? Read on to find out. UK-based SaferWeb VPN is a new entrant ...


AVG Secure VPN Review

Price from: $2.49

AVG is well-known for its free antivirus software. In terms of brand recognition, it has an edge. In terms of online privacy? Absolutely not. As a brand with a long-standing reputation for security, it might seem only natural for AVG to enter ...


IPredator VPN Review

Price from: $8.00

IPredator is a VPN service that was established in 2009 by Peter Sunde – co-founder of the well-known torrent website The Pirate Bay. Suitable for use on a whole host of operating systems via OpenVPN or PPTP. While flexible and ...


Easy VPN review

Price from: $1.66

Easy VPN is a quick and easy solution for on-the-go protection and unblocking restricted websites on Android. The free service acts as an encouragement to subscribe and, based in Hong Kong, offers under-the-radar encryption and digital freedom. ...


b.VPN Review

Price from: $7.50

b.VPN is a solid privacy tool for activists, dissidents, and whistle-blowers. Unfortunately, being great at one single aspect does not make it a great VPN for everyone. Also known as BackboneVPN, the Netherlands-based b.VPN is a relatively new ...


VPNBook review

Looking for a free VPN service that still manages to basically offer the usual advantages and features of a paid VPN? Then it might be worth having a look at VPNBook: it’s easy and quick to set up, has zero service or bandwidth ...


PersonalVPN Review

Price from: $3.06

PersonalVPN boasts some serious speed but is there a high cost to this? Read this PersonalVPN review to find out more. Perhaps you have been hearing a lot of buzz about the superior speeds of PersonalVPN. You may be struggling to make your own ...


EarthVPN Review

Price from: $3.33

In this EarthVPN review, we will talk about what EarthVPN has to offer and if it is worth checking out. EarthVPN is a very affordable VPN service with many great features. It is compatible with many protocols, which increases its effectiveness ...


VPN Shield Review

Price from: $2.78

Established by Polish security firm Defendemus back in 2012, VPN Shield is a service that appears to offer great value for money upon first glance. It has a whole set of features that’s easy to use even for those with limited technical ...


VPNReactor Review

Price from: $7.99

Some of us need a bit more security and peace of mind when we browse the web. Low-cost and lesser-known consumer VPNs don’t always have the features we need, and it can be difficul to judge for yourself whether or not your service is doing ...


Keenow Review

Price from: $5.79

Some of the best VPNs out there don’t focus on streaming (Netflix, Hulu, and others) as a priority. Not Keenow VPN – this is where it shines. Keenow is a VPN and SmartDNS service that focuses on unblocking streaming platforms, such as Netflix. ...


Opera VPN Review

Price from: $0.00

Opera and its well-known web browser have been around since 1995, but only announced its free VPN integration in 2016. As such, it’s still a toddler on the VPN market, which also means it may trip here and there. Since Opera VPN is headquartered ...


ZenVPN Review

Price from: $4.16

Will you feel “zen” when using this VPN? Read our ZenVPN review to learn all the details. Launched in 2015, ZenVPN is a new kid on the VPN block. It is headquartered in Cyprus, owned by a company called RubyVector Ltd. The website has a modern ...


Shellfire VPN Review

Price from: $5.66

Shellfire VPN is not special in any way, aside from the Free version and the custom router. Shellfire VPN is a service that has been around since 2002, in the very early days of the Internet being a household thing. Based in Germany, Shellfire ...



Price from: $3.99

Unfortunately, this VPN is not active at the moment. Despite bold claims about security and performance, INCOGNiTO hides some major flaws which make it a tough VPN to recommend. As the name suggests, the VPN specializes in providing an anonymous ...


Hidester VPN Review

Price from: $5

Hidester VPN appeared on the scene only two years ago. While it does have potential, we’ll have to wait for it to blossom. This two-year-old newbie is built on the fundamental principle that “online privacy is a right.” This Hong Kong-based VPN ...


Star VPN review

Price from: $3.00

While there’s no premium features or much in the way of security, Star VPN is a reliable, bare-bones service that helps you get around the toughest of blocks – reportedly, even in countries such as China. The pricing is affordable, and there’s a ...


Blockless VPN Review

Price from: $7.50

Blockless is a Canadian company that offers SmartDNS services designed for unblocking streaming services and giving great speeds while doing so. Their website promises privacy, safety, and freedom by giving you anonymous private connections ...


Ace VPN Review

Price from: $3.89

When considering security online, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is usually looked to as the best option. A VPN helps to cloak IP addresses and mimic the IP address of another location. In this article, we are conducting an Ace ...

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