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Blockless VPN Review

Price from: $7.50

Overview Blockless is a Canadian company that offers SmartDNS services designed for unblocking streaming services and giving great speeds while doing so. Their website promises privacy, safety, and freedom by giving you anonymous private ...


TotalVPN Review

Price from: $4.79

A long way away from being the “Total” VPN, TotalVPN is a deceptive, mediocre provider which gets a few things right, but makes plenty of errors along the way. One for security conscious users to avoid. TotalVPN is an American ...


VPN One Click Review

Price from: $1.25

As is suggested by its name, VPN One Click is dedicated to providing the most straightforward user experience possible. Unfortunately, as our review reveals, that isn’t always the best policy. Among the frustrating contradictions we discovered ...


Private Tunnel Review

Price from: $2.92

Overview Private Tunnel VPN was made by the legends behind the OpenVPN protocol. But how does it stack up against the competition? Private Tunnel VPN was developed by James Yonan (better known as the original creator of OpenVPN). OpenVPN is the ...


Shimo VPN Review

When looking for VPN’s, it can become frustrating to see all of the commercial options available that simply don’t meet the cut. Especially if you’re looking for high security standards tailored to a specific platform. To make ...


ActiVPN Review

Price from: $2.62

Potentially, strong encryption and good speeds should have made ActiVPN a premier lightweight VPN. But major failings mean that this is very much a second tier provider, and one that most customers will want to pass by. Originally hailing from ...


McAfee Safe Connect Review

Price from: $7.99

McAfee Safe Connect is an accessible, entry-level VPN that’s pitched at users who aren’t in the market for a complex security solution. Available for multiple platforms, and not too expensive, Safe Connect gets a few things right, ...


VPNJack Review

Price from: $0.99

Flexible with its pricing, requiring no registration, and offering decent encryption protocols, VPNJack offers plenty in the online privacy department. However, P2P support, a kill switch, and multiple device connections are missing which means ...


VPNTunnel Review

Price from: $2.99

Consumers like to know their money is being spent wisely – and VPNs (virtual private networks) are no different. Unfortunately for those considering VPNTunnel among their option, it’s more difficult to arrive at that conclusion before ...


Psiphon Review

Price from: $4.99

Psiphon is a VPN service that has been in operation since 2008. It started as a project at the Citizen Lab, University of Toronto. From there, it grew to become a commercial VPN service, helping millions restore their internet freedom. Psiphon ...


Netmap Review

Price from: $10.83

Allowing you to filter your web traffic through two servers of your choice, Netmap is a provider which offers excellent online privacy for its users – all made possible with a clear no-logging policy and a choice of solid encryption protocols. ...


Browsec VPN Review

Price from: $3.33

Overview Browsec holds out the promise of hassle-free browser security, and almost achieves its goal. However, frustrating lapses relegate it to the middle ranks of browser VPNs. Based in Russia, Browsec is a popular browser-based VPN. Available ...


ButterflyVPN review

Price from: $1.99

Unfortunately, this VPN is not active at the moment. ButterflyVPN is a unique kind of service, coming as a piece of software packaged in a USB stick and requiring no logins or apps. Originally designed for the Chinese market (which is evident ...


LiquidVPN Review

Price from: $4.75

There is a growing need to improve security as we surf the net, even as individuals. One of these security providers is LiquidVPN — how well are they doing the job? Let’s find out in this LiquidVPN review. LiquidVPN is a small but very ...


DroidVPN Review

Price from: $2.99

Overview DroidVPN is a Philippines-based VPN tool that promises to secure your internet connection by encrypting all of your network traffic. Their website claims to provide anonymous browsing, fast connections, and a host of awesome features to ...


Celo VPN review

Price from: $5.50

Safe, secure and anonymous is their catchphrase, and these are features that they have been able to achieve in some measure. We will explore further in our Celo VPN review. In this Celo VPN review, we will look at what the service offers and if ...


TorrentPrivacy VPN Review

Price from: $5.38

When seeking out the perfect VPN client for torrenting, it can be hard to keep track of all the privacy claims and technical mumbo-jumbo that all the different companies will throw at you. Luckily enough, we’ve got a TorrentPrivacy VPN ...


Cargo VPN Review

Price from: $2.78

Cargo VPN might be known by few, owing to its Mac-only functionality, but most of those people would tell you of its great server fleet, advanced streaming capabilities, and other great features. Cargo VPN offers features strong enough to ...


Freedom-IP VPN Review

Price from: $4

Last update: 01.02.2020 Freedom-IP VPN is a rather obscure service. We did our best to figure out everything that’s important about this relatively unknown app. Find out more in our Freedom-IP VPN review below. Freedom-IP VPN is a French attempt ...


ZorroVPN Review

Price from: $11.33

ZorroVPN prides itself on being private and secure, but is it really? Check out our ZorroVPN review and see what we thought of it. ZorroVPN operates under the Belize jurisdiction, making it great for privacy and anonymity. This country has no ...

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