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VPNShazam Review

Price from: $3.33

VPNShazam talks a good game, but a lot of the claims seem highly dubious. Established in 2009, Palestine-based and Israeli-owned VPNShazam is an online privacy solution that promises to keep your personal information protected from any prying ...


Cloud VPN PRO Review

Price from: $2.77

Overview One of the first VPN services designed specifically for Android phones, in theory, Cloud VPN PRO should be music to the ears of smartphone users. But does this actually ring true, or does the promise of a slickly-designed Android VPN ...


VPNhub Review

Price from: $7.49

Developed by experts in online privacy, Pornhub’s VPNhub is a new player on the VPN scene. But does it measure up where it really counts? We’ll help you decide whether Pornhub’s VPN is as seductive as it seems. Joking aside, ...


Cargo VPN Review

Price from: $2.78

Cargo VPN might be known by few, owing to its Mac-only functionality, but most of those people would tell you of its great server fleet, advanced streaming capabilities, and other great features. Cargo VPN offers features strong enough to ...


ZorroVPN Review

Price from: $11.33

ZorroVPN prides itself on being private and secure, but is it really? Check out our ZorroVPN review and see what we thought of it. ZorroVPN operates under the Belize jurisdiction, making it great for privacy and anonymity. This country has no ...


Freedom-IP VPN Review

Price from: $4

Last update: 01.02.2020 Freedom-IP VPN is a rather obscure service. We did our best to figure out everything that’s important about this relatively unknown app. Find out more in our Freedom-IP VPN review below. Freedom-IP VPN is a French attempt ...


VPN Monster Review

VPN Monster is not much to look at Unlimited Free VPN Monster (that’s the full name) is a service created by Autumn Breeze 2018. We weren’t surprised to find out nothing about this company with its strange name, but our previous ...


VPN Gate Review

Price from: $0.00

You can try to use VPN Gate as an anti-censorship tool to access restricted content. If you’re lucky, you may also stream YouTube videos without major buffering. But if your main concern is your online security and privacy, you’ll want to ...


Identity Cloaker Review

Price from: $5.57

With a history dating as far back as 2007, Identity Cloaker still looks and works like a piece of software stuck in the previous decade. Identity Cloaker is a Czech-based “Internet Privacy Protection Service” with a mission to “protect you from ...


DotVPN Review

Price from: $2.99

Overview DotVPN claims to be both a VPN and a proxy but is it successful? Let’s see if this is a jack-of-all-trades or a master of none. DotVPN is based in Hong Kong, which is excellent because this keeps them far from the prying eyes of Five ...


Dashlane VPN Review

Price from: $4.99

Dashlane’s name should sound familiar primarily because of their password manager service. However, with the 6th version of this tool, to our surprise, they added an integrated VPN functionality. This new feature has made it interesting ...


Ultrasurf Review

Last update: 04.11.2019 Is Ultrasurf really a VPN? Ultrasurf functions in many of the same ways as a traditional VPN, but is fundamentally different. Being a free service that was created with the sole intention of helping users bypass internet ...


Thunder VPN Review

Thunder VPN boasts of having 5+ million downloads from the Google Play store. But is there anything to this popularity? In this Thunder VPN review, I will take an in-depth look at this service and try to answer some critical questions. Does it ...


Newshosting VPN Review

Price from: $12.95

Newshosting is a big name in its field. However, just how reliable is Newhosting as a VPN service, viz-a-viz speed and security? This Newshosting VPN review aims to find out. The VPN is primarily offered to users as an incentive to purchase the ...


INinja VPN Review

Launched back in 2017, iNinja VPN has amassed a rather substantial number of users ever since it burst onto the scene. Available either as an Android application or a Chrome web-browser extension, this particular VPN is a totally free option. ...


TapVPN Review

Price from: $5.45

It’s not easy to find a simple, secure, and reliable Android VPN. Unfortunately, TapVPN isn’t one. This product gets some things right, such as speed and ease of use, but lacks core security features and collects a shocking amount of ...


GoTrusted VPN Review

Price from: $7.49

GoTrusted VPN has been around since 2005 and operates from the US with a network of servers in 70 locations worldwide. It offers dedicated apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices with user-friendly interfaces across these platforms. ...


EasyVPN review

Price from: $16.00

EasyVPN is a costly VPN that doesn’t quite match top-tier VPNs in terms of affordability, but it still delivers what it promises. Read more in our in-depth EasyVPN review below. The setup is surprisingly uncomplex, with a simple dropdown menu ...


Guard Street VPN review

Price from: $6.97

Guard Street VPN comes from a company offering many cybersecurity options, by partnering with Private Wi-Fi, a long-standing VPN service. Apps are available for Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS, and you can connect up to five devices with the VPN ...


VPN99 Review

Price from: $0.99

VPN99 is an affordable, bare-bones service that can unblock quite a few sites, but unfortunately isn’t very speedy or privacy-friendly. VPN99 is ultimately more friendly for data surveillance rather than its customers, but if you find that ...