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BTGuard Review

Price from: $7.49

Last update: 12.21.2018 Overview More of an ex-stream disappointment than a peer-to-peer hero, BTguard came with high hopes but hasn’t moved with the times, making our BTGuard review recommendation for torrenters: go look elsewhere. The BT ...


VPNBaron Review

Price from: $5.99

Install this easy-to-use VPN and secure yourself from hackers. VPNBaron does not keep data logs, ensuring that no record is kept of your browsing data, keeping everything anonymous. Your privacy and safety are maintained by the AES-256-CBC ...


Touch VPN Review

The greatest positive of Touch VPN is that it’s free. That being said, is it really worth giving it a shot? In this in-depth Touch VPN review, we’ll take a look at just that. As the name suggests, at the touch of a button, you might ...


Turbo VPN Review

Most of the 50 million downloads across the globe of this mobile-only VPN are through the free system, so there must be more pros than cons if you consider these statistics. Or are there? Let’s take a look. All of us have had an experience ...


DroidVPN Review

Price from: $2.99

Overview DroidVPN is a Philippines-based VPN tool that promises to secure your internet connection by encrypting all of your network traffic. Their website claims to provide anonymous browsing, fast connections, and a host of awesome features to ...


OVPN Review

Price from: $7

Overview OVPN is a high-end premium VPN service based in Stockholm, Sweden. They promise to provide a powerful desktop VPN experience effective for preventing DNS leaks, anonymizing your activity, and protecting you from governments and hackers. ...


HideIPVPN Review

Price from: $2.27

Overview The internet is becoming a more and more volatile place every single day. If you’re the type of user who needs an effective VPN for his browsing practices, you know that trying to find a decent VPN can be difficult. Today, ...


ibVPN Review

Price from: $3.08

IbVPN – the all-rounded VPN service, offering unlimited enjoyment and online privacy? With this VPN around, you need not worry about your online privacy. ibVPN stands for Invisible Browsing VPN, and according to its website, it is praised ...


Ultrasurf Review

Overview Although not a full VPN service, Ultrasurf might the right solution for the privacy, security and freedom you’re looking for while online. Read our review to find out. Is Ultrasurf really a VPN? Ultrasurf functions in many of the same ...


VPNhub Review

Price from: $7.49

Last update: 12.05.2018 Overview Developed by experts in online privacy, Pornhub’s VPNhub is a new player on the VPN scene. But does it measure up where it really counts? We try to find this out in our VPNhub review. OK, joking aside, ...


SurfEasy VPN Review

Price from: $3.99

Last update: 12.05.2018 Overview High cost for low functionality. There’s no real reason to invest in SurfEasy VPN! Many companies want a piece of the ever-growing VPN market. The story we will cover in this SurfEasy VPN review is a testament to ...


Goose VPN Review

Price from: $5.63

Last update: 11.12.2018 Goose VPN lets you get it up and running in less than a minute. But before letting it loose on your network, read through our Goose VPN review. Goose VPN is based in the Netherlands and gives you access to a reasonably ...


blackVPN Review

Price from: $4.08

Last update: 11.16.2018 Claiming to be inspired by The Pirate Bay founders, blackVPN greets you with a raised fist on their logo. But is the rebellious service really as revolutionary as it’s cracked up to be? Find out in our blackVPN review. ...


BolehVPN Review

Price from: $6.67

Last update: 11.14.2018 Overview BolehVPN has been featured on Lifehacker, but will it turn out to be a life hack for your internet anonymity needs? Read our BolehVPN review to get all the details. BolehVPN is a Malaysian VPN service established ...


VPNSecure Review

Price from: $6.66

Last update: 09.13.2018 Overview Far from a disaster from Down Under, VPNSecure offers a bonzer package for Premium users, with a few minor issues here and there. Hailing from Australia, VPNSecure first appeared way back in 2010, when hardly ...


Speedify VPN Review

Price from: $4.58

Last update: 11.25.2018 Overview A speed-boosting service and VPN in one, Speedify is what you need if you’re looking for a super fast and super secure connection. Speedify VPN is a mobile-focused virtual private network that boosts your ...


ZenVPN Review

Price from: $4.16

Last update: 11.20.2018 Overview Will you feel “zen” when using this VPN? Read our ZenVPN review to learn all the details. Launched in 2015, ZenVPN is a new kid on the VPN block. It is headquartered in Cyprus, owned by a company called ...


CactusVPN Review

Price from: $3.49

Last update: 11.12.2018 Promising top-of-the-line safety and complete anonymity, CactusVPN aims to be a contender in an increasingly crowded VPN market. Overview Is CactusVPN truly sharp enough for all your anonymous browsing needs, or is it ...


SlickVPN Review

Price from: $4.00

Last update: 11.14.2018 Overview SlickVPN wishes to protect you online. Can they be trusted? Read our SlickVPN review to learn the verdict. SlickVPN’s slogan “privacy is freedom” gives a good first impression, although the chameleon on their ...

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