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VPN Monster Review

Last update: 04.30.2019 VPN Monster is not much to look at Unlimited Free VPN Monster (that’s the full name) is a service created by Autumn Breeze 2018. We weren’t surprised to find out nothing about this company with its strange ...


Identity Cloaker Review

Price from: $5.57

With a history dating as far back as 2007, Identity Cloaker still looks and works like a piece of software stuck in the previous decade. Identity Cloaker is a Czech-based “Internet Privacy Protection Service” with a mission to “protect you from ...


VPN Gate Review

Price from: $0.00

Last update: 04.17.2019 You can try to use VPN Gate as an anti-censorship tool to access restricted content. If you’re lucky, you may also stream YouTube videos without major buffering. But if your main concern is your online security and ...


CrypticVPN Review

Price from: $1.25

The saying that good things come to those with money has never been truer! While CrypticVPN may be one of the cheapest VPNs in the market currently, it also fails to live up to its extremely low price. CrypticVPN does live up to its name, at ...


Zero VPN Review

Price from: $1.33

Zero VPN is exclusive to Android, but gets the job done for what they claim to be “zero cost” and with “zero difficulty”. The service is completely free and if it doesn’t show up on your country’s Play Store, there’s an .apk on the official ...


GoTrusted VPN Review

Price from: $7.49

GoTrusted VPN has been around since 2005 and operates from the US with a network of servers in 70 locations worldwide. It offers dedicated apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices with user-friendly interfaces across these platforms. ...


DotVPN Review

Price from: $2.99

Last update: 10.09.2018 Overview DotVPN claims to be both a VPN and a proxy but is it successful? Let’s see if this is a jack-of-all-trades or a master of none. DotVPN is based in Hong Kong, which is excellent because this keeps them far from ...


CM Security Review

Developed by the Chinese company Cheetah Mobile, CM Security claims to have been downloaded 500 million times. That may be so, but is this free VPN worth your time? Overview In this CM Security review, we cast our eye over one of the most ...


VPN99 Review

Price from: $0.99

VPN99 is an affordable, bare-bones service that can unblock quite a few sites, but unfortunately isn’t very speedy or privacy-friendly. VPN99 is ultimately more friendly for data surveillance rather than its customers, but if you find that ...


Flow VPN Review

Price from: $3.99

With 100 servers in 40 countries Flow VPN is a reasonably-priced, old-fashioned VPN that unfortunately isn’t ideal for torrenting, streaming, or even actual privacy. Flow VPN is set up in the UK, a country known by cybersecurity experts and ...


IPJetable Review

Price from: $5.72

Overview With all sorts of VPN companies promising us all sorts of things all the time, it can become tiresome to try out new clients and sift through price structures for every single company out there. It’s nice to come across a company ...


Newshosting VPN Review

Price from: $12.95

Newshosting VPN is a product offered with the Usenet provider services of US-based Newshosting. It’s zero-log and comes bundled with different packages for the Newshosting service itself. Newshosting is a big name in its field. However, just how ...


VPN Master Review

Price from: $3.95

Are you looking around for the right VPN service? You may have come across VPN Master and are wondering if this is a viable option. Some popular VPN review sites have rated VPN Master way below other products such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and ...


Private WiFi review

Price from: $2.49

Private WiFi has a very small number of servers, but it’s one of the cheapest VPN services out there, with pay-as-you-go payment plans that you don’t usually find – and still, it’ll automatically connect you to the best possible server for you, ...


Kaspersky VPN Review

Price from: $2.49

Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN is a weak tool with minimal utility in everyday situations. Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN lives and dies by its name – over the years, Kaspersky has made its name as a solid cybersecurity company. However, as ...


EasyVPN review

Price from: $16.00

EasyVPN is a costly VPN that doesn’t quite match top-tier VPNs in terms of affordability, but it still delivers what it promises. Read more in our in-depth EasyVPN review below. The setup is surprisingly uncomplex, with a simple dropdown menu ...


Ultrasurf Review

Last update: 04.11.2019 Although not a full VPN service, Ultrasurf might the right solution for the privacy, security and freedom you’re looking for while online. Read our Ultrasurf review to find out. Is Ultrasurf really a VPN? Ultrasurf ...


VPNBaron Review

Price from: $5.99

Install this easy-to-use VPN and secure yourself from hackers. VPNBaron does not keep data logs, ensuring that no record is kept of your browsing data, keeping everything anonymous. Your privacy and safety are maintained by the AES-256-CBC ...


ZPN VPN Review

Price from: $1.99

ZPN VPN describes itself as a reliable, fast, and free VPN. Unfortunately, only the last claim is true, and those 8+ million users might not know that yet. This ZPN VPN review breaks down the core features of this service and evaluates if ...


TorVPN review

Price from: $1.32

TorVPN brings together a bevy of features and benefits at a stunningly low price, but it might come at the cost of your privacy. This TorVPN review will focus on what the service does and doesn’t offer – and it is more appropriate to call it a ...