VPN Solutions

Every day governments and businesses around the world discriminate us based on our IP address, cybercriminals covet our PayPal credentials, and big data want to use us as a marketing statistic. VPN can be a magic bullet for all of these dangers. Click to learn more!

One of the things we rate highest in a VPN service is versatility. That might be hard to see because we all have specific reasons for using a VPN, but these tools are actually capable of a lot of different things. Well, that’s what this section is for – learning what specifically the uses of VPN can be!

We’ll teach you how to bypass the geo-blocking restrictions of Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and other entertainment platforms; we’ll tell you a little secret about how to buy cheaper plane tickets online using a VPN, and we’ll help you listen to your national radio while on a trip abroad! Moreover, that’s just the beginning: VPN can help users in China get past the Great Firewall of censorship, protect political activists from government persecution, and let you use torrents with no fear of crippling fines.

If you think we’ve already mentioned everything there is to mention – wrong! VPN is not any one thing like encryption or location spoofing. Rather, it’s a combination of many different features, each of which can help you avoid obstacles you might have thought were unbeatable until now. As time goes on, this part of the page will flourish, because VPNs can only become more important in the future.

In our VPN Solutions section, we try to look at things from the perspective of things we’d like to do that VPN can help with. Reading these articles will let you make the best of using a VPN service – you might be surprised how much there is to do with it!