Check Point VPN Review - A Versatile Enterprise VPN Solution

Jan Youngren
Jan Youngren | Chief Editor
Last updated: April 21, 2021

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One of the bigger names in VPN solutions for businesses is Check Point. They provide reliable tools that can help off-premises users access corporate networks and resources securely while working remotely or traveling.

Of course, having a reliable VPN service for businesses is crucial, especially since corporate cybercrimes are on the rise, with hackers and other malicious groups eager to break into a corporate network in any means possible.

One of those possible vulnerabilities is remote access – when users outside of the company’s officers try to connect to their network and resources. If this is done in an insecure way, then hackers can easily enter those networks via remote access and do whatever they want with those corporate files and resources.

What is CheckPoint VPN?

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. aims to reduce this risk by providing a secure remote access VPN solution. Today, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at this VPN product in terms of:

  • safety and reliability
  • performance and user interface
  • download and installation steps
  • available apps and extensions

This is certainly not a consumer-focused VPN solution. Instead, it’s an enterprise solution designed for corporations so that they can continue their business processes smoothly and securely.

They do this by focusing on the three pillars of this product: secure access, simple user experience, and an integrated system.

So let’s dive in and see if they deliver on their promises.

Is Check Point VPN safe to use?

Check Point, as a company, created one of the world’s first VPN products named “VPN-1.” Since then, it’s evolved that solution by creating the Endpoint Remote Access VPN software.

This enterprise-level VPN solution comes with a suite of features focused on their first pillar: secure access.

For their Windows and Mac clients, they offer the following:

  • IPsec VPN
  • VPN auto-connect
  • multi-factor authentication support
  • secure hotspot registration
  • compliance scanning
  • central management

For Android and iOS users, there are two apps to download and they come with different features. The first, Capsule Connect, has an IPsec/SSL VPN connection with secure access to corporate resources.

The Capsule Workspace app includes:

  • secure container
  • data loss prevention
  • secure access to business applications

On a software side, the Check Point Remote Access VPN solution looks like it has enough features to keep you and your team or employees secure while working remotely since it incorporates enterprise-grade, secure connectivity, strong user authentication, and granular access control.

Apps and extensions

Check Point has clients for nearly all platforms. The platform with the biggest range of features is for Windows computers and laptops, while Mac devices will not include the following features:

  • Threat Prevention
  • Incident Analysis
  • Access Control

Linux has the fewest features, as it also doesn’t include Data Security and IPsec VPN. Both iOS and Android have the same features.

How to download and install Check Point VPN

Downloading CheckPoint VPN client (here for Windows) is a pretty straightforward process. First, you’ll have to decide on the platform, and then you’ll need to download two files: the first is the Check Point VPN client (part of three different Check Point products), and the Download Agreement.

Download Check Point VPN Windows client

Installation is also a breeze, and the exact process for what you’ll need to do next will be based on the specific solution your company has implemented for remote access security.

CheckPoint mobile VPN

For mobile, the Check Point Capsule Connect app allows the company to very that the employee’s device complies with the organization’s security policy. Check Point Capsule Workspace, on the other hand, will be more used by employees since it it provides enterprise-grade remote access to corporate applications – synchronizing corporate emails, calendar and contacts.

Download Check Point VPN Android client

This app – with its simple UI and straightforward features – will allow you to get your job done and perform all your tasks smoothly and securely.


The Check Point VPN solution has both good and bad reports of support – as can be expected for enterprise-level VPN software.

This is because, since it’s made to be used by and adapted for corporations, there are often a lot of unique things that can go wrong.

On popular product review website G2Crowd, user feedback on support goes from “Sometimes the support team takes too long to answer any doubts or inconveniences” to this:

User feedback

It’s often recommended to get to know a representative that you can always speak to directly to help you, rather than getting a new person each time. Also, users and administrators should go to all the necessary trainings for the product so that they are able to solve some of the smaller problems by themselves.


Since this is enterprise-level software, your pricing will depend on your requirements, including network needs, setup, number of users, etc.

Bottom line of our Check Point VPN review

This is a great solution for corporations and enterprises looking for a reliable VPN solution for their remote access needs.

The user-side app and software are pretty intuitive, and it delivers on what it promises: a safe, secure way to access the company’s files and resources.

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Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.

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  1. Tom H. from California

    Current user of Checkpoint Endpoint Security. They leave out a few things. For example, we have two tunnels we use, going to networks on two different continents. The VPN brings them up one by one when it sees traffic “wanting” to go in that particular direction. I have to enter my password and token code, each time. That’s some friction. But the real annoyance is: there’s no way to see and manage the status of each of them. I can’t confirm which of them are up or down, or initiate a reconnect manually. I just have to hope. This is not a good user experience.

  2. orcmerchant

    Hmmm. I’m researching VPN options for my startup, and I’m wondering if something like this would be more cost effective than an ExpressVPN subscription or something. I’ll have to do some more research and find out what my options are, thanks for the article!

  3. Lucas Chirnside

    Thanks for the information about Check Point. I’m looking for a way to connect to my corporate network while traveling. I want to be sure that my customer’s sensitive information is secure. I feel confident that Check Point is a reliable VPN solution.

  4. Pauline Joyce

    Check Point is a very reliable service for businesses, and a very necessary one with all the comercial hacking. Remote access can be a truly dangerous situation, and we need to be secure.

  5. Lennie Collins

    The strength of checkpoint VPN distinguished it from some other corporate-focused VPN solution. It’s very reliable, secure and easy to use. It’s versatile and synchronizes so perfectly with an enterprise software system.

  6. Paul Jerrod

    Thank you for this review. It was extremely informative and helped me in my search for a VPN provider for my growing business.

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