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Teamviewer VPN feature: how it works

Teamviewer VPN feature: how it works

If you have offices scattered across the globe and need a VPN to access files on your office desktop, it can add up to an overwhelming expense. Teamviewer VPN offers an all-in-one solution for Windows computers, for a fraction of the price of sustaining a VPN.

Not only will it cut your cost in half, but it also offers incredible features. So, what is Teamviewer VPN?

TeamViewer VPN does not include additional security features. If you want maximum protection and customizability, the best VPN for the job is NordVPN, currently 67% off!

Teamviewer VPN Setup

Let’s start by explaining how TeamViewer works. It is a connection between two computers. If you share your Teamviewer details with one of your colleagues or friends, they are able to access your computer remotely. The Teamviewer VPN setup is pretty simple. You start the installation by going to Extras->Options->Advanced->Show Advanced Options->Advanced Network Settings->Install VPN Driver and click Install. It’s as easy as that. You can also start the installation during a remote setup process, which makes it even more convenient.

How to use TeamViewer VPN

After you have successfully installed the TeamViewer VPN, the next step is to understand how to use it. First, you will need to obtain the IP address for the VPN. You will see the VPN adapter in the Network Sharing Centre. If you click on it, you will have the option to enter the ID of the remote computer to start the VPN connection. You can also click on the remote PC and select the VPN if you are logged in to your TeamViewer account.

TeamViewer VPN Features

The TeamViewer VPN boasts many brilliant features that will enhance your company’s productivity. You are able to connect to any mobile device or computer (even if the devices are behind a firewall) if TeamViewer is installed on both devices. The transfer speed of file sharing is significant and the files sizes are unlimited. The other great feature is that you are able to create access from Mac to PC and the other way around, as well as many other device combinations.

And there is more. You’ll be able to access your servers whenever you need to if you install the VPN as a system service. Then, there is also the Wake-on-Lan feature. This feature allows you to wake up devices that are in sleep mode, which enables you to work on them. Additionally, if you don’t want anyone to know that you are working on your desktop remotely, you can make use of the black screen feature. It is simply incredibly convenient.

How does TeamViewer VPN work?

You might be wondering exactly how it works. TeamViewer uses a one-on-one connection, which is controlled as a remote connection to find a VPN with IP addresses. These IP addresses are attached to the TeamViewer ids. This VPN feature is not your usual VPN like PIA (Private Internet Access) for example. The TeamViewer VPN is almost like VLAN because all the connected computers form part of a VPN. When this happens, the computers believe that they are all on the same network.


Many personal users opt for the free version which is great by itself, but once it is used in a corporate environment, it is required that the business users pay yearly licensing fees. Business users can, however, enjoy a free trial version before committing to any package. TeamViewer offers three packages, which include Business, Premium, and Corporate. The pricing is very reasonable if you take all the available features into consideration. *Business Package – $749 *Premium Package – $1499 Corporate Package – $2839. It is real value for money.

Why is a VPN important?

A VPN protects your personal information from being leaked over the internet. The VPN provides an encrypted secure tunnel between the company network and the remote user when sending and receiving data. No one outside this network can view the information that is shared between the two parties because both the open network (that the remote user connects through) as well as the company network is secured. A VPN also adds an extra protection layer for public networks, like WiFi.

When VPNs were first introduced, they were mainly used by big corporate companies to share data, voice notes and videos over public networks but as time progressed the advantages of VPNs became more appreciated by users other than only big corporations. Individuals can now add that extra layer of protection while enjoying streaming platforms, such as Netflix and others. VPNs are also a fantastic solution for companies with international offices as well as remote workers.

Mobile to mobile functionality

TeamViewer allows remote screen sharing to and from Windows, iOS and Android mobile devices. It was the first company to offer remote access support on Windows 10 mobiles devices, which shows a commitment to support all platforms. The transfer speed on these devices is high because of their incredible optimization. They have also enhanced their security and transparency policies, and sticky notes can be used by admins for easy communication.

TeamViewer has also made sure that IT staff are able to take charge when required on their new remote device dashboard. With the new integration, they also launched email and pop-up notifications which results in tasks being delegated more efficiently. And, they have added a live chat option which adds to the convenience of the TeamViewer software. It is an all in one package that provides users not only brilliant solutions on any device imaginable but also secure protection of their personal data.

Customer satisfaction and support

Overall customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of any business. We’ve read an endless number of reviews and can positively say that TeamViewer passed this test with flying colors. We have found 96 positive reviews and only 6 negative reviews which is a clear indication that they know what they are doing. Yes, scammers have used TeamViewer in the past but most software companies have encountered this type of behavior. TeamViewer offers email and phone support and handle all queries in a professional manner.

TeamViewer Advantages

TeamViewer has become more common for personal users. There are many advantages of the TeamViewer software with the main advantage being that it is 100% free. You can use the software for file-transfers between multiple devices and it also offers video-chat and voice options. The only thing you need is a solid internet connection. If you require a file on a device that is miles away, you can simply access it with the software and if your friend requires tech support, you can easily assist.

One of the other great perks is that you can rely on an efficient security system that protects your personal information and data at all times. No configurations on routers are required to set up the software and the updates are quick and easy so you don’t need to be an IT genius to install and enjoy the software. Also, if you add fantastic, professional and fast customer support to the package, it is clear that TeamViewer and TeamViewer VPN offer the whole package.

Why TeamViewer is better than RDP

Many believe that RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and TeamViewer are the same thing, but the truth is that TeamViewer offers features that are undeniably beyond the functionality of Remote Desktop Protocol. TeamViewer allows the remote user to see everything on their screen while RDP doesn’t. This feature is crucial for providing remote support to both colleagues and customers. As mentioned, TeamViewer support many platforms, which is also something that RDP does not offer. Users can access any device at any time.

When you use TeamViewer, you don’t need to worry about port forwarding or the configuration of firewalls and this is great because if you use RDP, port forwarding is required on the router or the firewall of the remote computer. A unique User ID is generated when TeamViewer runs on a Windows server for every RDP session. This allows you to connect to the RDP session to help the remote user. TeamViewer also generates a Server ID that allows you to work on the server directly.

Would we recommend TeamViewer VPN?

The world we live in has become fast and with technology growing at the speed of light it is important to choose a secure VPN solution. If you don’t secure your personal information and data at all times, it can fall into the wrong hands. TeamViewer offers unbeatable features while giving you the option of their VPN Client Software that is easy to install and use. It is clear that they are committed to delivering new solutions constantly and this alone is enough reason to give them a go.


  1. Proactive monitoring of a machine
  2. Unattended access


  1. Sometimes the remote TeamViewer Client doesn’t start when Windows starts.
  2. Too many updates
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  1. Joseph McCay December 20, 2020 at 5:30 pm

    The one thing the article doesn’t seem to mention is the VPN is not available on Linux or Mac

  2. who wants to know? June 14, 2020 at 10:51 am

    This article is slightly misleading. The MAC version of Teamviewer does NOT allow VPN connections.

  3. itsyaboy June 4, 2019 at 7:33 am

    TeamViewer is great! I love that it’s free. It can be used for a whole lot of things aside from just the usual applications you’d think of. Last month I used TeamViewer to completely mod and and playtest an install of Skyrim for my best friend, who is hours and hours away, just because she didn’t understand how to do it and I was having a hard time explaining how to do it to her.

  4. Fooshia1 May 3, 2019 at 1:27 pm

    The number of remote desktop solutions on the internet is overwhelming. I’ve been trying to determine which of the applications would work best for me. I was excited to find out about your site’s review of Teamviewer, you’ve done the legwork for me, thanks!

  5. Karina March 4, 2019 at 2:57 pm

    The technical at our office recently installed Teamviewer VPN and we all love it! The video chat is great as well as the file sharing, and it’s incredibly easy to use!

  6. Hector Khan January 29, 2019 at 10:06 am

    Teamviewer is perfect for any corporation with offices or branches scattered across different location. With the IP address, you can connect two systems and access files seamlessly from windows computers. It’s an interesting VPN to install in your corporate systems.

  7. Taylor January 29, 2019 at 12:25 am

    The fact that this software is totally free for personal use is a win in my book! The ease of use makes it an even more spectacular option. Thanks for providing this analysis. It really helped save me time shopping around!

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