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No. of servers: 200+

Price from: $2.99

#20 out of 215 VPN providers

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Good security features

Located in VPN-friendly Bulgaria

Reasonably fast

24/7 live chat

Favorable Privacy Policy

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VPNArea's wide platform support and interesting features mean it's worth a look

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On top of impressive privacy measures, they also offer a decent amount of unique features

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They offer all major protocols, along with the best encryption methods money can buy. Good start!

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What is VPNArea

VPNArea was founded in March 2012 by Dimitar Dobrev (not to be confused with the Bulgarian Greco-Roman wrestler). It operates under a Bulgaria-based company, Offshore Security LTD, but your data is being processed in Switzerland. The good news is that Bulgaria has a law against logging customer data, while Switzerland is well-known for its strong privacy protection. The other good news is that neither of these countries are members of the Fourteen Eyes group, giving even more credibility to VPNArea’s “no logs” policy.

VPNArea has over 200 servers in 70 different countries around the world. While this may not look impressive when the competitors are boasting thousands, it’s the “users per server” ratio that keeps this VPN afloat. In fact, VPNArea claims to have the industry best “1 server for 250 customers” ratio, allowing fast VPN connections from nearly all continents. Here we must not forget that the majority of servers are concentrated in the USA and Europe. Naturally, the distance between you and the VPN server has an impact on the connection quality, so take VPNArea’s slogan “High-Speed VPN service rated #1” with a bit of sea salt – the speeds might be slower in Australia or Asia.

The company is straightforward not only about their logging policies – the server list informs which ones allow P2P traffic, and which should be used for streaming Netflix or BBC iPlayer. There’s another sub-list of obfuscated (Stunnel) servers optimized for China and other locations with restricted internet access. While some competition shows no interest in tearing down the Great Firewall of China, VPNArea has shown their will to continue the battle for online freedom.

VPNArea also offers Double VPN service that drives you traffic via two servers for that extra layer of security. Protection from malware and unwanted ads is also included. Add anonymous payment and signup options, and you get a great security tool from a reputable company that is ready to stir the VPN pot in the upcoming future.

VPNArea Facts

Company name Offshore Security LTD
Company name Offshore Security LTD
Global presence 70+ countries
Global presence 70+ countries
Money back policy 30-day money-back guarantee
Money back policy 30-day money-back guarantee
Business Location Varna, Bulgaria
Business Location Varna, Bulgaria
Privacy no-logs policy, no data retention laws
Privacy no-logs policy, no data retention laws
Domain https://www.vpnarea.com
Domain https://www.vpnarea.com
Number of servers 200+
Number of servers 200+
Free / Trial version no
Free / Trial version no

Where VPNArea is based and why it is important

Business depends on mutual trust, and this is especially evident in the online security area. Users of the virtual private networks can only guess what happens behind the doors and what impact each public or private decision has on them.

It’s not uncommon to see a VPN registered in some off-shore location. While this makes it harder to retrieve a user’s data by legal means, finding a country with privacy-friendly laws helps to build trust. Last but not least, some locations simply offer better tax rates.

VPNArea location: Bulgaria and Switzerland

As we mentioned above, VPNArea has its (and your) data stored in Switzerland, which is a privacy-friendly country. The company itself is registered in Bulgaria, where it’s illegal to log customer data. Adding the fact that none of these two belong to the Fourteen Eyes group should make one feel pretty sure that VPNArea is serious when it comes to “no logs” policy and overall privacy.

What does a VPNArea location say?


No data retention laws


Not part of Fourteen Eyes group



Available plans and pricing

VPNArea offers three different plans that all come with the same feature package. It includes six simultaneous connections, unlimited bandwidth and server switching, access to P2P-ready servers to name a few things. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee available (14-days for one month membership).

1 month

$ 9.90

per month

No savings

$9.9 billed every month

12 months

$ 4.92

per month

Save 50%

$59 billed every year

36 months

$ 2.99

per month

Save 70%

$107.64 billed every 3 years

The annual and triennial plans differ from the monthly one by offering the option to buy a dedicated IP and get a Private VPN for free. The costs vary significantly among the regions, from $20 in the US to $44 in Australia for one year.

While the monthly plan could be cheaper, the long-term options look good among the competitors in the VPN market. And while VPNArea doesn’t offer a free trial, one month with a guaranteed money-back should be enough to decide if it fits all of your needs.

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Platforms VPNArea supports

VPNArea offers clients for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. Its website also gives step-by-step instructions on how to install each version. You can buy a pre-configured router that will provide VPNArea services to all devices connected to it as well.

VPNArea Windows
VPNArea macOS
VPNArea Linux
VPNArea Android
VPNArea Routers

You can use VPNArea on six devices at the same time. All apps are easy to use, but the mobile versions deserve the biggest praise for their sleek user interface. Customers will have no problem scrolling and switching servers or reporting an issue.

AreaVPN for streaming, torrenting, and China

While VPNs might seem like the tools aimed at journalists, whistleblowers, spies, and the like, there’s another side to it. Yes, we’re talking about online entertainment – watching movies, accessing geo-blocked content, and torrenting. The good news is that VPNArea does pretty well in all these areas, even offering dedicated servers for each particular activity.


When it comes to streaming, VPNArea is one of the better options available on the market. Many competitors have succumbed to the ever-increasing pressure from Netflix and other platforms to enforce geo-blocking.

Despite this unwelcoming atmosphere, VPNArea is doing pretty well – its dedicated servers give you the US, the UK, and Italy Netflix libraries. What is more, chances are you will be able to stream the content using some of the regular servers in other countries, such as those in Germany or Japan.

Streaming doesn’t end with Netflix, especially if you have VPNArea. With this VPN you will be able to unblock BBC iPlayer, YouTube, and other streaming platforms. All of this comes in HD, or even UHD (4K) quality.

Finally, ordering a dedicated IP from VPNArea will automatically solve any geo-blocking issues you might have with streaming.

vpnarea streaming

Torrenting and P2P

the pirate bay torrenting

Torrenting is a common-enough practice to cause a ruckus when it’s being restricted either by the government or the ISP (Internet service provider). Sometimes even the VPN providers prohibit any P2P action because while torrenting itself is legal (in most cases), its the pirated content that creates issues.

Luckily, VPNArea allows torrenting on most of its servers and even conveniently marks them on the list. The strict no-logging policy means that users shouldn’t worry about their identities being revealed, even when it comes to downloading copyrighted content.

There is also no bandwidth limit with VPNArea, meaning torrenting fans can indulge in the pleasures of continuous seeding and leeching.

VPNArea now works in China

As of recently, VPNArea has obfuscated Stunnel servers to be used in China and other restricted countries. These servers make the VPN traffic look like it’s coming from a normal HTTPS connection, fooling the Great Firewall.

Stunnel servers can be used not only in China but also in countries such as North Korea, Saudi Arabia or Iran. On the VPNArea website, users will find detailed instructions on how to configure their VPN client for use in these countries.

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