There are a lot of different VPN services popping up all the time, with new ones making new claims about being the most secure or the most discreet in the industry. It can be hard to determine which ones are the real deal, and which ones fall short when it comes to privacy and security.

VyprVPN is a Swiss privacy solution that comes to us from Golden Frog, a privacy software company that offers a wide range of products, flagshipped by VyprVPN. The client offers very good security and performance, with good server coverage and solid no-logging policy. They also offer this service for a very reasonable price.

That being said, obviously, there’s one big question in our minds when it comes to VyprVPN. Is VyprVPN safe to use in 2020?

In order to really get an answer to this question, we’ll have to go over the types of things that make a VPN safe and unsafe, the types of risks we may be getting ourselves into, and how VyprVPN deals with these issues and keeps our traffic safe.

First up is the risk, what kind of things should we be worried about when trying to choose a good VPN?

What are the risks?

The main risk when it comes to internet privacy is identity theft. Checking your bank account online, sending sensitive information through email, being fooled by phishing scams, all of these are potential hazards that we may encounter while living our online lives. Staying aware and alert can help curb these risks, but it’s important to realize when you may need extra protection.

Another thing you’ll need to worry about is the spread of malicious software. Hackers and other malicious actors out there are constantly trying to undermine digital security for a number of reasons. Accessing public wifi, having Bluetooth enabled, and having lax file-sharing or firewall settings can make you a huge target for bad actors.

The main risk here is having your computer infected with spyware that could spy on you without your knowledge, or even hijack part of your processor to perform illegal tasks. Obviously, these are all things that we want to protect ourselves from; so is VyprVPN safe in these respects?

How does VyprVPN stack up?

First of all, VPN services work by tunneling your connection through a privately run server, with extra security features designed to keep you and your data safe. They do this by encrypting the traffic that gets tunneled through their servers, as well as employing other encrypted handshakes and security features to make sure nobody can access the data illicitly.

VyprVPN itself uses AES-256 bit encryption over OpenVPN. This combo is industry-standard and is considered to be extremely safe. VyprVPN also employs 2064-bit RSA and SHA256. This is more than enough to safeguard your traffic from any malicious hackers, and should even keep you relatively safe against law enforcement or government investigation (but obviously, don’t bank on that).

Other important factors include things like server coverage and availability. VyprVPN has 700+ servers in 60+ of countries across the world, including Asia, the Middle East, North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. Although not the most numerous on the market, this is a good number of locations that will give you a lot of different options of where to connect from.

You can use this functionality to do things like access region-locked content on Netflix, or get around government censorship in places like Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Of course, in places like this, it will be especially important to make sure you are taking all the necessary security and legal precautions.

Another important feature for most VPNs of this nature is the kill switch. This is a function that will kill your connection in case of VPN failure. This is important because it will stop your identity and traffic from being revealed in case your VPN suddenly stops working. This is of special importance if you expect your traffic to be tracked by law enforcement or government agencies.

Legal ramifications

VPN services and their usage are not always legal, and even if they are in your area, you may still be doing some browsing that could get you in hot water. While we don’t encourage things like copyright infringement or lawbreaking in general, it’s always important to understand the risks you are subjecting yourself to online.

The first legal factor that makes VyprVPN safe is the jurisdiction. VyprVPN is based in Switzerland, which is an excellent jurisdiction for a VPN service to be based under. There are no strict laws restricting VPN usage in Switzerland, and the country itself also isn’t part of any wide-reaching intelligence alliances such as the Fourteen Eyes.

Of course, if you’re accessing the service from a country like China or Oman, you may experience legal issues unrelated to the jurisdiction of the VPN. The point is that these countries will not be able to subpoena the VPN service for their data. This leads us into another cool thing about VyprVPN: they have a 100% no-logging policy!

While the company used to log things like source IP, assigned IP, timestamps, and other metadata; they have since transferred to a 100% no-logging policy. They also seem quite dedicated to this platform, as they have employed solutions to their server hardware and software to enable them to provide their service without having to log user data.

The last thing you’ll want to think about in this vein is the privacy policy and terms of service. You always want to make sure there aren’t any red flags in the fine print. Many companies that claim not to log your data will note some data logging in their PP. You also want to make sure that anything you’re doing isn’t explicitly prohibited in the ToS.

Luckily enough, VyprVPN has a very solid PP and ToS, without any privacy red flags or unnecessary prohibitions. Basically, you can use the service to your heart’s content without worrying about sketchy logging policies.

Torrenting, however, is somewhat of a grey area. While VyprVPN does not explicitly prohibit torrenting on its servers, Golden Frog will shut down your account if they receive a copyright notice related to your P2P activities. While this is not likely to happen, it’s still something to consider.

The verdict: is VyprVPN safe?

The number of security features and other cool stuff included in VyprVPN make it exceptionally safe when judged by multiple factors. The security and encryption are high-standard and even compare to big-name competitors such as NordVPN. They also have a lot of other security features like kill switch functionality and a large number of server locations to choose from.

Overall, the service is very versatile, while still offering good speeds and excellent security. There’s also the added bonus of a good VPN jurisdiction and a trustworthy no-logging policy to boot. Although you might want to take some extra precautions if you’re planning on using the service from countries like China or Iran, the client itself definitely has enough power and safety to provide privacy solutions to these areas.

Of course, you should always do your own research to make sure you really understand the risks involved in what you’re doing, and any specific tips you can follow to help keep yourself and your traffic as safe as possible.

VyprVPN is available for as low as $2.5 a month. It allows you five simultaneous devices and includes Chameleon protocol along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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