Netflix is a very convenient service which more and more people are turning to for their entertainment needs. It’s no secret that Netflix has largely overtaken the demand for traditional TV channels. This comes as no surprise, as Netflix provides a wide range of interesting and trendy content for a very reasonable price at the tip of your fingertips.

All is not well in paradise, however. Some of us who live outside of the US are routinely snubbed when it comes to the best shows and movies. This is due largely to international copyright and broadcast law, which makes it nigh-impossible for Netflix to offer every single show in every single region.

Still, it can be a huge downer to not be able to watch your favorite shows just because you’re on the other side of the border. Some users in the past have used various proxy and privacy services, but Netflix has largely cracked down on these, and it can be very difficult to get around their region protection.

VyprVPN vs Netflix

VyprVPN vs Netflix in 2020

Using a VPN (or Virtual Private Network) is one of the most effective ways to continue unblocking your region-locked Netflix shows. VPN services tunnel your traffic through an encrypted proprietary connection, making it very difficult to identify or collect your data.

Now, even some of the best VPN services out there have trouble unblocking Netflix. This is why, today, we’re going to talk a bit about VyprVPN, a Swiss VPN solution with very high-quality security and services.

VyprVPN is effective for unblocking US content with a high amount of reliability. This is good news because even some of the other services which claim to unblock Netflix can only do so some of the time.

So, when we use VyprVPN for Netflix, what should we be aware of to make sure we’re able to access region-locked content?

Well, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Namely, some of the technical and legal details for VyprVPN, as well as the functionality that lends itself to unblocking Netflix, and how you can make sure you stay protected and unblocked.



There are a few different factors that can make a VPN good or bad for accessing US Netflix based on functionality. The main factor here is the encryption and the server presence. Unsecured servers and traffic which can easily be identified as coming from a VPN will tip the Netflix service off to your shenanigans.

VyprVPN, luckily enough, employs AES-256 bit encryption over OpenVPN, with 2048 bit RSA and SHA256. This is all very secure and should be more than enough for accessing Netflix. Of course, you will still need to access the service through a US server (or a server in whatever country you want to access content from).

To this end, VyprVPN actually has a decent amount of servers in the US. They have server presence in Austin, Chicago, LA, Miami, NYC, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. This gives you a lot of options when it comes to connecting through US servers. This is good because it gives Vypr some leeway if Netflix successfully blocks some of the server IPs.

If there are a lot of users trying to connect to Netflix via VyprVPN, there will be more US servers to accommodate their needs

It also means that if there are a lot of users trying to connect to Netflix via VyprVPN, there will be more US servers to accommodate their needs. Of course, the system isn’t perfect, and it’s likely that you will have to experiment a little when looking for a server that works with US Netflix.

It’s also comforting to note that Netflix isn’t in the habit of banning user accounts for using VPN services. They prefer to ban the VPNs themselves, rather than their own paying customers.

Legal and privacy issues

Legal and privacy issues

The main issue with legality when it comes to VPN services is the jurisdiction that the service falls under. Now, this isn’t such a big factor here since unblocking Netflix isn’t illegal, but it’s still a good thing to keep in mind, as the legal climate surrounding VPNs, and privacy services in general, is constantly changing.

VyprVPN is based in Switzerland, which is a good location for a VPN service. There aren’t any strict laws restricting VPN usage, and the country itself isn’t part of any far-reaching intelligence alliances that could cause your data to be shared between governments and law enforcement agencies internationally.

In short, there’s no reason to worry about legal issues with VyprVPN. Their no-logging policy also contributes to this, as it means that law enforcement and other possible actors will have no logs to go after, in case they want to pin you down.

Netflix is not yet officially available in China, and the government there isn’t too happy about letting people watch whatever they want.

The only thing here we will mention before moving on is that accessing Netflix from China using VyprVPN could, in fact, cause you some trouble. Luckily enough, VyprVPN provides the Chameleon protocol which is capable of connecting from behind the Great Firewall.

The last thing we’ll need to mention before moving on is the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for VyprVPN. We’ve touched on this a little bit, but there are some details we should mention before moving forward.

First of all, VyprVPN used to log some information, including source IP, assigned IP, timestamps, and the number of bytes transferred. Nowadays, however, they have a 100% no-logging policy, which seems quite straightforward with no red flags. Second, the ToS has no language prohibiting the usage of the service to unblock services like Netflix, or traffic from China.

In short: you’re golden! Although it’s good to be aware of these types of provisions in the fine print, there’s nothing about this particular company that should make you worry.

The struggle of geo-blocking

The struggle of geo-blocking

Being able to unblock Netflix is becoming more and more of a luxury when it comes to VPN services. Throughout 2016, VyprVPN apparently had trouble providing US Netflix functionality for large portions of its user base.

Today, the company has a good system in place to ensure that they are at least mostly able to provide servers that can access US Netflix. They also mention a few tips on their website that can help users ensure that they can access the content they are looking for.


Since accessing the US Netflix library is becoming more and more of a challenge, even for the well-known and trusted VPN services, it’s nice to find one that can offer reasonably reliable access, as well as support for connection issues, along with solid security and safe jurisdiction. VyprVPN makes accessing Netflix in the US a fairly straightforward and risk-free endeavor.

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