Torrenting has become a very popular way of obtaining media these days. Huge HD video files or entire libraries of important books can be downloaded in a relatively small amount of time using BitTorrent sharing, so it’s no surprise that so many people are using this method to download their media.

Now, of course, there is a myriad of risks associated with torrenting. Not only do you have to be careful not to download suspicious and possibly harmful files, but you also have to be aware of the malicious hackers or law enforcement agencies which may be spying on your data.


Torrenting without a VPN is trouble

While torrenting is legal in most countries, downloading copyrighted content is not. Don’t get caught doing it – use a VPN!

Those of us who try to be as discrete as possible while torrenting are probably aware of the advantages of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while torrenting. VPN services help anonymize and encrypt your data to protect you against having your identity stolen or stop your ISP and government from seeing exactly what you’re doing.

VPN services help anonymize and encrypt your data to protect you against having your identity stolen or stop your ISP and government from seeing exactly what you’re doing

There is a wide range of VPN services available that have good functionality to protect torrent activity. Today, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at VyprVPN. This company recently transitioned to a 100% no-logging policy. We’ll talk more about this in a second, but this is a good sign right off the bat for this VPN in terms of using it for torrenting.

VPN good for torrenting

So what exactly makes a VPN good for torrenting?

What kinds of features are we looking for in a good VPN for torrenting? Well, we definitely want the encryption and protocols to be at a high standard. If the encryption on the service is sub-par, it won’t do a very good job protecting our peer-to-peer traffic. The speeds are also very important, as significant slowdowns in service will defeat the point of torrenting for larger files, and if VyprVPN torrent speeds end up fairly low, then the client probably isn’t very good for torrenting.

Another thing we’ll need to take a look at is the policies of the VPN and how they might affect your success while using it to protect your torrenting. Some jurisdictions might also be more strict than others in enforcing copyright laws, thus the country of registration of a VPN service also means a lot.

The last thing we’ll look at is the price and any other relevant information.

How does VyprVPN stack up?

VyprVPN is actually one of the more trusted VPN services in terms of the security level and it allows users to securely anonymize their connection so that their torrent traffic cannot be linked back to them. They have some really cool extra features, as well as some nice functionality and speed for torrenting.

Let’s look at some areas of interest.



This is arguably the most important factor when it comes to any VPN, but this is especially the case with torrenting since it’s likely that you will be infringing on copyright laws by illicitly downloading content.

With AES-256 bit encryption (considered military-grade) over a wide range of protocols (including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and Chameleon), VyprVPN is very secure. Additional features like the kill switch, DNS leak protection, and other features increase the security level even more.



What we’re looking for here is anything special that makes VyprVPN good for torrent activities. The main thing we’re concerned with is speed.

Speed is often the determining factor of whether or not a particular VPN is good for torrenting. VyprVPN causes very minimal slowdowns. The service also combats throttling from your ISP. This prevents your ISP from manipulating your speeds when they detect p2p traffic.

Another thing that is good to have is an effective kill switch. This will stop your internet connection in case of VPN failure. This can be important while torrenting, as it means your identity and activity won’t be revealed if your VPN temporarily conks out.



We don’t want any strict laws or wide-reaching intelligence alliances killing our peer-to-peer buzz, so it’s a good thing to be aware of the details about the VPN we’re using.

VyprVPN is run by a company named Golden Frog. The service falls under Swiss jurisdiction. VPN usage is completely legal and unrestricted in Switzerland, which is always good. The country itself is also not a member of the Fourteen Eyes or any other intelligence alliances and is known as a privacy-friendly jurisdiction.



Taking a look through the privacy policy for VyprVPN, we can see that they actually have a 100% no-logging policy. When companies keep logs for significant amounts of time (or at all for that matter), it means that your online activity is more at risk of being requested by law enforcement or government institutions who might want to fine or jail you.

Having no logs at all means that you’re essentially immune to having your data handed over to the government or LEA by the VPN company which should put most people at ease.

Stance on torrenting and copyright

Stance on torrenting and copyright

While VyprVPN doesn’t block P2P traffic on its network and is otherwise a good service for this activity, there is nevertheless an issue. Golden Frog has a harsh stance on copyright infringement. As a matter of fact, their Terms of Service specifically reserve the right to punish repeat offenders by terminating their subscription (needless to say without giving a refund). With that said, the chance of that happening after Vypr’s switch to no-logging is minuscule, to say the least.

In short, those who want to use VyprVPN for torrenting do so at their own risk, however minimal it might be.



This is the last little thing that most users will think about. Price is often the determining factor in whether or not a particular service is realistic for users to use when torrenting. If you have to pay through the nose to torrent privately, why not just pay for media?

Now, many good VPN options offer free clients or subscriptions, which limit the user to a lower encryption standard or fewer server locations. Free versions are all well and good if you’re not overly concerned with privacy, but it’s worth it to find a decent paid VPN if you’re serious about keeping yourself safe while torrenting.

VyprVPN is available for just $2.71 per month, which is a very reasonable price. All plans allow connecting up to 5 devices at a time. The simultaneous connections are nice if you want to secure your other devices as well.



Overall VyprVPN is a very secure VPN option for torrenting and comes with some very nifty extra features that should make your P2P experience seamless, speedy, and comfortable.

The service also falls under a good jurisdiction for torrent activity and doesn’t block P2P traffic on the network. However, the Golden Frog Terms of Service are tough on copyright violators, so using the service for torrenting may have some risks in case they switch back to logging user data.

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