A private search engine uses additional settings to keep the user information and search information private. The private search engines support advertisement free environment while offering users guaranteed privacy to profile information.

A good example is Qwant. Operated from Paris in France, Qwant is an encrypted web search engine that is created to respect the user’s privacy. The search engine is rated as the 64th most visited website in France and it is quickly outdoing leading search engines like Google.

Recently, we saw news headlines indicating that France National Assembly intends to bid goodbye to Google in favor of the private search engine. Introduced for the first time in 2013, Qwant has grown to become a popular search engine attracting over 10 million search requests on a daily basis.

Every month, 50 million users are searching the web through the search engine. So what is it that makes the search engine capture attention in Europe and other continents? In this article, we feature some important basics about the search engine. Let`s start by looking at some of Qwant’s features

Qwant features

Qwant is rated as a feature-rich web search engine. Here are some of the features that Qwant offers its users.

A search engine that respects the user’s privacy

Qwant is an authentic search engine that is designed to ensure the privacy of the users. This is through the delivery of best possible results without an attempt to know who is searching or what is being searched. The search queries are securely encrypted, making sure no third party will find out what is being searched.

Qwant guarantees the user’s neutrality and impartiality

Qwant indexes the web with no discrimination. The search engine uses the sorting algorithms with the same requirements. This means that no websites are treated as priority websites on the Qwant search engine results.

The search engine results do not reflect any bias based on political, economic or social criteria. Instead, the search results are treated equally. Moreover, Qwant results are not based on your recorded search history or the user profile. The search engine results reflect the reality of the complex world, including diverse opinions.

The Qwant mobile app

Qwant offers an app that is suitable for both Android and iOS. Therefore, you can comfortably and effortlessly access the power of Qwant from your mobile devices. This allows mobile users to easily search the web with privacy.

The Qwant app offers:

  • Private search though its cookie-free feature
  • Fast and secure browser
  • Activated tracking protection

Qwant Junior

Qwant is also mindful of younger web users. The search engine has developed the Qwant Junior feature for kids aged 6 to 13. This is offered free and does not come with commercial ads.

Just like the main search engine, there is no history that is retained when using the Junior version. Qwant Junior has a similar capability to the main search engine, although it is designed to eliminate results that are not suitable for children.

Qwant Boards

This feature allows the user to share web pages as notes. Each board comes with several notes that the users can follow whenever they want. The users can follow an existing board or create personal boards.

How does Qwant work?

Qwant is designed and built as an efficient and ethical search engine. The founders of the search engine based the design on two fundamental pillars: protecting the user’s privacy and not collecting the user’s personal data

Unlike Google and Internet Explorer, Qwant is a cookie-free search engine. The search engine does not include a tracker of any kind on the browser. Therefore, the search engine does not keep your browsing history.

Is Qwant safe?

The search engine is a perfect choice if you are looking for privacy. We can conclude that it is a safe web browser if you are looking for a platform that does not share a user’s profile information, store cookies, etc.

Qwant vs. DuckDuckGo


The two search engines offer data privacy to users. DuckDuckGo and Qwant do not collect or share any personal information. They are therefore rated as secure web search platforms. They do not have the user-tracking feature and hence both are secure search engines.

Usability and quality

The DuckDuckGo search engine offers the users great usability and has a high-quality interface. The platform is designed with people in mind with less clutter and great service. Qwant also offers a great user experience with both the Android and iOS apps available for download. Compared to DuckDuckGo, Qwant has a higher usability rating.

Qwant details

  • Parent company: Qwant is owned by Qwant SAS
  • Launched in: Qwant was launched in July 2013
  • Number of Pages Indexed: 20 billion
  • Number of Daily Queries: Qwant has 10 million daily queries
  • Advertising on search engine: No
  • Security features: HTTPS; Qwant features a cookie-free environment and user privacy protection is guaranteed on the search platform

DuckDuckGo details

  • Parent company: DuckDuckGo is owned by Duck Duck Go Inc.
  • Launched in: DuckDuckGo was launched in July 2008
  • Number of Pages Indexed: 1.2 billion
  • Number of Daily Queries: DuckDuckGo has 25 million daily queries
  • Advertising on search engine: No
  • Security features:  HTTPS; DuckDuckGo also features a cookie-free environment and user privacy protection is guaranteed the search platform