Media streaming services like Plex and Kodi have become a must-have for any home entertainment system. Lately, the XBMC Foundation, Kodi’s developers, has attracted a lot of negative attention due to some third-party plugins developed in order to grant their users unauthorized access to copyrighted material. Although the foundation is not associated with any of these add-ons in any way and has taken steps to distance themselves from such practices, they cannot prevent the further development of the addons, because Kodi is open source and can be modified by anyone.

This does not mean that all add-ons are bad. For example, Windscribe Kodi is a legal plugin that can secure your connection. More importantly, it will let you securely use all those shady third-party add-ons.

Is Windscribe VPN good to use with Kodi?

Some of the most popular Kodi add-ons are unfortunately plagued by geo-restrictions. Others are not restricted, but illegal to use – you can get fined for violating copyrights if the activity can be traced back to you. That’s where Windscribe comes in.

As a rule of thumb, we do not recommend using any sort of Kodi add-on without a VPN on your router or home devices. A VPN will encrypt all your traffic and hide your IP, securing you, and unblocking geo-restricted content. The Windscribe-Kodi combination is great for this.

All you have to do to take advantage is to download the VPN Manager plugin under add-ons in Kodi home screen. Then, choose between Android and the Linux-based software on the Windscribe website, and you’re good to go. For Android device owners, they’ll easily find the Windscribe Android App in Play Store.

Is Windscribe safe?

Because browsing the web exposes us to billions of instances of malware, the Windscribe browser extension will ensure that advertisers can’t track your private data, while keeping a close tab on your cookies. Depending on where you are, the software will select the best server that guarantees a seamless browsing experience, while also generating secure links in order to either expose tracking practices on improperly configured security certificates.

In terms of security features, Windscribe ensures a very high level of safety and encryption on the Internet. From making a secure hotspot on your laptop or PC, to a zero-log policy, an ample network of servers that extends throughout 60 countries, as well as a firewall entirely dedicated to protecting you against malware and DNS leaks, this VPN offers one of the best privacy bundles currently available. More importantly, their desktop application and browser extensions have several specialized features, such as a proxy gateway or re-routing your connection through two servers, which add an extra layer of protection to your confidential information.

Is Windscribe good at streaming?

Windscribe understands customer needs and optimizes their software to deliver peak performance while by-passing any geo-blocking filters that might be in place. They even have a Windflix feature that allows you to stream Netflix US and Netflix UK regardless of where you’re located.

For anyone who might intercept your Internet traffic, it will look as if your connection is established from the location of your choosing, rather than your current one. In addition, whenever a security breach is detected, Windscribe’s software is programmed to kill the connection entirely so that you don’t get exposed in any way.

Why you should use Windscribe Kodi

Kodi users want two things from a VPN service:

  • Protection from copyright infringement notices
  • The ability to bypass geo-blocking measures

Windscribe is more than capable of performing both, which is why it’s a great choice.

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