At least 30% of VPN users watch Netflix, the most popular of all streaming platforms. The problem with it is geo-blocking, which becomes harder and harder to battle against. So does Windscribe work with Netflix? Let’s find out.

Field testing

We made our tests from Europe, with a base speed of 240 Mbps according to the Netflix-owned website. We used the same speed test to check selected countries with the Windscribe VPN turned on. If the test was unavailable, we used Ookla’s instead. Our Netflix video quality was set to High.

According to the Netflix website, download speeds for the best streaming experience should be as follows:

  • 3 Mbps for SD quality
  • 5 Mbps for HD quality
  • 25 Mbps for Ultra HD (4K) quality

As always, please have in mind that our results can differ drastically from those that you might get due to a different location, ISP, hardware, and software.

Windscribe and the US Netflix

US, New York, 73 Mbps

Windscribe Netflix speed test

Our first try was New York, and it was unsuccessful. That was a pity because the nominal speed was breakneck and would’ve allowed us to stream smoothly in UHD (4K).

US, Los Angeles, 58 Mbps

Windscribe Netflix speed test US

Moving closer to Hollywood didn’t put us any nearer to accessing its treasure vault. We were left standing UHD-ready with the door shutting down right in front of us. What a bummer.


Windscribe WINDFLIX US speed test results

The IP address of this special Netflix server was located somewhere between New York and Delaware.  We were unable to launch the test on it, but Ookla’s results were in line with our Windscribe review speed test results, which were excellent. Unsurprisingly, it worked flawlessly in UHD, with minimal loading times and no stuttering.

One thing you need to have in mind that Windscribe is not encrypting the WINDFLIX server’s traffic, meaning it’s for streaming and nothing more – after finishing the show, you should reconnect to a proper server. Not using encryption gives you extra speed, which will surely be appreciated by those connecting from the other side of the world.

Windscribe and the non-US Netflix libraries

Canada, Montreal, 21 Mbps

Windscribe Canada speed test

Slightly below the minimum required for UHD (4K) streaming, but we guess it’s possible to pull it off on the good day when Windscribe can unblock Netflix in Canada. As for now, let’s wait for this day.

Australia, Sydney, 18 Mbps

Windscribe Australian speed test

Not too shabby, considering the thousands of miles that separate us and Australia. Sadly, we didn’t get to see what they see because Netflix had blocked us like a flea collar blocks an incoming swarm of tiny ravenous fleas.

Japan, Tokyo, 69 Mbps

Windscribe's Japan server's speed test

The speed was extremely good considering the Canadian and Australian numbers. And it also worked! Here’s the proof below:

Godzilla Planet of the Monsters screenshot

Streaming was smooth as butter, and loading took only a second or two – we barely got to see the circle with percentages in the middle of the screen, not to mention it didn’t pop up while we were watching the show in the screenshot above. Speaking of the show, it doesn’t prove Windscribe works in Japan (even though it does) because this iteration of Godzilla is available in other countries as well. It just shows that we love Godzilla.

United Kingdom, London, 60 Mbps

Windscribe speed test UK

We were expecting much higher speed from the European server, even though it’s more than enough to stream UHD (4K) content, which is blocked like its other, less-Ultra and less-HD counterparts.

United Kingdom, WINDFLIX UK, 22 Mbps

WINDFLIX UK speed test

Again, we couldn’t do a proper test, but the numbers from Ookla left us unhappy – less than the minimum for UHD on the same continent when Japan gave us three times more? But at least it unblocks Netflix. It takes a minute or so for the stream to upgrade from SD to HD, and the loading times could be faster, but with Windscribe, you can’t be too picky.

The Netherlands, Amsterdam, 140 Mbps

Windscribe Netherlands server speed

The unexpected surge of speed left us dazzled, but everything came to a premature halt after seeing the infamous “Whoops, something went wrong…” streaming error.

Germany, Frankfurt, 86 Mbps

Windscribe Germany speed test

The German server has shown great potential with 86 Mbps as per test results. But it was not meant for it to fulfill our streaming desires as Windscribe left us to stare at the black Netflix error screen again, ending our round-the-world trip on a sour note.

How to use Windscribe for Netflix?

Using Windscribe for Netflix is very easy. After you set up your Netflix account, you have to choose a server in the same country. If it’s either the US or the UK, pick an appropriate WINDFLIX server.

Users will be glad to learn that Windscribe has apps not only for the major platforms but also for Amazon Fire TV and Nvidia Shield devices. In addition, it supports different routers and provides instructions on how to configure them.

Windscribe not working with Netflix

Some people don’t take into account that most VPNs, including Windscribe, don’t guarantee access to Netflix from every part of the world 24/7. That’s why even though the user may have selected the specialized server, she might still find Windscribe not working with Netflix. In this case, we suggest trying the other server – if the UK is not giving you what you want, maybe the US will?

There were many instances when Windscribe couldn’t help us avoid seeing the Netflix error starting with “Whoops…”, but users should worry only when both WINDFLIX servers spit this out. Our suggestion is to restart your computer, and if the problem persists – contact Windscribe’s support. But be prepared to wait patiently because this VPN still doesn’t have a live chat.


To conclude, Windscribe delivers what it promises by giving access to UK and US Netflix libraries via the specialized servers. Unfortunately, these servers have no encryption, sacrificing it for the sake of speed. Which, although great, can occasionally be below average. This means that if you stay on those servers after watching a show, you might find yourself less private than you thought you were.

When testing the regular servers, we were happy to see Japan’s Netflix unblocked because it has the highest number of titles from all libraries. In any case, you should test this VPN for yourself anyway. Doing it is easy because Windscribe offers a free version.

Windscribe can work not only with Netflix but almost any streaming platform, including BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime. That is if you take the static IP plan for residential users for 8$/month to avoid geo-blocking.

Finally, while the apps for smart TVs are a nice touch, the most awaited improvement is live chat support. It should be a must for every premium VPN provider, which Windscribe clearly is.

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