ZenMate is a German Virtual Private Network (VPN), which has a wide following across the world. While the ZenMate VPN offers a range of paid packages, people tend to first go for the free trial or some other way of using the VPN without paying.

The ZenMate free version offers P2P support, Netflix unblocking and plenty of other features. But there may be some drawbacks to think about before you make it your VPN of choice. So let’s find out more, and assess whether the ZenMate free trial and other free options are as attractive as they seem.

How does the ZenMate free trial work?

ZenMate actually offer a few different options if you want to try their VPN without paying: the ZenMate free client, the 7-day ZenMate Premium trial, and a 14-day money back guarantee. These are very different things, so don’t confuse them.

The basic ZenMate free package

ZenMate Free is a stripped-down version of the company’s main VPN, and comes with the following features:

    • ZenMate’s 100% no logs policy. This should make your web browsing habits anonymous to everyone (including ZenMate) while the Zenmate VPN is engaged. It’s worth noting that 100% no logging is far from universal with free trial VPNs.
    • A choice of four server locations – this is a tiny sample of ZenMate’s global server portfolio, which includes 30 separate countries.
    • Speed limits of 2MB/s apply.
    • Clients can be downloaded for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. There are also browser extensions for Opera, Firefox, and Chrome.
    • Uses IPSec, IKEv2 & L2TP protocols. Paid versions also come with OpenVPN, offering more customization and a generally higher level of protection.
    • Advertising. This may be a deal breaker for some users. ZenMate displays ads via their free VPN client, which funds the service.
    • Use on a single device. Unlike other versions of ZenMate, the free package only allows users one connection.

The ZenMate VPN Premium free trial

The free version outlined above clearly lacks a few features that you’d expect from high-quality VPNs, but it’s perfectly workable, and you won’t need to hand over any payment details to get started. But if you are happy to give ZenMate your payment information, it might be better to give their Premium free trial a go.

ZenMate Premium adds a few extra features on top of the free version we’ve already looked at:

    • The ability to use all of ZenMate’s global servers, potentially resulting in much higher speeds.
    • No speed restrictions at all.
    • The Smart Locations tool, which automatically finds the fastest available server, saving users time.
    • Full support for torrents and other P2P traffic.
    • No adverts at any stage.
    • Use on up to 5 different devices. This makes the Premium package much more useful for families or small businesses.

Using the ZenMate 14 day money back guarantee

Although it’s technically not a “free trial”, ZenMate’s money back guarantee essentially lets you use their services without paying a penny, so it amounts to the same thing.

The guarantee applies to all ZenMate products, including their Ultimate package. This comes with a “streaming guarantee,” which grants customers a refund on their next subscription payment if streaming services aren’t up to standard. So if you’re a Netflix fan, it’s a good thing to have.

Here’s how to redeem the 14-day money back guarantee if you need to:

1. Purchase the ZenMate subscription of your choice.

2. When you’d like to cancel, send an email to ZenMate’s Customer Service. Email contact details can be found on this website.

3. When you send your message, be sure to use the email address associated with your ZenMate Account.

4. Include your payment details, and make it clear that you are requesting a cancellation.

Be sure to cancel your subscription before the 14-day period has elapsed. If you don’t, you will be charged the full subscription costs for the package you chose.

How to activate the ZenMate Premium free trial

If you want to activate the Premium trial, doing so should be quick and simple. Here’s how:

1. Download the free ZenMate VPN client.

2. Sign up for a ZenMate Account here.

3. When that’s done, check your email account. You should receive a verification email from ZenMate.

4. Click the verification link provided. This will kickstart the 7-day Premium trial.

5. Now, when you load up the ZenMate client, you’ll be able to experience what Premium has to offer. But remember: after the 7 days have elapsed, you’ll revert back to the ZenMate Free service.

Things to think about when choosing a ZenMate free package

When it comes to choosing between the free ZenMate VPN and their Premium or Ultimate packages, there are some things to bear in mind.

Most importantly, the free version has been criticized by some reviewers for failing IP leak tests. The privacy policy also suggests that ZenMate collects user IP address information when they log onto the service (but not during sessions).

The location of ZenMate is a concern as well. While Germany is generally strong on personal privacy, its security services have a history of cooperation with the NSA or Britain’s GCHQ and the country is part of the 14 eyes security sharing alliance.

Finally, the free version relies on advertising, which tends to require user tracking.

Enjoy a premium VPN free of charge

ZenMate is among the world’s elite VPNs, but it’s not for everyone. However, if you haven’t sampled what this German company has to offer, their free trial options make doing so easy.

We recommend going for the Premium free trial first because all you have to do is verify a ZenMate Account. But trying ZenMate Ultimate is possible as well. Just remember to cancel your subscription before the monthly bills start to arrive.

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