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How to remove Search Alpha from Mac in 2024

Search Alpha removal from Mac

An increasing number of Mac users are noticing their Safari or Chrome browsers suspiciously redirecting them to search-alpha.com. If you’re one of them, then your computer is definitely infected with Search Alpha virus. However, it does more than just replace your preferred search engine and can cause more than a minor inconvenience.

This malware is well-known for bombarding your screen with ads, changing your browser settings, and leading you to fishy websites that may contain even more harmful viruses. As a result, your device and sensitive information are put at high risk if you don’t take immediate action.

In this article, I’ll take a look at what the Search Alpha virus is and will teach you how to remove Search Alpha from Mac PCs. Plus, here you’ll also find the best tool out there to effectively remove Search Alpha and enhance your overall system security.

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What is Search Alpha?

Search Alpha is a browser hijacker malware that disguises itself as a regular search engine and can only be detected by robust antivirus software. It infiltrates popular web browsers like Safari, Chrome, or Firefox and tampers with the default search engine, homepage, and new tab page, redirecting you to Search-Alpha.com. Even though it can look like it sends you to trusted search engines such as Bing, it also loads additional ads and modifies your search results.

Search Alpha website on Mac

Moreover, Search Alpha secretly collects browsing data and search queries by routing users through hijacking domains like “search-location.com” and “api.lisumanagerine.club”. This can easily put you at risk of targeted advertising campaigns, stolen financial credentials, and even identity theft.

How to get rid of Search Alpha on Mac with antivirus?

  1. Pick a reliable Mac antivirus software. The top performer in our tests was TotalAV, now 80% off
  2. Visit the App Store or download the software directly
  3. Install the antivirus and activate it
  4. Start a full system scan of your Mac
  5. Follow further instructions after the scanning process
  6. Enjoy secure browsing without Search Alpha or other online viruses!

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Why does my Mac keep going to Search Alpha?

If your browser keeps redirecting you to “search-alpha.com”, it means that your Mac has been infected with the Search Alpha virus. This malware is designed to hijack your web browser and change its settings, making search-alpha.com the default homepage. Once installed, the virus is difficult to remove, as it also adds a Mac configuration profile in your System Preferences without a need for your permission.

This means that even if you delete its traces in your browser or terminate disguised processes manually, it can reappear as if nothing happened. Search Alpha on Mac is one of the most persistent viruses using a whole bunch of tools to remain on the system as long as possible. As such, you must be familiar with advanced techniques on how to remove Search Alpha from Mac or use robust antivirus software.

How to detect search Alpha virus?

You can identify and deal with Search Alpha malware on Mac relatively easily if you know what to look for. Here are the key signs that indicate you have Search Alpha virus on your Mac:

  • Redirects to search-alpha.com. If you notice redirects through the “search-alpha.com” domain before landing on the Bing search engine, your Mac is most likely infected with this virus.
  • Unusual search results. Using Search Alpha alters search results to display suspicious links, often leading to shady domains or even virus-infected websites.
  • Slower performance. Search Alpha virus runs multiple processes that consume system resources, resulting in a noticeable slowdown of your Mac’s performance.
  • Suspicious extensions. Browser hijackers like Search Alpha are often bundled with additional software, including browser add-ons and unwanted applications packed with malware.
  • More ads. The presence of Search Alpha comes with loads of unwanted advertisements and irritating pop-ups, which usually lead to more harmful malware.

How to remove Search Alpha from Mac: detailed guide

The difficulty of removing the Search Alpha virus from your Mac device varies quite drastically depending on the path you pick. Here, you have two main choices:

Both of these methods can help you get rid of Search Alpha on Mac for good. However, I highly recommend the antivirus path, as it’s way faster and guarantees better results, especially in the long run.

Search Alpha removal on Mac with an antivirus

The easiest and fastest way to remove Search Alpha virus from Mac PCs is to use advanced antivirus software. Furthermore, this method requires no technical knowledge and takes mere minutes from start to finish. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find a robust Mac antivirus. For Search Alpha virus removal, our experts recommend TotalAV, now 80% off
  2. Download and install the application
    TotalAV antivirus website
  3. Start a full system scan
    Full system scan on TotalAV
  4. Follow further instructions to automatically remove any found viruses
    Mac system scan in progress on TotalAV

Remove Search Alpha from Mac with TotalAV

Other ways of Search Alpha virus removal

If you have enough technical know-how of the Mac system, you can try the manual Search Alpha removal yourself. However, this virus is designed to crawl as deep as possible and can disguise itself in a myriad of ways. As such, proceed with the following steps only if you know exactly what you’re doing.

Step 1. Stop Search Alpha process on your computer

  1. Click the “Go” menu and select “Utilities”
    MacOS Go menu Utilities section
  2. Launch “Activity Monitor” app
    Mac Activity Monitor application
  3. Look for processes with high resource consumption that could be related to the Search Alpha virus
  4. Select the suspicious process and press the Stop button at the top of the window
    Stop process on Mac Activity Monitor
  5. Click “Force Quit” to terminate the process
    Force Quit the process on Mac

Step 2. Remove Alpha virus files

  1. Click “Go” and choose “Go to Folder”
    MacOS go menu Go To Folder option
  2. Type /Library/LaunchDaemons in the search dialogue and click Go
    MacOS advanced folder search
  3. Look for suspicious “.plist” files. Currently, known ones (but not limited to) include:
  4. Delete any other suspicious files
    Move suspicious Search Alpha files to the Bin

Repeat the same process in the following directories:

  • ~/Library/Application Support
  • ~/Library/LaunchAgents
  • /Library/LaunchAgents

Step 3. Uninstall Search Alpha app

  1. Click the “Go” menu and select Applications
    MacOS Application browser
  2. Look for recently added unknown applications that you didn’t install
  3. Move suspicious apps to the trash bin
    Move suspicious Search Alpha folders to the bin
  4. Select “Finder”, then “Empty Bin”
    Empty Bin on MacOS

Step 4. Get rid of Alpha virus login items

  1. Go to “System Preferences” and open “Users & Groups”
    Mac System Settings
  2. Open “Login Items” under General settings
    Mac Login Items in System Settings
  3. Look for any recently added items you are not familiar with and select them
    Select Search Alpha login items
  4. Click the minus button below the list to remove them

Step 5. Remove Search Alpha configuration profiles

  1. Open “System Settings”
    Mac System Settings
  2. Go to “Privacy & Security” section and open “Profiles”
    Mac Profiles in MacOS System Settings
  3. Look for any unfamiliar profiles, like Chrome Settings, Safari Preferences, AdminPrefs, or MainSearchPlaform (you should notice Search Alpha links in their details)
  4. Select the suspicious profile and click the minus button to remove it
    Delete Search Alpha user Profiles
  5. Confirm the deletion (with your admin password if prompted)
    Search Alpha Mac Profile deletion

Remove Search Alpha from Mac browsers

Search Alpha is an annoying fellow no matter which web browser you use on your Mac. However, after Search Alpha removal, there’s still some cleaning duty left. Follow the guides below to completely remove Search Alpha from popular web browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.


  1. Go to Safari menu and click “Preferences”
  2. Choose “Extensitons” tab
  3. Delete Search Alpha or any suspicious add-ons
  4. Click on the “General” tab and set your preferred homepage
  5. In the “Search” tab, choose your preferred search engine

Google Chrome

  1. Launch Chrome and open the three-dot menu
  2. Find “Extensions” and select “Manage Extensions”
  3. Uninstall Search Alpha.com or any unfamiliar extensions
  4. Head to “Settings”, then go to “On startup” and and pick either “Open the New Tab page” or “Continue where you left off”
  5. Under the “Search engine” section, choose a trusted search engine

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Firefox and go to “Add-ons and themes”
  2. Head to “Extensions” section
  3. Remove Search Alpha or any other unknown browser extensions
  4. Visit “Settings” and reset your search engine and homepage

How do I prevent my computer from browser hijacking?

Infecting Mac PCs is a challenging task for viruses like Search Alpha, as Apple devices already rely on pre-installed prevention systems. However, this virus preys on human error, but you can lower the risks of infections by following these steps:

  1. Use antivirus software. Equipping yourself with reliable antivirus software is the best way to keep yourself safe. Top antivirus tools proactively scan the web and local system to provide alerts and dispose of threats before they even touch your device.
  2. Practice online hygiene. Simply put, avoid visiting illegal torrenting or adult content websites, as they often harbor dangerous malware. Also, never click on suspicious links or download files from any unknown sources.
  3. Install new apps with caution. Take your time during the installation process of new apps, and never spam-click “Next”. Many browser hijackers come with other software, often as optional installs.
  4. Keep software up-to-date. Regularly update your operating system, antivirus software, and other essential applications. Software updates often include critical cybersecurity patches that should be applied promptly to minimize any and all risks.

Keep your Mac safe with TotalAV


Search Alpha is a browser hijacker malware that infiltrates popular web browsers, altering settings and redirecting users to Search-Alpha.com. It modifies your search results and collects browsing data, putting you at risk of targeted advertising campaigns and potential data breaches. Removing this virus can be a nasty business, as it employs various techniques to hide and remain in your Mac system.

A robust antivirus solution is the best and easiest way to safeguard your Mac computer against browser hijackers like Search Alpha. TotalAV is our top-tested tool for the job, offering advanced real-time malware protection and proactive WebShield online monitoring. It provides all-around security against ransomware, spyware, malvertising, and other online threats so you can browse without a worry in mind.

Have you tried to deal with the Search Alpha virus before? How did it go? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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How do I get rid of Alpha virus on Safari?

To stop Alpha virus in Safari, go to Preferences in the Safari menu. Then, enable the Develop menu in the Advanced tab and click on Empty Caches. Finally, select History and choose Clear History. To keep Search Alpha from reappearing, use a trusted antivirus, like TotalAV, and remove all infected files.

What’s the best antivirus to remove the Search Alpha from Mac?

The best antivirus to easily get rid of the Search Alpha virus on Mac is TotalAV. During our tests, this antivirus effectively caught all ransomware, spyware, and malvertising, including all files infected with the Search Alpha virus on both Mac and iOS devices.

Is Search Alpha a virus?

Search Alpha, or search-alpha.com, is a browser hijacker and a fake search engine. While it looks like a legitimate search engine, it works as a gateway for potential malware, compromising the security of your Mac system. A robust antivirus solution, such as TotalAV, is the best way to prevent it.

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