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VPN cost can be a major factor when choosing a VPN service. Therefore, you’d better be up-to-date with the latest VPN deals, special offers, promo codes, and VPN coupon codes. But you won’t only find the best VPN sales here – you’ll also learn how to discover the best deals and how to recognize fake ones.


6 deals available

Best NordVPN deal
  • NordPass, NordLocker
NordVPN 2-year Complete plan

Save 68% on the 2-year Complete plan with this special deal.

NordVPN is an all-around top VPN provider. It offers world-class protection for your privacy and anonymity. NordVPN is excellent for torrenting, online gaming, and streaming Netflix and other popular entertainment centers.

Surfshark VPN

5 deals available

Best Surfshark VPN deal
82% off the 2-year plan deal

Get your 82% discount for the 2-year plan with this special deal.

Surfshark is one of the top VPN providers that has incredibly affordable pricing. Using any of these coupons makes Surfshark prices totally ridiculous.


3 deals available

Best PrivateVPN deal
  • +24 months
PrivateVPN 1-year plan

Pick the 1-year plan and get extra 24 months for free. Also, you’ll be saving 85%.

PrivateVPN delivers on multiple fronts. First, it's great for Netflix and other streaming platforms. You also get fast speeds, good security, and truly low prices.


7 deals available

Best IPVanish deal
  • Antivirus
1-year deal + Antivirus Protection

Secure yourself with well-rounded protection by grabbing a VPN and VIPRE Antivirus combo.

Your VPN service shouldn’t leave you bankrupt. This is where various coupons can be very handy. Find the best IPVanish deals below. You’ll only need to click on the Get deal text to apply the code automatically. IPVanish is a top-shelf VPN service for 2023. If you want a large…

Atlas VPN

2 deals available

Best Atlas VPN deal
Atlas VPN 2-year plan

Get the longest 2-year deal for a couple of dollars per month.

Atlas VPN is an up-and-coming provider, ready for the next step in [current_year]. It unblocks Netflix, allows P2P, and has no device limit. Make sure to try it out!


4 deals available

Best PureVPN deal
PureVPN 2-year plan, now 81% off

Get the PureVPN 2-year deal while it lasts and save 81%.

PureVPN already offers a pretty good bang for the buck, but it could be even better with these coupon codes below. You only need to click the Get deal link to apply the code automatically. One of the best services, PureVPN is a solid choice for 2023. It unblocks most…


5 deals available

Best VyprVPN deal
VyprVPN 12-month plan

Choose the yearly VyprVPN deal and receive a 44% discount.

Feeling like saving some money? Get the best deals for VyprVPN with the coupon codes below. You only need to click the Get deal link to apply the code automatically. VyprVPN is one of the best picks in 2023. It’s independently audited, owns all of its servers, unblocks most streaming…

Proton VPN

5 deals available

Best Proton VPN deal
Proton VPN 2-year plan

Choose the Proton VPN bi-annual pricing plan and get a 50% discount.

Proton VPN is a popular choice among those who seek excellent security and privacy in 2022. It also unlocks Netflix, allows torrenting, and gives 10 devices per account.

Ivacy VPN

4 deals available

Best Ivacy VPN deal
  • 2 TB cloud storage
Ivacy VPN 5-year limited offer

Choose the 5-year plan and save 90%. As a bonus, you get 2 TB of encrypted cloud storage.

Why pay the full price when you can get the same product cheaper? With these coupons, you can find some great deals to grab Ivacy VPN cheaper. You’ll only need to click on the Get deal text to activate the code automatically. Ivacy VPN is one of the best choices…


2 deals available

Best ExpressVPN deal
– 35%
  • Cloud storage
ExpressVPN 15 month plan + cloud storage

Choose the special 15-month plan, get unlimited cloud storage, and save 35%.

ExpressVPN is one of the true no logs policy flag-bearers with high-level security and privacy. This overall market leader is a great choice for all your needs be it geo-unblocking, streaming, gaming, and anonymity.

Private Internet Access

2 deals available

Best Private Internet Access deal
  • 2 months free
Private Interent Access 2-year plan

Choose the 2-year plan and get 2 months for free plus a Boxcryptor cloud security license.

Private Internet Access is a popular VPN that delivers on multiple fronts. It's fast, secure, and cheap. Additionally, it allows torrenting, unblocks Netflix, and has live chat customer support.


4 deals available

Best CyberGhost deal
  • for 24 months
CyberGhost – a 2-year special plan

Get two years with a 83% discount.

CyberGhost offers good privacy, fast speeds, and versatility in general. Whether you want to use CyberGhost for torrenting or Netflix, it should be a reliable option.

Hotspot Shield

2 deals available

Best Hotspot Shield deal
Hotspot Shield 36-month plan

Three years and a 38% discount. That sounds like a fantastic deal from Hotspot Shield.

Who doesn’t want to save on purchases? With these Hotspot Shield coupons, you can get pretty deep discounts. You’ll only need to click on the Get deal text to activate the code automatically. Hotspot Shield is crowned as the fastest VPN service, and they have numbers to back these claims…


3 deals available

Best TorGuard deal
TorGuard Anonymous VPN Standard 1-year deal

Get TorGuard Anonymous VPN Standard 1-year deal and save 50%.

TorGuard is one of the top VPN providers, known for its excellent security and remarkable performance. It's a great choice for torrenting and streaming fans looking for a good deal,


2 deals available

Best ZenMate deal
ZenMate 3-year plan

Pick the 3-year option and save over $220!

ZenMate is an easy-to-use VPN service that allows torrenting and unblocks Netflix US. It's known for unlimited simultaneous connections and the variety of supported devices.


2 deals available

Best TunnelBear deal
Get a 3-year TunnelBear plan with 67% off

Choose a 3-year TunnelBear plan and get a 67% discount.

TunnelBear is a fun and easy-to-use VPN service with fast speeds and good security credentials. Known for its free version, this provider has an interesting premium option as well.


3 deals available

Best Trust.Zone deal
Two years of Trust.Zone with 74% off

Get the bi-annual Trust.Zone plan and receive a 74% discount.

Real privacy and security that you can trust. This VPN comes from Seychelles together with good speeds, P2P protection, and Netflix US.


3 deals available

Best AirVPN deal
Get AirVPN for three years with 60% off

Choose the 3-year AirVPN plan and get a 60% discount.

AirVPN is best suited for advanced users who need customization for their apps. It allows torrenting, but can't unblock Netflix.


2 deals available

Best VPNArea deal
Get the 2-year VPNArea plan with 67% off

Choose the bi-annual VPNArea deal and save 67%.

VPNArea is a good all-around service. It allows P2P, unblocks Netflix, and offers solid security.

Windscribe VPN

1 deal available

Best Windscribe VPN deal
Windscribe 1-year plan

Choose the annual plan and get a 55% discount.

Windscribe is a well-known VPN, thanks to its great speeds, security, and unlimited simultaneous connections. Moreover, this service unblocks Netflix and allows torrenting on its servers.

Astrill VPN

3 deals available

Best Astrill VPN deal
Get Astrill VPN for one year with 50% off

Get the annual Astrill VPN plan and receive a 50% discount.

Astrill VPN is one of the best VPN services at the moment, and probably the fastest one too. This versatile VPN solution is also one of the most expensive tools on the market.

How to find VPN deals and coupon codes

  1. Official website: If there’s a special deal available, you’ll likely find it right there on the home page or the pricing page. Apart from that, it’s also possible to find a link at the bottom or get one from the Support page (e.g., live chat support) to redirect you to a dedicated coupon page.
  2. Search the web: it’s possible to find official VPN deals and coupons on the net if you run a web search using Google or any other main engines. You might find sponsored ads at the top of the search results redirecting you to specific official VPN deals and coupon code pages.
  3. Affiliate websites: there are many VPN reviewer and related websites that offer all kinds of special deals and coupon codes for numerous VPN services. Make sure you visit a reliable one though.
  4. Coupon pages: although most of them may be fake or malicious, there are many reliable coupon pages as well. These can offer several different coupons that may still work, though most of them could be invalid.
  5. Referral programs: this is an alternative way to get an indirect discount. Also known as refer-a-friend programs, these are an easy way to get a few extra months for free. The referral program can be limited to three friends a year, but you may get lucky with a “refer as many friends as you can” policy too.

How to identify fake coupon codes

Of course, the internet is not only a source of good and beneficial information. In fact, it’s swarming with malicious and deceitful websites waiting for their next victim. Therefore, it’s only logical that you’ll find all kinds of fake VPN coupon codes promoted on shady websites.

In any case, there’s no harm in entering these codes on the purchase page to see what happens.

If you want to stay safe, protect your computer with an anti-malware program. But you can also survive if you make sure you avoid malicious websites. Don’t just click on any link in the web search results list. Only visit trustworthy websites.

Nevertheless, even if you land on a reliable coupon site, chances are most of the coupon codes won’t work at all. They have either never worked in the first place or become invalid over time. In any case, there’s no harm in entering these codes on the purchase page to see what happens.

If the code is fake or invalid, you’ll know as soon as you click the Apply button.

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