The world of the digital is mad. And it doesn’t seem like it’ll get saner in the upcoming future. Back in the early days, we would read about hackers in print magazines – they can break into your computer and steal your data! Newspapers would write about successful attacks or attempts at attacking the private and public sector. But most of the time this didn’t concern us, other than, perhaps, emphatically – like some volcano eruption on the other side of the globe.

With the advent of social media, we all got connected and started to share more private information. It has made its way into the hands of big tech companies like Facebook, Google, or Apple. And now it seems that the governments are also joining them – even forcing businesses to give citizens’ personal data away.

So we invite you to connect, share, and stay secure online. This VPN blog is all about online privacy & security, news, tips on how to stay anonymous, bypass internet filters, work remotely, and anything else related to cyber security.

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