Tips on how to use Dropbox in China

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Last updated: December 6, 2021
Tips on How to Use Dropbox in China
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Dropbox is a site that combines your files in one central place, making them easier to access. Using Dropbox will save you time when retrieving your documents since it is synchronized with all your devices.

The service works with Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Linux computers. It is also accessible on Android, iOS, and Windows phones.

Security of your documents is assured as strict passwords are required. The privacy rating of Dropbox is five stars. As such, it’s no surprise that the user growth of Dropbox in China had been constantly improving until it was banned. Recovery of lost documents has been made easier since any deleted file can be restored within 30 days.

Subscription to Dropbox plus guarantees you 1 year to recover documents. Charges on Dropbox depend on whether you are using it for your personal storage or for shared work. Shared work is, of course, more expensive as it is often used for business. This is where Dropbox Professional comes in.

The most relevant question is how to access Dropbox? It is possible to access your files from any computer. It acts as a network drive in the cloud. This means you can run your business, access your emails, photos, and blogs from any computer.

All you do is drag your files from your hard drive to Dropbox and they are automatically saved online. Any updates made on the file later will automatically update themselves. When far from your device, install Dropbox on the new device and log into your account. You can also use the web browser without having to install it. This will give you access to any saved documents from anywhere in the world.

Storage for up to 2GB is free. If you need more space, you might need to sign up for a monthly subscription worth $10 to $20 depending on the size of your storage. You can also share larger files with other Dropbox users as some of these files may be too big to be sent using other methods.

Does Dropbox Work in China?

You may be wondering, does Dropbox work in China? Unfortunately, it does not work in China except by use of specific tools like a VPN or an MPLS. There is no alternative to Dropbox in China. A few solutions have been brought in, such as cloud hosting by Baidu Cloud, but their standards are yet to beat those set by Dropbox. Foreign cloud players have short lives in China as they end up blocked.

Dropbox Blocked in China

By September 2018, there were over 10,000 domain names that had been blocked in mainland China under the internet censorship policy of the country. At the moment, we have Dropbox blocked in China. This means that it can be accessed only in specific parts. This is suspected to be a means of allowing Chinese companies to come up with their own cloud services that are not subject to American competition. Who knows?

How then do we send large files to China? You can use Baidu cloud which is the biggest and most famous in China. Other means like Qualtrix and Binfer have come up. If you want to save and organize files for personal use, Tencent is the best option. Most of them offer free storage for huge files. This could be interpreted as a marketing technique.

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Why Does China Block Specific Sites?

Several reasons include:

  • With the intention to reduce or end the monopoly of global internet services.
  • To encourage domestic inventions in specific areas and industries. This enables them to grow their local companies.
  • The Chinese government is very particular when it comes to information passed around the internet concerning the government. There is a lot of censorship.

Advantages of Using Dropbox

The advantages include:

  • Cheap. You enjoy free storage of up to 2GB. This may not sound like a lot until you realize there are other ways to get additional free space.
  • Convenience, since it is easy to use.
  • Your documents are backed up automatically.
  • There is synchronization so whatever you save is updated in all your devices.
  • Restoration of files is possible within 30 days of deletion.
  • It is easy to share files.

Disadvantages of using Dropbox

Of course, there are disadvantages too:

  • The privacy and security of Dropbox have been subject to criticism. For safety, don’t use it for the most sensitive data.
  • You cannot upload files directly to the application without syncing them with the hard drive.
  • The free version of Dropbox is limited to a small size, hence it could inconvenience some users.

This should not limit or stop any user from opting to use Dropbox. Its pros definitely outweigh the cons giving you every reason to sign up. One of its key benefits is that it has made working from home and saving files much easier. You should, however, take note of the defects and come up with ways to manage them.

How to Open a Dropbox Account

Opening an account is simple. Go to your preferred web browser and go to Click the command button that spells sign up. You will have to give your details, such as your first name, last name, email address, and a password. Agree to the terms stated after reading. Click sign up. You now have yourself an account which you are free to use anywhere.

How to Log in and use Dropbox?

If you have not installed the app, you will need to visit the Dropbox website on your browser and click log in. This will lead you to enter your email address and password. If you have already installed the application, it is even easier, since all you have to do is click on the icon and follow the procedure above.

You can use Dropbox for other hacks like printing documents from any computer to your home printer. You can also keep the same password for all applications on your different personal computer. All you have to do to save your files is to drag them to the icon. To share them, you use the command button share. If experiencing any problems, click the “Help” button and get connected to customer support to answer all your questions.

Why use Dropbox?

The ratings and views by people should be enough reason to lure you into using Dropbox. Those who have tried it, talk of how they love it. Customers commend it for ease of use and accessibility. Use of simple customer friendly language makes it easy to navigate and issue commands. It has also provided use in preferred languages making it easier for global connectivity.

Everybody wants to update themselves with the current technology. To keep up with that speed, you have to quit being rigid and embrace new ideas. Dropbox is just one of the inventions of this century that has made work easier, faster and more accurate. Saving and retrieving documents in an orderly paperless way has never been this easy!

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  1. Bob Scott

    It’s always unnerving to think of how much control China exercises over its citizens… Thanks for the info on how to maintain privacy in such a country!

  2. Nanet pam

    I will give dropbox a super five star rating, the platform is second-to-none in the implementation of high security. I can easily place my documents on dropbox and go to sleep without fear of hacking or any security breach.

  3. CaliStyles

    By blocking these global internet services, China gives an opportunity, or I would say a better chance, to its people to come up with innovative technologies in the different fields. I think this is the reason why China is so far ahead when it comes to new innovations and inventions.

  4. Mariano

    The level of censorship of the Chinese government knows no limits. I didn’t know they censored Dropbox as well! That’s so silly. I’m sure your guide will be very helpful to Chinese people, great work.

  5. Ola Jones

    Oh thanks a lot for that article !! It’s so helpful. I can’t believe the number of websites that are banned in China. I’ll get a VPN today, I’m planning to go to China and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to access all websites. Thanks again.

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