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What is TotalVPN? It’s a substantial option for those that seek a streamlined solution for bypassing geo-blocks to stream their favorite shows. The service wields reliable security features on top of unlocking doors to a world full of unrestricted entertainment no matter where you are.

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$1.59 / month
Apps available:
macos windows ios android
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TotalAV is most recognized for its antivirus software and other cybersecurity implementations. However, one of TotalAV’s tools comes in the shape of a VPN add-on called Safe Browsing VPN. Fewer people have heard of this virtual private network. Thus, it poses a question – is Total VPN good enough?

It’s a good VPN add-on, but there is room for fine-tuning. It’s a basic VPN, but it gets the job done if you want to bypass geo-blocks to watch TV shows or movies on platforms like Netflix and Hulu. However, I found that Total VPN’s fleet of 50+ servers in 35 countries is rather limiting. Although demanding tasks like gaming aren’t handled well, streaming and P2P capabilities left me pleasantly surprised.

On the other hand, its speeds are solid enough for fast browsing and even streaming. Not to mention that since it comes as part of TotalAV antivirus software, Safe Browsing VPN could be a potential choice for those prioritizing security. You can connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots without worrying much and reclaim your online privacy.

This TotalVPN review examines the strengths and weaknesses of the service, highlighting what it’s good for so you can make an informed decision. I’ll be delving extensively into aspects such as performance, available features, supported devices, pricing choices, security measures, and other critical factors.

So, without any more delay, let’s jump right in!

Total VPN overview

🏆 Rating:⭐8.2/10
🖥️ Servers:50+ servers in 35 countries
📺 Streaming:Netflix US, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Max
🔛 Torrenting:Yes
❔ Support:24/7 live chat, phone line, email, FAQs
🛡️ Logs:No-logs policy
💵 Price:$1.59/month
🏷️ Coupons:TotalAV Safe Browsing coupon 87% off
🆓 Free version or trial:7-day free trial

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Best TotalAV VPN pros and cons

What our experts likeWhat our experts don’t like
✅ Unblocks most leading streaming services
✅Easy to install & navigate
✅Substantial speeds in close range servers
❌Unaudited no-logs policy
❌Unreliable speed on long distance servers

TotalAV VPN plans and pricing

First of all, you can’t buy a TotalAV VPN as a stand-alone service. It’s only sold as part of the TotalAV antivirus suite of these plans – Internet Security and Total Security. Unfortunately, there is also no Total VPN free plan.

PlanPriceDevices covered
TotalAV Internet Security$39.00/year5
TotalAV Total Security$49.00/year6

Though it may appear that having to buy the whole antivirus package just for a VPN is costly, it really isn’t. Compared to most high-end stand-alone VPN services, TotalAV Safe Browsing VPN, along with the rest of features, isn’t that much expensive. The final monthly price results in $1.59, which is average for VPN services. Besides, TotalAV Antivirus software is one of the best in the market, bolstering your security tenfold.

TotalAV pricing & plans

As for payment processing, TotalAV, fortunately, accepts transactions via PayPal and credit cards. Of course, having anonymous payment options like cryptocurrencies would be a nice touch, but the lack of it isn’t detrimental. Though I do think that introducing Bitcoin as a baseline for crypto payments would already be a level up in the right direction.

Moreover, you can test the service thanks to the 7-day free trial and the 30-day money-back guarantee, which applies to all TotalAV plans. The bright side is that you’re not just buying a VPN for this price. You get one of the most functional and comprehensive antiviruses along with other extra features, like password manager, ad blocker, disk cleaner, and more.

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Speed test and performance

Average download speed52.5 Mbps
Number of servers50+
Number of countries35

Total VPN’s performance confirmed my expectations, befitting an in-built service. VPN’s speed on close-distance servers remained substantial during TotalVPN review. Meanwhile, those that were further away, like Australian or East Asian, resulted in slower speeds.

Overall, the VPN connection didn’t drag down my computer’s performance. I must note, though, that I experienced speed drops of approximately 35-40% upon connecting to farther-located servers, which doesn’t much exceed the expected 30% of any VPN service. Besides, it’s expected of a VPN add-on, especially one that only employs OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) and IKEv2 tunneling protocols.

I tried connecting to several different servers – USA, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, UK, and Cambodia – all yielded different results. As I already mentioned, average speed depends on server location. The closer the location, the higher the speed. For instance, the greatest speed drops happened in US and New Zealand servers, reaching even 50% at times. Again, it’s expected since these servers were significantly farther from me.

Closer servers demonstrated more stable performance, maintaining a solid 53 Mbps on average. Basically, TotalAV VPN review confirms average speeds of the service. Remarkably, I didn’t encounter any noticeable lag while streaming content or browsing the web, even on faraway servers. Still, TotalAV VPN’s emphasis is on security rather than facilitating high speeds, but that allows users to opt for this service if they want added protection to their daily browsing experience.

Access geo-restricted content: server locations

Though TotalAV VPN doesn’t have that many servers compared to competitors, they’re scattered across different continents. This provides users with flexibility to connect to multiple different locations, whether to access streaming websites or gamble online.

ContinentNumber of servers available
North America13
South America3

Most servers are available in North America and Europe. I find it sensible since those areas are most relevant for breakers of geographical barriers who want to stream, play video games, gamble online, or delve into any form of entertainment without restrictions.

Security and privacy: is TotalAV VPN safe?

At the moment, TotalAV equips its VPN service with these features:

Total VPN has a modest toolkit compared to other independent premium services. However, it’s essential to remember that we’re not comparing but evaluating an in-built VPN, which serves as a piece in TotalAV’s cybersecurity jigsaw puzzle. From that perspective, this service fulfills the requirements for securing a safe VPN experience. Besides, TotalAV continues to tune its features and services, so Safe Browsing VPN is bound to receive more polishing in the near future.


TotalAV Safe Browsing VPN utilizes industry-standard AES-256 encryption, which is employed by banks and other institutions of utmost caliber. Consequently, your data remains not only safe but also utterly indecipherable. This ensures an impervious shield between your online activities and prying eyes – neither third parties nor TotalAV VPN itself can gain insight into your online shenanigans.

Tunneling protocols

Speaking of tunneling protocols, this is what you get:

  • OpenVPN (TCP/UDP)
  • IKEv2

The lack of WireGuard, the industry-leading protocol employed by premium VPN services, results in speeds that aren’t something to write home about. On the other hand, you get OpenVPN. It’s a highly favored VPN protocol utilized by numerous services even in the present day. Renowned for its reliability, speed, and compatibility across various operating systems, its extensive adoption is understandable.

Safe Browsing VPN settings

However, OpenVPN is only accessible for Windows users. But let’s turn our attention to the IKEv2. In short, this protocol is mobile-oriented and offers an overall safer and more streamlined experience.

For now, the present protocols suffice because you can unblock and stream most TV shows and movies without experiencing lags, except maybe rarely. After all, it partially depends on your own internet speed. Seeing how much TotalAV puts effort into bettering its in-built features, not just the main software, the implementation of WireGuard is a very plausible solution.

TotalAV VPN kill switch

TotalAV Safe Browsing VPN provides manual and automatic kill switch options. The former allows users to take control of their connection and data security. When the manual kill switch is enabled, the web connection to your device will be cut off entirely in case the VPN connection halts abruptly. This prevents any data from leaking outside of the encrypted VPN tunnel.

Users have the ability to toggle the manual kill switch on or off according to their preferences, which I found handy. It’s especially useful when you’re aware of potential network instability or if you simply want to ensure that your online activities are entirely shielded by the VPN.

The automatic kill switch, on the other hand, functions autonomously to protect your privacy in case of unexpected VPN disconnections. The automatic kill switch detects the disruption if the VPN connection drops. Lastly, it initiates the cutoff of your internet connection.

Browse safely with TotalVPN

IP and DNS leak protection

TotalAV VPN offers robust protection against IP and DNS leaks. This means that your IP address remains concealed when you’re connected to the VPN. In turn, it prevents potential exposure of your true identity to snoopy third parties. Additionally, the VPN’s DNS leak protection ensures that your DNS queries are also channeled through the encrypted VPN tunnel, preventing any leakage of this information.

To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to run the IP, DNS, and WebRTC leak tests on the website. The VPN connection proved to be stable and without any leakage. However, it turned out to be impossible to seamlessly connect to a different server without disconnecting first from the first one. So, when disconnecting from one server to another, the VPN does leak the data mentioned above. Once you’re aware of it, you can simply disconnect the VPN only after you’re done with your online activities.

Total VPN jurisdiction

TotalAV, along with Safe Browsing VPN, is based in the UK. The United Kingdom is one of the significant members of the Five Eyes alliance. Unfortunately, that’s not particularly good news for those who value their privacy since the country grants companies the right to collect information about their users and sometimes pressures them into doing so. So, TotalAV VPN may also receive data requests from the local government, which they must comply with.

On the flip side, TotalAV claims to adhere to a no-logs policy, meaning they only collect the necessary data for marketing purposes and don’t keep user logs. While the policy hasn’t been audited by any independent third party, this VPN claims to use RAM-only servers exclusively. That means they can’t really log your data, though I’m still waiting for TotalAV to have its no-logs policy tested and confirmed.

No-logs policy

TotalAV promises it follows a strict no-logs policy and doesn’t harvest user data. It’s all dandy that they adhere to his policy, but it remains a claim so long as they haven’t undergone an independent audition. Meanwhile, TotalAV states that they don’t log information about websites you visit or what files you download. However, they do store your IP address.

Though they don’t explain why they store your IP address. At the least, they say that they store your email address for communication purposes, which is very much in line with what other VPN providers store. Either way, we can’t really rely on their word alone. Until they have their no-logs policy reviewed and confirmed, the credibility of the policy remains unbacked.

Does TotalAV VPN work in China?

TotalAV Safe Browsing VPN doesn’t work in China. Sadly, TotalAV VPN doesn’t have obfuscated servers, which renders it incapable of bypassing restrictions in surveillance-loving countries. Apart from China, it includes Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, just to name a few. In short, that’s because they utilize the Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), which is extremely difficult for some big VPN providers to deal with. So, an add-on VPN naturally stands no chance.

However, if you’re traveling to China anytime soon or reside there and want to bypass the absurdly imposing restrictions, you’d do well to simply rely on a different VPN. Your best shot is one that utilizes any kind of Stealth VPN, like the popular obfuscation. NordVPN is recognized as one of the best China VPNs for overcoming the restrictive nature of the local internet networks.

Other TotalAV products

TotalAV productWhat does it do?
TotalAV AntivirusReal-time malware protection
WebShieldRogue websites and online content filter
Data Brach MonitoringStolen data tracker
Secure Password VaultAll-in-one password storage

All of the TotalAV products come only as parts of the antivirus suite, based on the plan you opt for. In fact, if you choose either Internet Security or Total Security plan, you get a handful of other features, like System Tune-Up, ransomware and real-time protection, phishing prevention, ad blocker, and identity protection.

Is TotalAV VPN good for streaming?

Streaming serviceStatus
Netflix US✅Yes
Other Netflix libraries✅Yes
BBC iPlayer✅Yes
Amazon Prime Video❌No
YouTube TV✅Yes

Bypassing geo-blocks for streaming is one of the most popular VPN uses, so let’s get down to business and see whether Total VPN is a yay or nay. I was utterly surprised to see that this VPN, which is not a stand-alone service, managed to unblock major streaming platforms, including sports like ESPN+. It faltered before Amazon Prime Video since every server appeared to be blocked by the platform, but you can’t have it all.

I tried connecting to various streaming platforms from my Windows and Android devices. For starters, I could stream Netflix US and other libraries, like the UK, German, and Australian. And it only gets better: the shows and movies streamed without any major buffers and maintained a stable HD quality.

Streaming unblocked with Total VPN

Of course, the lack of a Smart DNS feature limits the viewing peripherals where you can stream content. Though PC and mobile streamers should rest assured that they get a relatively substantial streaming VPN along with the TotalAV antivirus.

Though Safe Browsing VPN may not be among the top streaming VPNs, it’s a relatively good pick for viewing your favorite shows and movies on various platforms.

Unblock Netflix with Total VPN

Is TotalAV VPN good for torrenting?

Another perk of having a VPN in your arsenal is P2P file-sharing. Since torrenting is associated with piracy activity due to its free file-sharing nature (but rarely a copyright infringement), a VPN often comes into play. Thus, I decided to see if TotalAV VPN is up to the task.

I put the service to the test against major torrenting sites and clients, like uTorrent and BitTorrent. Turns out that P2P file-sharing is alright on all non-US servers. Also, I didn’t discover any leaks during my ventures in the waters of torrenting, though, of course, the speed wasn’t spectacular.

Overall, Safe Browsing VPN is suitable for torrenting. Although it’d be desirable for TotalAV to extend P2P functionality in the service. For instance, the introduction of port forwarding, split tunneling, or SOCKS5 proxy would upgrade things dramatically.

TotalAV VPN device support

Today, every family is equipped with a variety of modern devices, from smartphones to smart TVs. Besides, modern cyber threats target everyone regardless of their device or operating system. Thus, a VPN needs to support broad device compatibility or at least cover the basic ones. Fortunately, TotalAV software, including the VPN, supports Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS systems.

Though TotalAV VPN has dedicated apps for the big 4 operating systems, it needs to add router support before it can be labeled as a multi-device VPN. Router support is nifty for covering all household gadgets under the umbrella of encryption. In fact, it’s typically more than welcomed in such services. However, let’s remember that TotalAV VPN is an in-built feature and not an independent VPN service.

Desktop apps: Windows

TotalAV VPN has a streamlined Windows app, which is the most functional of all available counterparts. Generally, desktop apps are more feature-rich than mobile ones, but Windows has an advantage over macOS – it has a kill switch.

Safe Browsing VPN Windows interface

I found the Windows interface linear and easy to navigate even for beginner-friendly users, which scores a kudos to TotalAV. The home screen displays enough information, including a connect/disconnect button. Plus, it depicts your upload and download speeds along with the time spent connected to a server. Moreover, the server selection menu lets you add your favorite servers for quick access. I must note, though, that you can’t connect to the Nearest location, which is available on mobile apps.

Desktop apps: macOS

Meanwhile, TotalAV looks gorgeous on macOS. That’s not to say that the Windows interface looks bad. Either way, the interface on an Apple computer is also finely tuned and easy to use, whether you’re a newbie or a veteran PC user. The disappointing bit is the lack of a kill switch feature, but otherwise, its functionality is on par with its Windows counterpart.

Safe Browsing VPN macOS interface

Similarly, you see a connect/disconnect button on the main screen. Once you connect to a server, you have download and upload speeds displayed on either side of the button. However, it doesn’t show the connection time like on Windows. Furthermore, TotalAV VPN also has a settings menu in which you can change your VPN protocol.

Get Safe Browsing VPN for your PC

Mobile apps: Android

The minimalist design caught my attention upon installing TotalAV on Android. It looks great, though, and the VPN is super easy to navigate. Besides, it has the Nearest location feature, which basically is a quick-connect venue, and it’s only available on Android and iOS apps.

Safe Browsing VPN Android interface

Otherwise, you’ll find everything easily and in place. And though you get the Nearest location feature, I noticed that the server selection menu lacks information. More so, it doesn’t allow you to add favorite locations for quick access, unlike other premium VPN services. Apart from that, the TotalAV VPN works seamlessly on Android and doesn’t require in-depth knowledge to toggle with it.

Mobile apps: iOS

Like in the case of Android, the iOS TotalAV app is minimalistic. Though personally, I found its simplicity good, many might consider the design rather basic. It’s easy to navigate and is in one place along with other TotalAV features, which makes browsing easier on a bigger scale than just VPN-related tools.

Safe Browsing VPN iOS interface

Otherwise, it doesn’t differ from the Android app much: there’s no kill switch, and you can’t change the VPN protocol. So, you can pretty much only connect to a server and change the region, which is quite a limited functionality. On the other hand, it’s enough for basic online security, streaming, and bypassing other kinds of geo-blocks.

Protect your mobile with TotalVPN

TotalAV Safe Browsing VPN customer support

Customer support optionAvailability
24/7 live chat✅Yes
Phone line✅Yes

TotalAV’s customer support provides multiple contact channels: email, live chat, and you can even reach them via phone. For more independent ones that seek self-help resources first, the company offers a comprehensive knowledge base and FAQs section. Also, you’re able to submit tickets through a FAQ section, not just email. In fact, I found their website in the Tech support section extremely helpful as I quickly made my way to a VPN part.

TotalAV customer service

You can also chat with customer support specialists via live chat if you connect with your TotalAV account. It’s a bit tedious compared to providers like NordVPN, Surfshark, or Express VPN, which allow inquiries via live chat with just an email. Otherwise, rest assured that if you have any questions or problems, TotalAV’s customer support will gladly lend you a helping hand.

Alternative VPN options for TotalAV VPN

Though it’s obvious that TotalAV VPN isn’t too shabby in the grand scale of services, the space is filled with other providers that offer top-tier quality. As such, we prepared suggestions of the best VPNs that offer greater benefits:

  • NordVPN. Our top recommendation, unsurprisingly, is NordVPN. The world-class VPN boasts those security biceps, which entail obfuscated servers, Double VPN, kill switch, split tunneling, and many other protective measures. Besides, it’s the top streaming & torrenting VPN, housing a colossal fleet of 6400+ servers in 111 countries. More so, the broad device compatibility and router support cements the versatility of this VPN. The icing on the cake is that it costs only $3.39/month.
  • Surfshark VPN. This provider receives the spotlight for its budget-friendly pricing and well-rounded service that comes along. For the measly $2.19/month, you can access 3200+ servers across 100 countries, the greatest global coverage. It unblocks Netflix, Hulu, and all major streaming services while guaranteeing a smooth viewing experience. Of course, all your online ventures are protected by various security tools like MultiHop.

Conclusion: should you get TotalAV VPN?

TotalAV VPN review concludes that Safe Browsing VPN is a solid choice for those who want a steady service. It’s a superb addition to the whole TotalAV suite (since you can’t acquire it as a stand-alone service), so if you’re looking for security, you hit the jackpot. While there is no Total VPN free plan for the budget-conscious, the service comes at a cheap price, offering an optimal price-and-value ratio.

Sure, the service has a few drawbacks. For example, the mobile app interface is very basic, and the overall functionality could do with a couple more basic features, like split tunneling. Also, the server fleet is too small for now, but it does the job of bypassing geo-blocks, so it’s not that bad. Still, it’s an add-on VPN, so these things are understandable, given that TotalAV continues to upgrade this service along with the rest of its products.

Total VPN maintains decent performance even without WireGuard and unblocks most leading streaming platforms, including various Netflix libraries, Hulu, Max, and more. Besides, the service maintains an HD viewing quality, which rarely gets interrupted by lag spikes. Though the lack of WireGuard is evident when comparing speeds to other top players in the VPN space, it’s enough to be satisfying.

In a nutshell, TotalAV VPN is worth a try, depending on what it is that you look for in a VPN service. Plus, it comes as part of the prestigious antivirus suite. However, if you want more from a VPN, like robust protection, grander server fleet, and stellar performance, you best look for different options. Currently, the overall best VPN is no other than NordVPN, which ranks #1 among the best services for streaming, torrenting, and more.

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Is TotalAV’s Total VPN safe?

TotalAV Safe Browsing VPN is definitely safe. It’s part of the TotalAV Antivirus suite and adheres to a strict no-logs policy. The service only logs your IP address and email. Otherwise, the VPN employs basic protective measures, like AES-256 encryption, IP & DNS leak protection, and a kill switch.

Does TotalAV have a VPN?

Yes, TotalAV does have a VPN. It’s called Safe Browsing VPN and comes as part of Internet Security and Total Security plans. It’s a nifty add-on service that supports streaming and P2P file-sharing, though functionality is limited compared to services like NordVPN or Surfshark.

Is TotalAV Safe Browsing VPN free?

No, TotalAV Safe Browsing VPN isn’t free. You can get a free TotalAV Antivirus, but it doesn’t include the VPN. The tool is included only in the Internet Security and Total Security plans. However, you can try the VPN for free during the whole TotalAV trial of 7 days and the 30-day money-back period.

Is TotalAV’s Safe Browsing VPN any good?

Yes, TotalAV VPN is good. Though it doesn’t hold the candle to premium services like NordVPN, Surfshark, or ExpressVPN, it does hold its own. Despite the lack of WireGuard, it maintains alright speeds, enough to stream without much buffering or downloading bigger files via torrenting.

Is TotalAV Safe Browsing VPN good for streaming?

Yes, TotalAV VPN is good for streaming. It’s surprising that an add-on VPN like Safe Browsing manages to unblock a majority of popular streaming services, including Netflix US and other libraries, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Max, Hulu, and more. In spite of its average speed, you can stream in HD buffer-free.

Does TotalAV VPN work?

Yes, TotalAV VPN does work. It doesn’t hold the candle to the big players in the industry like NordVPN or Surfshark, but it does hold its own ground. Our TotalAV VPN review confirmed it’s a good streaming VPN with convenient setup and reliable basic protection, like automatic kill switch.

What is TotalVPN by TotalAV?

TotalVPN is the VPN service developed by TotalAV. The company is most famous for the TotalAV Antivirus and other security features, including the Safe Browsing VPN. The service serves as a mid-range VPN for people that need the service for simpler geo-block circumvention, streaming, and browsing.

What is Safe Browsing VPN?

Safe Browsing VPN is TotalAV’s VPN service. It’s a humble VPN that seamlessly merges convenience and functionality. In short, it’s a suitable service for browsing, torrenting, and streaming. While it can’t compare to the greatest VPNs yet, TotalAV VPN is showing promising potential.

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