As cats already have a list of recommended VPNs, we couldn’t just stand there drooling, looking on as our beloved dogs run around unprotected. That’s why we’re offering our best VPNs for dogs list – many say they are much, much cooler than cats anyways.

But why should your dog get a VPN if it seems to be doing quite alright without it? Well, just look at the benefits of using such a dog-friendly service:

Secure wifi – your dog is sad when you leave him at home. This is when he’s especially vulnerable: what if someone hacks your weak wifi password and starts talking to Ruffles via the computer speakers that you forgot to turn off? This can tempt to your dog to throw the extra set of keys through the window in hopes that you’ve returned and need a hand getting in. Congratulations – you’ve just been burgled! This highly unlikely scenario would have zero chance of happening, had you secured your wifi with a VPN and changed your wifi password from ruffles12345 to 12345-i-once-caught-a-cat-alive.

WOW! You're home early

Access geo-restricted content – again, your dog is sad when you leave him at home. So why not let him have some digital “me” time instead of making him look for some toilet paper to shred? While some leave the TV on with boring mid-day sitcoms, why not treat your best friend with some cat-chasing action flicks or bone-uncovering mysteries that are – sadly – unavailable in your country due to geo-restrictions?

Traffic encryption – so nobody finds out where your bone’s been hidden, even if you’ve told your best friend about it – you know, the Great Dane who’s not so great at securing his data.

Hiding your IP address – so you can bark at other dogs online and they won’t be able to retaliate by peeing all over your territory wouldn’t know your location.

Access content from Catalonia – the one territory where dogs are strictly not welcome is the region of Catalonia. With a VPN, your dog can successfully mask itself as a cat on steroids and safely access feline data.

Access content from/in China – you know what can happen to man’s best friend over there. Better use a VPN to contact the locals. They may look vegetarian, but for some your dog’s just a piece of meat.

Saving Dogecoins and man-coins – countries offer different prices for the same dog snacks, which means you may be able to order more at the same price. Also, with a VPN you can get access to live cat chasing races or pay-per-view cat-fights at the best prices.

Meeting dog ladies from all over the world – if local options are scarce, a VPN can help your dog find attractive females in other countries. Who knows, maybe such an e-connection can lead from one thing to another.


NordVPN logo

Norwegian Buhunds agree with Norwegian Elkhounds that NordVPN is a canine-friendly service that sports a dog-friendly blue color.


  • Nord means cold, and dogs would rather stay that way than lie helplessly, panting for someone to blot out the sun
  • Great security – you can sit in China and write to your friend about cat-chasing without any fear of being eaten
  • Great for streaming – unblock a great deal of content, including the Australian version of Boner the Dog and all episodes of the cult-classic Japanese anime Akita
  • Dog-friendly live chat


  • No router app so you’ll need to configure it manually for your dog, who – just like you – is probably not into manual labor
  • Logo looks kind of like a cat’s ear

Candid Canine rates NordVPN 12 cat footprints

Dog chat with NordVPN customer support first part

Dog chat with NordVPN customer support second part

Mullvad VPN

Mullvad VPN logo

This VPN doesn’t care if you’re a dog or a human – it allows anonymous sign-up and payment and works to keep your identity safe not only from third-parties but also from themselves.


  • Great for torrenting illegal cat-fights
  • Excellent privacy protection – no one will know you’re a mixed breed


  • If you live in a house, Mullvad VPN employees may get caught burrowing tunnels and eaten by your dog. This usually results in a canceled subscription.
  • Accepts bitcoins, but not Dogecoins

Candid Canine rates Windscribe Mullvad VPN 5 ft of mole sausage


Windscribe logo

Surprisingly, Windscribe is good not only for cats but also for dogs, which are better than cats, which should make Windscribe better for dogs than for cats as well!


  • Cats love it, so there’s plenty of them to chase around
  • Multiple devices supported, will fit any paw size – anything from Pomeranian paws to Iranian Bear Dog paws


  • Doesn’t accept Dogecoins

Candid Canine rates Windscribe 19 Peanut Butter Oven-Baked Crunchy Biscuit Dog Treats


Dog VPN logo

Yeah, this one is for free, the name is cool and all, but it’s a proxy, meaning it stops protecting you when your dog swipes his paw from the browser to any other online app. Also, it works with Android phones only, so if you’re a true iPerson who buys only Apple products not only for yourself but for your pets too, this is really not a good fetch.


  • Free as that bird you’d like to catch so so much
  • Easy to use – you will connect with a single tap of the paw


  • Works on Android only
  • Doesn’t have a website, which is like a dog without a bone
  • Customer service once declined to help because barking at them was treated as impolite. What?

Candid Canine rates VPN Dog 5 lbs of kibbles

Feel like we’ve barked up the wrong tree? Let us know in comments below!