Bullguard, the multi-award winning consumer cybersecurity company, has just announced that they’re partnering with NordVPN, a top VPN provider in the global market.

As part of the new partnership, BullGuard is releasing its own VPN (named BullGuard VPN), which is set to launch in early 2019. The aim of the partnership in general is to help “develop pioneering technologies” with a focus on creating an “all-around advanced solution for the consumer cybersecurity market,” according to a press release.

BullGuard VPN is squarely focused on helping protect consumers when they’re away from home and using unprotected wifi hotspots in airports, hotels or cafes. This is an important aspect that deserves looking at, especially considering that cybercrimes have been accelerating steadily over the last few years and are estimated to reach costs of $6 trillion by 2021.

While the new VPN service is set to launch only in Q1 2019, details about the service have already been made public.

BullGuard VPN will allow up to 6 devices to be protected at a time with no limits on data usage. The service will enable users to switch between 16 popular countries, most of them located in Europe and North America. Only Singapore and Australia are located outside of these two regions. For any service problems, they will also offer 24/7 customer support.

The service will have one, two and three-year plans, coming in at $84.99, $169.98, and $254.99, respectively. The service will be available for all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. BullGuard VPN will allow for quick connections with their simplified user interface, meaning users can surf the internet in stealth mode using military-grade encryption while remaining completely anonymous.

But of course, one important question to consider is: with so many VPN services available currently, does the world really need another one? That is an important question to ask, especially when considering the high price point for those simply looking for a good VPN service (compare their 3-year $255 price to NordVPN’s own 3-year plan for $108) .

Well, that’s where the BullGuard angle is important: since BullGuard has a wider range of products, including mobile security, identity protection, smart home cybersecurity, etc., it can offer an all-around security solution that will be hard to beat by other VPN providers.

Users who are eager to have a combination of online privacy, strong antivirus, password safety and firewall solutions will find a lot of benefits with the new BullGuard VPN. While it all sounds pretty good, it still remains to be seen if BullGuard can deliver on their promises.

You can read more about their service on the BullGuard VPN page.