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Top 10 Pelispedia alternatives for 2024

Pelispedia alternatives

Boasting over 1 million visitors per day, has undoubtedly earned a reputation for being one of the most popular streaming sites in the world. However, its huge success has now come to a grinding halt after the site’s operators were accused of profiting from copyright infringement. As a result of this, Uruguayan authorities, Interpol, and the US movie industry took steps to shut down the website and arrest its owners.

You’ll probably be searching for an alternative means of streaming your favorite movies and TV shows. With this in mind, here are our top 10 recommended alternatives to Pelispedia in 2024.

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Allowing you to stream content either via its website or an Android APK, Megadede offers access to a wealth of content, including TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Easy to use and full of excellent features (such as the ability to save movies and TV shows for later), Megadede gives users many reasons to like this service.

Once you have discovered a TV show or movie, you have the option to stream or download the content. You can even choose the quality, language, and source from which you access the content. So, it’s clear that this is a viable choice for getting your media fix.

  • Limitations: need an account to view content
  • Content: varied, comparable to Pelispedia
  • Risk: high
  • Type: website/app


If you’re looking for a website where you can watch all the latest and greatest in the world of TV shows, plus some timeless classics, this website might well be the answer to your prayers. It appears to have a decent offering of links, with new episodes added regularly.

Just bear in mind that the vast majority of the content appears to be in Spanish only (although, there are still English versions available with subtitles). There are also advertisements that you need to put up with on the website, but they will not interrupt your TV show once the video begins to play.

  • Limitations: Spanish language only
  • Content: TV shows only
  • Risk: high
  • Type: streaming website


Accessible as an Android application or via a desktop website, offers a decent library of content which includes both movies and TV shows in Spanish. Offering the ability to either download or stream in up to HD quality for free, presents a decent alternative to Pelispedia.

As with many other streaming websites, you will come across the occasional ad, but this is inevitable for websites that provide access to copyrighted material for free. Therefore, you should always use a VPN with this particular website.

  • Limitations: Spanish only
  • Content: movies, TV shows, anime, content for kids
  • Risk: high
  • Type: streaming app and website


Providing an easy to navigate user interface via a desktop platform, is a streaming website which allows you to access a plethora of TV shows and websites which you can either search for or view in categories.

This is another website that focuses on Spanish content, although Latino links are available too. For anyone hoping to watch in English, you can do so if you don’t mind subtitles.

When browsing the website, you will more than likely come across advertisements, some of which may alert your anti-virus. Assuming you have one, which you definitely should. Be sure to take care when using this website in order to avoid clicking malicious links.

  • Limitations: Spanish + Latino, English subs
  • Content: movies and TV shows
  • Risk: High
  • Type: Streaming website


Offering access to predominantly Spanish language content, is a streaming website which provides links to a wide variety of TV shows, with English subs also available. There are no movies on this platform, so you’ll have to seek elsewhere if that’s what you’re looking for.

HD quality content is available, but in order to make full use of the website, you will need to disable your ad blocker. Otherwise, the website will not work. Overall, the content on this website is well laid out and easy to find.

  • Limitations: TV shows only
  • Content: comparable to
  • Risk: high
  • Type: streaming website


Dixmax is an Android application which allows you to access a wealth of content with ease. A well-designed user interface makes it plain and simple to find the content that you are looking for, with a whole host of TV shows and movies available via the platform.

While it doesn’t have a website which you can stream on, the ability to access a wide range of high-quality links makes this a great alternative to Pelispedia – particularly for those who are on the move regularly and would still like to get their media fix.

  • Limitations: Android only application
  • Content: movies, TV Shows, content for kids
  • Risk: high
  • Type: streaming application


Launched almost a decade ago, Cuevana is a streaming website which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each day. Offering high-quality movies and TV shows in multiple languages including English, Cuevana makes it easy to find what you’re looking for through the search function or by simply browsing the website.

However, just bear in mind that criminal cases have been brought against Cuevana in the past due to copyright infringement. So, ensure that you are using a top-notch VPN service – one that doesn’t keep any logs, and has solid encryption protocols, like NordVPN.

  • Limitations: no mobile application available.
  • Content: movies, TV shows
  • Risk: high
  • Type: streaming website


Featuring a well-designed user interface, a vast library of movies and TV shows, and the ability to stream and download Spanish and Latino content (with English subtitles if necessary), it’s clear that is one of the best Pelispedia alternatives out there at the moment.

A dedicated Netflix section is also a nice additional touch. This means that you have the ability to stream or download all of the high-quality Netflix originals on offer. Its Android application is easy to download, install, and get up and running on your device(s).

  • Limitations: N/A
  • Content: movies and TV shows
  • Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, Linux
  • Risk: high
  • Type: streaming website, Android app


If you’re in search of a platform with all the latest movies and some of the classics, Peliculator might well be the answer to your prayers. After all, this service includes links to a substantial library, comparable to the movie section on Pelispedia.

While this particular website does offer links to a plethora of high-quality videos in up to 1080p resolution, it’s safe to say that it isn’t as well designed as other Pelispedia alternatives we have covered in this article. As well as this, the fact that it doesn’t provide links to TV shows means it’s not an all-in-one solution for your media needs.

  • Limitations: need to register to use
  • Content: movies only
  • Risk: high
  • Type: streaming website


Providing links to a wide library of content in Spanish and Latino, is a viable choice as a replacement for Pelispedia. Allowing you to view content in up to 1080p quality via its website, you can easily navigate to your chosen movie or TV show either by browsing the library or using the search function.

Advertisements are something you have to contend with. But they’re pretty hard to avoid on these kinds of websites. Overall, it’s clear that the large library of content you have access to can be compared to that of the now shutdown Pelispedia.

  • Latino: Spanish and Latino content only
  • Content: TV shows, movies
  • Risk: High
  • Type: streaming website

You should always use a VPN when streaming copyrighted content

In the current day and age, the number of people getting into trouble with the authorities for streaming and downloading copyrighted material is high and rising. Whether it’s receiving a warning letter from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), a fine, or even some jail time, it’s safe to say that getting caught can have unpleasant circumstances.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way, as using a VPN will ensure that any snooping eyes including the government and your ISP cannot view your internet activity. With a good VPN you will have access to features like military-grade encryption, location spoofing, and more.

However, one thing to bear in mind is that you’ll need to do your research before buying a VPN. When it comes privacy and security, you don’t want to leave a margin for error. Have a look at our best VPNs of 2024 list for some ideas.

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