How to install Kodi on iPhone or iPad

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Last updated: October 11, 2022
How to install Kodi on iPhone or iPad
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Even more than Netflix, Kodi is revolutionizing the way people experience media at home. It does this through the use of an almost unlimited selection of add-ons, all of which augment Kodi and provide access to just about anything you might want to watch.

Sadly, Kodi is unavailable on the App Store. Apple does not allow applications on iOS devices that can run their own code, which is what Kodi does through its plug-ins. It’s a different story for Android users who can download Kodi for free straight from the Google Play Store.

Many iOS users have taken to jailbreaking their iPhones or iPads in order to install Kodi as was originally intended. However, this is not necessary, and this guide is here to help you install Kodi on your iOS device.

The best method for installing Kodi on iPad

There are two methods for installing Kodi on iOS devices, and because iPad has weaker batteries, we’ve chosen the method that uses the least CPU in the long run.

  1. Most of this is done on your desktop. First, download the Cydia Impactor on your macOS, Windows, or Linux device
  2. Download whichever version of Kodi you wish from the iOS Ninja site
  3. Extract the Impactor app from the file and then drag the Kodi.ipa file onto it
  4. Connect your iPad via USB. Note: this will not work with iTunes open, so close it when it automatically pops up
  5. After you’ve dragged the Kodi .ipa file onto the Impactor app, you’ll see a drop-down menu
  6. Select your iPad from here and press Start
  7. Once you’ve signed the file using your Apple ID, your desktop device will begin to sideload the Kodi .ipa file
  8. On your iPad, go to Settings->General->Profiles and Devices->Management
  9. From there, you can download the file to your iPad (after submitting your Apple ID once more)
  10. You’ll need to make Kodi a trusted file, so a dialogue box will appear prompting you to do so

Once all that is done, you can properly use Kodi on iPad. All of the add-ons are accessible from within the app itself, so there is no need to use the Cydia Impactor any more.

The best method for installing Kodi on iPhone

Installing Kodi on iPhone is all done within the device itself.

    1. First, you’ll need to download the TweakBox app, which is done by accessing the app’s website ( TweakBox is a kind of conduit for third-party apps that aren’t normally allowed on iOS, and in that sense, it basically does the same job as jailbreaking does, only without the jailbreaking
    2. Go to Apps->Categories
    3. Search for Kodi, select the .ipa file and download it. You will now have Kodi on iPhone, though iOS will not immediately allow you to run it.
    4. Go to Settings->General->Profiles and Devices->Management
    5. Under “Enterprise App,” click Trust.

Now you will be able to freely access Kodi on iPhone. All the add-ons are accessible from the Kodi app, not TweakBox.

We recommended this method for iPhone instead of iPad because it’s slightly less complicated at first, but it also consumes more CPU in the long run through TweakBox’s use of ads. Each method is compatible with any iOS device, so you can choose whichever one you think will work best.

VPN with Kodi on iOS

Kodi users have been facing a lot of legal issues in recent years due to the not-exactly-legal unofficial streaming add-ons. Using these basically amounts to piracy.

As believers in the right to online privacy, we highly recommend using a virtual private network (VPN) for Kodi on iPad or iPhone.

This is because a VPN will hide your activities from your ISP, thus keeping you safe from copyright infringement notices and fines.

There are thousands of VPN providers on the market today – not all of them are good. If you’re planning on using Kodi on iPad or iPhone, see our list of the best VPNs for iPhone.

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