Kodi is a media software application that lets you stream all kinds of digital content. You can stream movies, TV shows, music playlist, music videos, and more. You can even put your photos there. It’s essentially a media player where you can store and stream all of your media content.

Kodi started out as an Xbox app, but can now be used on just about any device that you have that is capable of streaming. You can use it on Android, Windows, iOS, and even streaming devices like Amazon Fire.

This article focuses on Windows PC. While there are ways to use Kodi on operating systems that Kodi isn’t naturally compatible with, it’s easier to use it with the ones that Kodi is compatible with. Luckily, Kodi is perfectly compatible with Windows PC. The best thing about Kodi, though, is that the app is free.

Kodi is really easy to use with f, but there are some things you have to be wary of. You can interact with media in Kodi in several different ways. You can import media that you already have and use Kodi to play it. You can also access content using add-ons. Some of these add-ons are official add-ons. Some aren’t. It’s the unofficial add-ons that make Kodi such a versatile entertainment hub.

The problem, however, is that you could end up violating copyright laws, intentionally or unintentionally. While the Kodi app is 100% legal, the content you stream on it doesn’t have to be. Using a VPN service is the best way to use Kodi safely.

This article will take you through the process of installing Kodi on your Windows PC, step-by-step. Then we’ll take a closer look at the Kodi app and explore how using a VPN can keep you protected while you use Kodi on Windows PC.

Steps to installing Kodi on Windows PC

Because Kodi and Windows PC are compatible with each other, you can install the app with just a few simple steps. The app is available for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Here’s how to get it.

Microsoft store

  1. Go to the Windows Store
    Windows store
  2. Type Kodi into the search bar that’s at the top of the page. As you can see, the Kodi app is the first one on the list.
  3. Once you get to the Kodi page, click on the Get button.
    Kodi download

4. The app will download. Double click the download to start installing it. The Setup Wizard will show up once it’s complete and tell you how to complete the installation.

Going through the Windows Store is probably the easiest way to install the Kodi app onto your Windows PC. However, there is a second way to do it.

  1. Go to https://kodi.tv/download
    Kodi downloads window
  2. Scroll down until you see the Windows Icon. It is the first on the list.
    Kodi apps

    Kodi v17.6 Krypton for Windows
  3. Click on the Windows icon. You’ll see a pop-up that will give you several options.
  4. From here you can get to the Windows Store and download the app there, or you can install the app directly from the website. Click INSTALLER (32BIT). The app will start downloading immediately. If it doesn’t, press Click Here.
    Kodi download
  5. From here, you can install the app the same way you would if you had gone through the Windows Store. Double click on the download and the Installer will kick in. The Setup Wizard will show up to assist you.

As you can see, the installation of the Kodi app just takes a few steps. It can all be done in a matter of minutes.

Why you should use a VPN when you use Kodi on Windows PC

Kodi is an extremely enjoyable application. You can use it to play hours and hours of media content. You can even use it to stream live TV. The opportunities are seemingly endless. Who doesn’t want a one-stop shop for all their media content?

You can even use the app to make photo slideshows and play them right in the media player. The fact that you can use Kodi on just about all of your devices makes the app convenient, especially all the apps share the same interface. Despite how useful Kodi is, it isn’t all sunshine.

Around the world, various governments have been cracking down on piracy. Most media publishers and other media organizations don’t want their content pirated so they lobby governments to intervene.

The sheer amount of pirating that takes place around the world means there’s no way everybody who pirates content is going to be caught and punished for it, but you don’t want to be the unlucky person who does. Depending on where you are, the punishment could be severe. You could be out $500.00 or you could even end up in jail.

What makes matters worse is that most people don’t have much knowledge about copyright laws. You might violate copyright laws without even realizing it. The only way to use Kodi and know you’re safe is to go through a VPN.

A VPN service masks your IP address so that your internet provider can’t track you. This also keeps government agencies from monitoring your online activity. Essentially, a VPN reroutes your online traffic to a remote server. You can pick what server you want, so if you live in San Diego, you can choose a remote server in Stockholm. Doing this means you can keep your identity anonymous and your online activity private, as long as you use a VPN service that has a strong stance on privacy. NordVPN is one great example.

Using a VPN will make sure that no one can track what you do online, including what you stream on Kodi. So if you accidentally stream something that is copyrighted on Kodi, no one will be able to trace the activity back to you.

Ultimately if you want to use Kodi on Windows, using a VPN is the only way you can know for sure that your streaming activity is safe and private.

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