I’m getting tingly already – thinking about the King of races always makes my adrenaline levels frise. As it gets to celebrate its 40th Edition, the Dakar Rally will now visit beautiful Peru for the first time in the last 5 years!

As a matter of fact, the first of the 14 stages will be at Peru. The road then heads to Bolivia where you have to stand the test of time, heights and the drastic climate which can really surprise you once you move to Argentina. Imagine the weather change from -5°C in the morning to 45°C come early evening! You’ll really have the time of your life if you are able to attend the event live.

Nonetheless, some people would rather sit at home and watch the whole thing live with family or friends. Technology has improved things so much such that millions now get to stream the event in the comfort of their houses or offices.

This cuts down on expenses which helps those who cannot afford the travel. But imagine a scenario where you’re not even home or even in your country and can’t access your paid subscriptions to watch the event! Sucks, right?

Well, this is where we should probably introduce you to your most exclusive Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that should save the day for you.

The Aired Channels

Before we have a look at why you need a VPN to watch your channels outside your country, we need to enlighten you on the different channels where you can access the Dakar Rally even when in your country:

  • France TV (France, free)
  • ZDF (Germany)
  • ORF (Australia)
  • Rai TV (Italy)
  • NBC Sports (USA)
  • SuperSport (Africa)
  • BeIn Sports (MENA)
  • Eurosport (Europe)
  • SBS (Australia, free)
  • RTVE (Spain, free)

A paid subscription on the above platforms will have you accessing your favorite sport at any time of the day at home.

An aspect known as geo-blocking comes into play where you find your access to the internet has been restricted as a result of your geographical location. This could be nerve-wracking to any individual who’s been so exposed to the internet. But a little problem such as being blocked from your networks shouldn’t dismay you one little bit. As a matter of fact, wherever technology brings in a discrepancy there is always another way around it.

Going around geo-blocking

Geo-blocking works by checking your IP address against a blacklist or whitelist. Afterward, it then measures the end-to-end delay of any network connection thus estimating the physical location of the user. The result of this check determines whether the particular user will be approved or denied to access certain websites and content such as sports websites.

For instance, a US resident who has been given a work project in Russia will not be able to access NBC Sport because the channel is only available to American viewers. The trick to successfully continue enjoying your unlimited subscriptions even when abroad is to convince the website that you are still in the United States.

This can be achieved by connecting to a Virtual Private Network which gives you access to American servers. Thus, during your connection period, your IP Address will be as that of a citizen in the US.

Examining different VPNs

When considering a virtual private network to watch your channel of choice outside your country of residence, privacy and security should be at the core of your decisions. There are free VPNs in the market and VPNs which offer a free package plus a premium package. That notwithstanding, you will be disappointed if you go for any cheap plan.

Not only will you experience delayed connections, but your information is also at risk since such providers will sell your data to keep their servers running. They are also more prone to give in to government threats and demands when they seek information.

At the end of the day, what they say about cheap being expensive holds firm ground here. So, instead of seeking a freemium package and having your data monetized, what other options do you have for the perfect VPNs?


IP vanish logoMeet the VPN that turns you into a complete ghost on the internet. The network can boast of more than 1,000 servers across 60 countries and works with 5 simultaneous connections. The network keeps zero logs on clients, thereby minimizing the risk of your information getting in the wrong hands. It has 418 servers in the US alone and you will be amazed at the streaming speeds. All this is available to you at only $10.00 a month.

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NordVPN logoLet’s now introduce you to the widest-ranging VPN so far with 5,000+ servers across 61 countries. It not only offers the widest coverage but also the fastest speeds with up to 6 simultaneous connections.

What’s more, the state-of-the-art security uses a double VPN and Onion-over-VPN. It’s pretty amazing for bypassing firewalls and offers a 30-day money back guarantee to unsatisfied customers. The $3.49/month you spend on this cannot be compared to the value you will receive afterward – great stuff indeed!

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torguard logoBefore you become spoilt for choice, here’s the one VPN that gives you access to streaming-geared subscriptions. It offers 8 simultaneous connections with 3,000+ servers in 50+ countries around the world.

It has a zero-logs policy and backs that security measure with a stealth protocol and military-grade encryption. Once you pay the $9.99, you have 7 days to decide whether TorGuard works for you or not.

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ExpressVPN logoPreviously recognized as the leading VPN provider by The New York Times and BBC World News, ExpressVPN provides you with an unlimited bandwidth that defeats content restrictions and censorships. It uses 256-bit AES, DNS/IPv6 leak protection which encrypts all your data making you anonymous online.

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It gets better: the provider has easy-to-use apps which are supported across all your devices. Users are also properly positioned to get support any time of the day or night from their 24/7 live support team. Can it get any cooler than that?

How to watch the Dakar Rally online outside the USA or your country of residence is now no longer an issue. It doesn’t matter where you are – the game is now within reach and all you need is the click of a button, and off you go.