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Turbo VPN Reddit review

Turbo VPN Reddit review

With more than 50 million downloads, Turbo VPN stands out as one of the most popular VPN services. This means that it should have enough feedback scattered across the web to see what users think of it. We invite you to read our Turbo VPN Reddit review and see what 230+ million unique visitors have to say about this provider.

Turbo VPN’s presence on Reddit

The first warning sign is the lack of a Turbo VPN subreddit. While it’s OK that less known brands don’t have any official boards, we were surprised to find no user-created subreddits.

Turbo VPN posts by relevance

The top all-time Reddit post (sorted by relevance) is about difficulties making Turbo VPN work. The second one is a scam, offering to download a PC version of this service, which is infamous for having clients for iOS and Android only. Sadly, the same goes for the third, the fourth, and most of the posts, all coming from the same redditor.

Turbo VPN on Reddit

One user asked to recommend an alternative for Turbo VPN which slowed his connection down too much. But this request flew under the radar of the subreddit /r/androidapps with more than 150,000 subscribers. Other users reported “insane loading times” and similar issues when gaming.

We can only agree about the speeds, with our tests showing below average results. You might get more lucky with a nearby server, but we had more Mbps in the US than in Europe from where we made the test.

Top Turbo VPN posts

The same /r/androidapps subreddit had the most upvoted post about Turbo VPN draining phone battery to 50% in two hours. The poster suspected this was because of a hidden bitcoin miner in running the background. While we can’t confirm this particular claim, we do know that Turbo VPN collects your personal data and uses it however they want.

This becomes a serious issue if you choose to go for the Premium version which can only be obtained by paying with a credit card and giving away your real name.

One of the more popular posts with 21 upvotes came from a fan of flags, who mocked Turbo VPN’s messed up Australian symbol. Scrolling down, we found another complaint. This time it was the US symbol being desecrated.

Turbo VPN interprets US flag

We sincerely hope that this is not Turbo VPN’s strategy to grow their presence on the #6 website in the US.

Scrolling down further, we came across a story of a guy going to China to teach English. The part where he mentioned using Turbo VPN freaked us out – there’s no way we could recommend this service. Only certain VPNs are good for China, and using one that’s based in the country with serious internet freedom issues is like stepping on a sleeping dragon’s tail.

Another user from Puerto Rico claims to be using Turbo VPN to access YouTube Premium. It means this tool has some geo-unblocking capabilities. But if you’re into streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu, you’ll need the Premium version to access Turbo VPN’s VIP servers. Subscribing for a month costs $11 and is not worth it – you can get any of the top-rated VPNs for that much.

Using the free version of Turbo VPN comes with its own woes. One user complained about full-screen ads while looking for other free VPN recommendations. It’d be hard to give one, especially for security-oriented users, but we’d offer Windscribe. It gives 10 GB worth of bandwidth and provides much more security and privacy, requiring only a valid email address.

Bottom line

Most redditors complain about issues when using Turbo VPN, such as speed or streaming geo-blocked content. This service seems to be known across the globe because it’s one of the better free VPNs. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make Turbo VPN a good or at least average overall.

Turbo VPN is nowhere near the list of Best VPN by Reddit services. With mobile-only clients and Chinese ownership, it can only suit someone who doesn’t use a computer and is indifferent towards privacy. For those who still have doubts about whether they should try this service, reading our Turbo VPN review should be enough to make up their mind.

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  1. Kraken July 20, 2019 at 12:23 pm

    I wonder why users still use services like Turbo VPN when it’s clear they have some issues? I mean, if you didn’t have better options I would get it, but you do have many, much better options. Why not use Express VPN or Nord VPN? So much better no matter what you look at and you will not have any kind of issues using these reputable services. I feel that some companies are alive (still) just because people are lazy and/or don’t research things before buying. There are clearly 5-10 amazing VPNs out there and everyone and their dog should use one of those.

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