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Excellent security and features
Last updated: April 20, 2021

Dashlane password manager offers its users all the tools they need for a simpler and safer life online. However, some people criticize the high price. In this review, I’ll discuss the features so that you could decide whether to invest in it or not.

Minimum Price:
$4.99 / month
Apps available:
android ios windows macos linux
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Dashlane password manager is one of the most popular password managing platforms out there. However, while some people praise its features, others criticize the price. In this Dashlane review, I will examine Dashlane’s pros and cons, technical specifications, pricing, and security features.


    • Encryption: AES-256 encryption
    • Two-factor authentication: Yes
    • Mobile app PIN: Yes
    • Biometric login: Touch ID, Face ID
    • Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux
    • Browser extensions: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer
    • Free version: Yes
    • Price: $4.99/month

Security and privacy

In this section, I will look at Dashlane’s security and privacy. I will discuss encryption, 2FA, U2F, biometric login, and other security features.


Dashlane uses AES-256 encryption, which is considered military-grade encryption. Today AES-256 is widely recognized as the strongest encryption on the market.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Dashlane uses standard two-factor authentication (2FA).

2FA keeps your account safe, even if someone can access your Master Password. Meaning, after entering your username and password, you will need to provide additional information.

This additional information may include something you now (for example, typing in a PIN), something you have (for example, typing in a code on your smartphone), or something you are (for example, confirming your identity with a fingerprint).

If you chose the Free plan, make sure to enable 2FA on the device where your data is stored.

Universal two-factor authentication (U2F)

If you are a Premium user, your data is extra safe: the Premium plan supports universal two-factor authentication (U2F).

Being the first password manager supporting U2F, Dashlane allows its Premium users to complete 2FA via a security key, instead of typing in the generated codes.

U2F is easy to use, and, most importantly, it prevents unauthorized physical access to your device. Therefore, you are even more protected against malware attacks or phishing.

I personally find this feature one of the most convincing reasons to invest in the Premium plan.

Biometric login

Biometric login ensures you can access your Dashlane account without typing in your Master Password.

Depending on the device, Dashlane supports both face (Face ID) and fingertip (Touch ID) recognition. Generally speaking, if you own an older mobile device, you can choose fingertip recognition. If you use Android 10, feel free to try face recognition out.

However, opting for biometric login doesn’t mean you should forget your Master Password altogether. Some sites will ask to type it in, and you’ll use it to access your Dashlane account from other devices.

Dark web monitoring

If you are a Premium user, you get dark web monitoring.

Dashlane performs internal dark web monitoring. That means its service scans over billions of records related to hacks and data breaches. Each day, nearly a million new records are added.

As this dark web scan is internal, no information is given to third parties.

Users have to verify their wish for Dashlane to scan their email. Only then Dashlane would perform the dark web scan and inform you about any leaked data related to your email, such as passwords, bank account numbers, etc.


When you opt for Dashlane Premium, you also get a built-in VPN.

A VPN works like a shield to protect your online activity and personal data from prying eyes. To achieve complete anonymity while browsing, you can choose your server location from more than 20 countries.

On the one hand, I find it great that the company decided to include the VPN in their Premium plan. On the other hand, if you are extra serious about your anonymity and privacy online, I would recommend investing in a reliable and secure VPN.

Dashlane’s VPN is mediocre if you were to compare it to the other ones on the market. Therefore, I highly suggest you check the best VPNs out to pick a product that will do an excellent job of protecting your online activity from the prying eyes.

Apps and ease of use

The Dashlane app works on smartphones, tablets, and computers. It offers the opportunity to store, manage, and change passwords all in one place and automatically fill out forms and payment info with just a click. After syncing all the devices, users will be able to log in easily anywhere they are.

Desktop app

To install Dashlane on your desktop, go to the Dashlane website and click on Download Dashlane.

Download Dashlane prompt

The Dashlane app works on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

To use Dashlane, you’ll need Windows 7 or higher, iOS 12.0 or higher, macOS Sierra or higher, or Android 5.0 or higher.

Browser extensions

Dashlane has browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge.

As a rule of thumb, Dashlane extensions are installed automatically on Windows or macOS when you open a new Dashlane account. However, if this doesn’t happen, you should install Dashlane browser extensions from your Desktop app.

Adding Dashlane to your browser

After pressing Add Dashlane now, you’ll be redirected to this page:

Adding Dashlane extension

Simply press Go to Web Store and add the Dashlane extension.

Mobile app

Using Dashlane on your phone is easy and convenient. All you have to do is follow the steps that the app asks you to, and you’ll be set.

Create Master Password on Dashlane  re-enter master password on Dashlane

In the mobile version, you’ll create your Master password before anything else. After you re-enter it again, you’ll have to provide your email.

Enter email address on Dashlane

After these steps, you’ll get to this window:

Finishing Dashlane setup

To add an item, press + at the top of the page.

Add password to Dashlane

Here you can choose to add a password, a note, a payment type, personal information, or an ID.

The app is user-friendly and highly intuitive, so you should have no trouble navigating it.

How to use Dashlane

In this section, I will talk about how to install and set up Dashlane, how to import and export your passwords, and how features such as autosave and autofill work.

Installing and setting up Dashlane

First of all, head to the Dashlane website and download the password manager. Once you install it, create your account by providing an email and creating your Master Password.

Your Master Password should be complicated enough to protect your account, but not too hard for you to remember.

Create free account on Dashlane

Next, Dashlane will run a security scan with your provided email to check the security levels of all your different online accounts. You can skip this process if you want, and do it later.

Once you are done, you’ll get to this page:

Dashlane interface

You’re welcome to explore it, but first, let me show you how to import and export with Dashlane.

Import and export with Dashlane

After signing up, you can import your passwords.

importing passwords from LastPass to Dashlane

Importing is possible from most macOS and Windows browsers. However, you cannot import passwords from mobile devices.

On Dashlane, Premium users’ data is automatically backed-up because of the Sync feature. Free users, however, should take care of their data themselves.

If you’re using Windows:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Select File > Export data > Dashlane secure archive
  3. Enter your Master Password, if required
  4. Save the file in a safe place

If you’re using macOS:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Select File > Export > Dashlane secure archive (or press ⌘ + ⇧ + S)
  3. Enter your Master Password, if required
  4. Save the file in a safe place

If you’re using Android:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Select Settings > General > Export your Vault from the Menu tab on the left
  3. Enter your Master Password to encrypt the backup
  4. Save the file in a safe place

Using Dashlane – autosave, autofill

Dashlane provides password storage and autofill features.

Dashlane’s built-in Password Generator will make its users’ life easier by creating and storing unique, complex passwords in one click. What is more, sensitive data will be safe and easily accessible with the help of Secure Notes to encrypt personal data and attachments.

Another great thing is that passwords, personal information, and payment details will be automatically saved with no need to fill online forms.

When using Dashlane, you don’t have to create different profiles or accounts. You can add multiple names, addresses, and any other type of information to your account, and Dashlane remembers all of them when it’s time to autofill your forms.

You can also use autofill on your mobile device through Chrome and Safari extensions, or by using the browser on the Dashlane mobile app.

Believe it or not, but on their website, Dashlane estimates that their powerful autofill saves you up to 50 hours per year.


When it comes to pricing, users have a choice. To pay nothing and get some good features, or to pay a bit more than average, and get quite a bit more. In this section, I’ll discuss what you get with the Free, Premium, and Premium Plus plans.

Dashlane pricing


If you opt for the Free plan, you can use Dashlane on one device and manage up to 50 passwords. Moreover, you get form and payment autofill, which is quite handy.

The Free plan also includes personalized security alerts, two-factor authentication, and a free 30 day trial of Premium.


Even though the Free plan includes several great features, you can get so much more by choosing Premium.

The Premium version costs $4.99 a month, billed annually.

After purchasing a subscription, you can manage unlimited passwords on unlimited devices, and not only that. Premium users also get Dark Web Monitoring and a VPN. Of course, all the features of the Free plan are also included.

Premium Plus

For those who want and need their password manager to offer as much as possible can opt for Premium Plus. You will pay twice as much as for the Premium plan, but if you need that extra layer of security and anonymity online, consider it an investment.

Premium Plus costs $9.99 a month and is also billed annually.

It has everything the Free and Premium plans have, and a bit extra. After choosing the Premium Plus plan, you’ll also get credit monitoring, identity restoration support, and identity theft insurance.

Generally speaking, with the paid versions, you’ll get more storage, the ability to sync devices, and many more security options.

I agree that Dashlane is quite expensive if you compare it with other password managers, but the features it offers are well worth considering.

Customer support

Dashlane offers its customers reliable customer support.

Dashlane Customer Support

Whenever you face issues with your Dashlane account, head to Dashlane’s Support page. You will find five boxes of topics to choose from: Installing and Getting StartedAccount and Security, Platforms and Browsers, Passwords and Data, Dashlane Business.

If you have a specific question, type it into the search bar at the top of the page. It may increase your chances of getting the answer to the issue you’re wondering about quicker.

Moreover, at the bottom of the Support page, you’ll find a live chat button. Feel free to clarify any doubts you have about using Dashlane there.

Bottom line of Dashlane review

Dashlane password manager offers its users all the tools they need for a simpler and safer life online.

With its free version, you get some handy features, but you gain so much more when investing in Premium or Premium Plus. Yes, those plans are somewhat pricey, but your protection and anonymity online are increased tremendously. 

Actually, very few password managers match the service Dashlane provides: a VPN, dark web scanning, and more. The security is excellent, and the functionality is some of the best I’ve tried.


  • Strong encryption
  • Powerful autofill
  • U2F for Premium users
  • Dark web scanning for Premium users
  • VPN for Premium users


  • More expensive than average
  • Not possible to import passwords from your phone
 9.8 / 10
Total score
$4.99 / month
Minimum Price
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  1. Bv00

    I like Dashlane but I don’t like their prices :(. LastPass seems to be the best one around. Even their free version is pretty awesome if you ask me. Tried 1Password and it was ok, but LP is better.

  2. Kalpana mishra

    This app extension is a lifesaver!
    This a great password manager as well as a password generator and personal information wallet. I couldn’t imagine using the internet without this. I’m on a premium version of $4.99 per month and must say it’s worth every penny

  3. Lisa Urtech

    Can you access Dashlane offline? I believe that cloud-based services like this will always be a target for hackers and that makes them riskier and less trustworthy than offline password managers. But it’s just my opinion.

  4. JoWilson679

    It’s amazing to see password manager with these features as this. It has a VPN function, works across multiple platforms, you can also capture online shopping receipts. Great design, Great features

  5. Lisa Roose

    I had not heard of Dashline before. I think this is one that I will see if i like or not. I haven’t found a perfect password manager yet.

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